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Post by matthew4108 » 30 Jan 2019 02:29

If the awards were produced using original tooling and production methods as those from before May 1945, there will be no way to distinguish them from originals. Any notion that there might be some distinguishing detail is just a wishful thinking and collectors myths in most cases. And when it comes to re-strikes produced by their original makers using their own wartime original tooling, there are more of those around than most know of or want to admit. The main reason is this- the fact of any award being remade after May 1945 using original tooling and methods (mostly by the original makers as well) would condemn ALL of those awards, whatever they may be, with the exception of those with solid provenance (and even those would have a question mark hanging over them) to any discerning collector.

Call me a cynic but asking Weitze, or any other person that makes a living selling medals is probably not the best method of getting the facts straight.

One of the well known personalities in our hobby, who has a number of reproductions named after him started his career by buying leftover decorations from the original wartime makers. When those ran out, he commissioned more to be made, by the original makers, using original dies. Somehow you don't hear about this fact on any of the forums. What you can find however are those awards made using new tooling but those account for a small percentage of what was being re-produced. Why? Same reason, collectors clinging to the warm and fuzzy feeling of having the rigid black & white border between originals and fakes with no room in between. You throw a wrench in the shape of restrike at them and watch the reason for some of the experts and authors ceasing to exist. Ignorance is bliss for most. And it's comfortable. The facts are not what most want to hear as it hurts their bottom line. And it doesn't matter if you're a dealer or a collector- everyone has a bottom line and no one wants to be stuck with a stinker. That Status Quo will not change anytime soon.

There are still those that know what was being sold by Kurt and Annelise Klietmann but I don't foresee any of those that do starting to talk on this subject publicly.

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