Anti-Partisan Badge

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Mark in Cleveland, Tn.
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Re: Anti-Partisan Badge

Post by Mark in Cleveland, Tn. » 28 Apr 2023 01:52

C Wilson wrote:
27 Apr 2023 00:05
Hello, I am new to this forum and haven't figured out how to post photo's. My question is, was Schaeuerte & Hohfeld. Ludenscheid L/54 a producer of the Antipartizen Badge?
Try joining GDF German Daggers Forum, as they have a complete list of manufactorers and what they each made and dates

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von thoma
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Re: Anti-Partisan Badge

Post by von thoma » 29 Apr 2023 04:12

"Schauerte & Höhfeld", Lüdenscheid L/54, was not a known maker of the Bandenkampfabzeichen.
This rare badge had two well-known manufacturers, "Juncker" and "Steinhauer & Lück".
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Re: Anti-Partisan Badge

Post by Highlander22887 » 05 Mar 2024 12:11

I’m new to the forum and have recently purchased one of these badges from someone who searches flea markets in Poland

It’s like it’s been in the ground , I’ve started cleaning it but it’s clearly cast is it real ?

It has a solid back and has what looks like a stamp with RZ above an M all in a circle then 01 above 23

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