Did WW1 non-Prussian EK equivalents qualify for a clasp?

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Did WW1 non-Prussian EK equivalents qualify for a clasp?

Post by Carney » 21 Nov 2020 22:35

As most of us know, if someone got a World War 1 Iron Cross Second class, and then got a WW2 Iron Cross Second Class, he got a clasp to pin to his WW1 Iron Cross Second Class ribbon.

Similarly, if he got the First Class in WW1, and won it again in WW2, he got a clasp to display over his WW1 cross.

The WW1 Iron Cross, like the ones for the Franco-Prussian and Napleonic Wars, were Prussian-only, although sometimes conferred on generals and royalty of Prussian allies.

So in WW1, the non-Prussian states of the German Empire had equivalents of the Iron Cross.

Like the Duchy of Brunswick's War Service Cross https://derrittmeister.com/product/brau ... ombatants/

And the Kingdom of Bavaria's Military Merit Cross for enlisted and https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Militar ... _(Bavaria) and Military Merit Order for officers.

Anyway, did getting any of these "count" as the equivalent of a Prussian Iron Cross for purposes of getting an Iron Cross clasp in WW2?

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