Inside the Third Reich (1982) soundtrack

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Inside the Third Reich (1982) soundtrack

Post by grechstef » 28 Oct 2002 18:46

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This is my first post in the forum. All the info is very interesting & enlightening, however I still haven't come across the song I am really after & which I had presumed to be the foremost Nazi hymn since it is the one most feautured in nearly all documentaries about the mass Nazi rallies. It is a hymn sung by a large mixed choir-if anyone remembers the film "Inside the Third Reich" about Albert Speer, this hymn features as the opening theme of the movie. However I'm sure someone here knows what it is cos it seems to be present in all the footage & film of the third reich.

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Inside The Third Reich opening song

Post by Beppo Schmidt » 29 Jul 2003 03:50

Can anyone tell me what song is playing during the opening credits of Inside The Third Reich? it's playing as it's showing footage of a Nazi rally, so I'm assuming it's probably a Nazi marching song? would appreciate if you could give the lyrics too.

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Re: Inside the Third Reich (1982) soundtrack

Post by Ivan Ž. » 10 May 2005 22:13

It is the HJ anthem, "Uns're Fahne flattert uns voran!"


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