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This historic fact is not allowed on the main pages of

Ustaše (Uprisers) - nickname for Croatian soldiers that drove out the Turks from Croatia in the years from 1683 to 1689. [1] former Uskoks. Commanders of the southern soldiers based in Dalmatia (1683) where Prince Franjo Posedarski, Prince Jerko Rukavina, Dujan Kovačević, Ilija Smiljanić, Šimun Bartolac and Stojan Janković (former muslim) Commanders of the northern soldiers based in Ogulin (1685) where Baron Franjo Oršić, Baron Stjepan Vojnović, Baron Ivan Gusić and Count Adam Purgstall.[2] The Ustasa army numbered several thousand soldiers that later settled with there families in the Lika and Krbava region of Croatia and are all found by name age and rank in the Census of Lika and Krbava in 1712.[3]

1. Radoslav Lopašić - DVA HRVATSKA JUNAKA: Marko Mesić i Luka Ibrišimović (Zagreb 1888) p 35.

2. Dragutin Hirca - LIKA I PLITVIČKA JEZERA (Zagreb 1900) p 66

3. Karl Kaser - POPIS LIKE I KRBAVE 1712. GODINE (Zagreb 2003) p 51-374

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:roll: Oh there is worse now, one DIREKTOR - blatantly a yugoslav communist revisionist who basically has some type of monopoly over all of these articles alongside his buddy Rjecina. The problem with this is that people barely know where Croatia is let alone wish to partake in such complex historical discussions. There is absolutely no way to participate in NDH related articles on wiki. I have concluded that it is simply impossible.

I wanted to construct a NDH wikiproject - but really what's the point? It seems like a huge waste of time gathering material when people are so set on excerpts from volumes of Brittanica from 60 years ago.

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