Klagenfurt Trial (Sept.-Nov. 1947)

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Klagenfurt Trial (Sept.-Nov. 1947)

Post by K.Kocjancic » 19 May 2007 08:57

Against Personnel of KL Mauthausen Loibl

a) started on 2.9.1947 in Great Hall of Klagenfurt's Land-Court
b) court members:
- Ltn.Col. D.F. Yate-Lee (pres.; Badfsand Herts Rgt.)
- Maj. J. Longbottom (West York Rgt.)
- Cpt. J.D. Lofting (Royal Ulster Rifles)
- Cpt. Baudet (Court member; French)
- Cpt. Canet (Court member; French)
- Cpt. J.K.B. Couder (Royal Hamps Rgt.; aux. member)
c) other legal officals:
- mr. F. Honig Esq. (legal expert)
- Maj. W.H. Gaudie (public prosecutor)
- Cpt. J.A. German (investigator)
- Cpt. L. Hilman (investigator)
d) Prosecutor had word from 2.9. to 22.9., then defense; ended on 10.10.
e) Sentence on 10.11.1947:
- SS-Hstuf. Jakob Winkler: death by hanging
- SS-Hstuf. dr. Siegbert Ramsauer: life in prison
- SS-Oscha. Walter Brietzke: death by hanging
- SS-Oscha. Paul Gruschwitz: 12 years
- SS-Uscha. Karl Sachse: 20 years
- SS-Uscha. Otto Bindrich: 5 years
- SS-Uscha. Friedrich Porschel: 3 years
- SS-Uscha. Robert Flaig: innocent
- SS-Uscha. Hugo Köbernik: 9 years
- SS-Uscha. Franc Kessner: innocent
- Barracks-Chief Max Skirde: 6 years
- Cappo Johann Gärtner: 4 years
f) rulling confirmed by Gen.Lt.Col. and Co of UK forces in Austria ? on 22.2.1948
g) Confirmed sentences on 9.3.48 and death sentences on 10.3.48 (executed on same day)
h) most of them released on Christmas 1951
i) Ramsauer released in March 1954

Does anyone have other info on involved people?


David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 19 May 2007 12:15

Thanks, Klemen -- Here's a little more information on Ramsauer:

Ramsauer, Dr. med. Siegbert (19.10.1909-?) [SS-Hauptsturmführer] -- SS: 301007; service, (Konzentrationslager - KL) Oranienburg 1941; service, KL Dachau; service, KL Mauthausen 1943 {arrested and put on trial by a British military tribunal at Klagenfurt for atrocities against inmates; convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment 10 Oct 1947 (History of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of War p. 535, United Nations War Crimes Commission, London: HMSO, 1948). (Camp Men p. 184; Dienstaltersliste der Waffen-SS [1 Jul 1944]).}

This thread confirms your information, though in less detail than you have provided:

Loibl Pass Trial

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Post by K.Kocjancic » 19 May 2007 12:19

Thanks for new info!


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