Anti-Partisan Badge

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Benjamin Fanjoy
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Anti-Partisan Badge

Post by Benjamin Fanjoy » 25 Apr 2002 19:05


Im looking to buy a Anti-partisan badge in any condition any class, I was just wondering how much they sell for??

Or if someone could post a link to a site that carries them, that would be great.

Also does anyone know a site or book with the names of the men who recieved these badges??

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Post by RF HONTS » 25 Apr 2002 20:15


The prices for the Antipartisan badge is as follows.

Bronze $800
Silver $1500
Gold $3000

http://WWW.WEITZE.NET has a few gold's for sale.

I do not know of any reference that lists the recipients of this award.


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Matt Gibbs
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Awards recipients

Post by Matt Gibbs » 26 Apr 2002 07:47

Due to the late introduction of this award and the high cost of achieving it I don't think there will ever be a true record of all the recipients of this award. The first Gold ones were awarded in February 1945 so there can't have been that many officially presented. The Volkischer Beobachter quotes 4 officers being presented with the first awarded badges by Himmler. So if only 4 on that date, how many by the end of the war. Also it's probable that there were many more awards 'on paper' than persons who actually recieved the badge due to the deteriorating war situation.
I have a list of a few recipients and would welcome the knowlege of any more to add to it!
Good luck in purchasing one, but if you do, think twice about posting it here for the many and various opinions you'll get about it, unless you're prepared to be critiscised! Unless of course you get a documented one from a vet source!

Benjamin Fanjoy
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Post by Benjamin Fanjoy » 26 Apr 2002 15:58

If I could have the names of those officers that would be great.

Also, I think I found a "vet" pick up, and he is telling the name of the officer who it was awarded to, thats why im curious for a list of recipients.

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