Musikzug des Ersatz-Sturmbanns der SS-Standarte "Der Führer"

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Musikzug des Ersatz-Sturmbanns der SS-Standarte "Der Führer"

Post by Ivan Ž. » 10 Mar 2021 23:15

In Fritz Bunge's book "Musik in der Waffen-SS" (1986 ed.), in the photo section between pages 32 and 33, there is a picture of an SS band mistakenly identified as the regimental band of the SS-Standarte "Der Führer" under SS-Hstuf. Adolf Laubmann in Graz.

Bunge S-32-33.jpg

The photo was indeed taken in Graz, more precisely - in the Stefaniensaal, but it shows the band of the replacement battalion (Ersatz-Sturmbann) of the SS-Standarte "Der Führer" under SS-Ustuf. Alfred Brüning, in 1940 (unlike Laubmann, Brüning was losing hair and had an egg-shaped face).

Unfortunately, I can't see the Schellenbaum nor the kettle drum banners clearly, but they look like those of Brüning's old band, of the III battalion (which, together with the II battalion's band, formed the replacement battalion's band in Sept. 1939; prior to merging with the II battalion's band in Graz, the III battalion's band was stationed in Klagenfurt).


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