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Post by Ivan Ž. » 26 Jul 2019 22:44

The song "Erika" was just removed from the Herms Niel YouTube channel because it was flagged as a violence/hatred-inciting piece. Yes, "Erika" - an apolitical prewar love song inspired by a dog playing with wasps on a nice summer day. Nothing shocking though, it was expected. But why did this happen? Because the song was compromised over the (quite recent) years by ignorant people who knew nothing about it, never cared to understand its lyrics (or understood them yet chose to ignore their meaning), but did like its catchy tune and tying it to an extremist regime. I actually followed the process of "Erika" being transformed from a love song to a "hatred-inciting" piece. It all began in the early 2000s, when, on on one of the few existing history music websites (there were only about 2-3 of them at the time), someone uploaded "Kaarina" - the Finnish version of "Erika" - as a march of the Finnish SS (another nonsense). Then someone uploaded a German (Carl Woitschach's) version of "Erika" and also named it march of the Finnish SS! I still remember the title: "Marsch der Finnländer SS" (if someone told me back then what would the consequences of such a ridiculous title be, I wouldn't have believed it). Eventually, the "not so cool" word "Finnländer" was removed from the fictional title, and the ignorant internet users continued spreading the song as a march of the SS. Note that none of this was YouTube's fault - it's the people, misusing the internet (mostly Third Reich fanboys who knew little about what they were fans of). Additionally, filmmakers like Spielberg (whom I do respect as a good director) - who misused "Erika" by tying it to scenes of Holocaust in his "Schindler's List" - by no means helped the world famous soldiers' love song keep its good reputation.

Again and again: don't toy with history. Find something more useful to do. For example - stare at a dot on your ceiling. The "Erika" song is just a tiny example of ignorance ruining history, and art too. And what for? (A rhetorical question.) I understand one's urge to live in a fantasy world, but then try having enough guts and brains to create a complete fantasy of your own, or in this case, a fantasy song. Don't ruin an existing, historical piece. If you wish your favourite organisation had a catchy song - compose one! And make up an organisation too. Remember: your actions also show the level of your intelligence. By compromising a love song, presenting it as a war criminal song, you've, above all, compromised yourselves. If you find that satisfying, I say knock yourselves out.


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