Best German military bands

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Best German military bands

Post by Panzermahn » 03 Sep 2004 09:50

Hi, were there any German military bands that were considered best among their peers in the Wehrmacht?

By the way, i remember reading in Beevor's Stalingrad that it is ill-omen for a German division when they were sent-off to the front-line by a military band as they will be destroyed in battle..Is this true?

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Post by AdolfDettmer » 04 Sep 2004 23:05

Well, my personal favorite is the Großdeutschland Band.

But the LAH Band is also very good.

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PzAufklAbt HG
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Post by PzAufklAbt HG » 04 Oct 2004 08:19

And the Musikkorps of Regiment 'General Göring', of course! :D

Excerpt from Osprey Men-At-Arms 385 ('Hermann Göring' Division):
This prestigious military band was another feature which the Luftwaffe's premier formation had in common with the 'Großdeutschland' and 'Leibstandarte-SS'. In fact the Musikkorps of the Regiment 'General Göring' was larger than either its Army or SS equivalent. It was raised around a cadre of Army musicians drafted into the Luftwaffe in 1935 and under the command of Stabsmusikmeister Paul Haase, who also taught music at the University of Berlin. The Musikkorps soon developed a reputation second to none for the quality of its performances, and was extremely innovative, introducing instruments such as the saxophone which at that time were unheard of in military bands. The Musikkorps even visited troops at the front, providing a much-appreciated boost to morale with concerts in the field.
Well, I suppose that could have been fat Hermann just talking up his boys, but what the heck -- Ein Jäger aus Kurpfalz!

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