Die Welt gehört den Führenden

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Die Welt gehört den Führenden

Post by Stravaiger » 29 Aug 2023 23:17

..Die Welt gehört den Führenden...

...I like the use of an artistic drawn rendition of, I assume, a generic SA-Standarte being led by a Sturmführer holding a flag...

Worte: Herybert Menzel
Musik: Ernst Erich Buder

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Re: Die Welt gehört den Führenden

Post by Ivan Ž. » 29 Aug 2023 23:58

Stravaiger wrote:
29 Aug 2023 23:17
Musik: Ernst Erich Buder
Buder's version remains the only one (widely) known today, thanks to a single commercial recording made for Grammophon (10.07.1936), but there was actually a much more successful composition, by Reinhold Heyden - which was recorded (at least) five times for the radio (28.02.1936, 25.03.1936, 26.07.1936, 01.07.1937, 27.05.1940; the wartime version, arranged by Walter Girnatis, was particularly powerful). Mr Kaiser's (somewhat unclear) collection list suggests that a commercial recording of Heyden's version might have been made as well, for Tonographie (date unknown). Several more composers wrote music for the song, but (as far as is known) none of them were recorded. The earliest ones originate from 1934 and several were entitled "Das neue Sturmlied".


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