Bombing of Southeast Asia

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Bombing of Southeast Asia

Post by weiwensg » 22 Mar 2006 14:42

Does anyone have info or pictures on the Allied bombing of Southeast Asia during WWII?

Also, information on such colonial cities and Thai cities both during and prior to WWII would be appreciated.

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Re: Bombing of Southeast Asia

Post by Wisarut » 14 Jul 2010 11:20

For Bombing of Thailand, here it is:

26 December 1942
10 B24 Bombers from Wing 10 bombing Bangkok station, Bangsue Ordinancxe, and Samsen - Wat Liab power plant

19 January 1943
B24 Bombers takign a photo of the death railway

4 April 1943
24 B24 Bombers bombing IJA camp in Nakhon Sawan at night

21 April 1943
16 B24 Bombers from WIng 10 bombing Bangsue Ordinance but fialed since ONLY 4 actually arrived while the rest went into wrong way

19 December 1943
20 B24 Bombers from WIng 10 bombing Klogn Toei Port at nigh - significantly damaged

21 December 1943
15:00 Bangkok time: B24 bombers bombing Chaign Mai station and rice barn alogn with IJA store near railway station - compelling to move the terminal for regular trains to Pa Sao (Lamphun) before mongin to Pa Yang Loeng (Chiang Mai)

23 December 1943
B24 bombers frokm Wing 10 bombing Hua Lamphong with flares but the bombs hitting Silom, Surawong, Sathon, and Samyan (4 Sor) are instead

1 & 3 Janaury 1944
B24 Bombers bombing Lampang - causign ltos of homeless.

9-10 Janaury 1944
7 B24 bombers from Wing 10 detonatign marine mine at Pak Nam and bombign Bangsue Yard and Donmuang Airport in the braod daylight

12 January 1944
10 B24 Bombers form wing 14 bombing Bangsue yard and bombing Bangkok station - causign the big hole - and kill station master of BKK station

19 January 1944
16 B24 bombers from Wing 10 bombing Bangsue Yard and Donmuang Airport + Donmaung station

5 - 6 February 1944
8 B24 bombers from wing 10 bombing dbombing BKK at night

10 February 1944
9 B24 bombers from wing 10 bombing Ban Mah Ordinance, and Donmaung Airport - hitting 12 squardong of IJA (Ki-21)

15 March 1944
8 B24 bombers from Wing 10 bombing Bangsue Yard and Military bases in BKK

24 April 1944
Paramin Bridge near Ban Dara bombed and cut down

5 June 1944
10:52 - 12:32 BKK Time: 77 B29 Bombers from wing 20 detonating Makksan railway factory, Bangsue, Memorial bridge but the bombs hitting Japanese hospital in Ban Moh and cutting down the power line of tramway ... forcign Thai governet to evacuate students and many Bangkokians to study outside BKK since all schools and Univeresities in BKK Shut down.

B24 bombers from Wing 10 layign marine mines near BKK

6 September 1944
Bombing the death railway but the bombs hitting POW camps - 90 POWs killed - 300 POWs injured since IJA has set up the POW camps too closed to the railway line.

16 November 1944
Pak Nampho railway yard bombed
Uttraradit railway station and Uttaradit town Bombed - damaged beyodn repair

27 November 1944
55 B29 Bombers from Wing 20 detonating Bangsue railway Yard

14 December 1944
48 B29 Bombers from the 58th BW, Wing 20 bombign rama 6 bridge - 33 bombs hitting the bridge - 14 bombers hitting the rest - lost 4 B29 bombers even whtou shooting 1 enemy plane

2 January 1945
49 B29 Bomber from the 58th BW, wing 20 detonating Rama 6 Bridge - 44 bombs hitting targets but the otehr hiting the nearby area - shooting an IJA plane + damage the other IJA plane

28 January 1945
a B29 Bombers from Wing 20 hitting Memorial Bridge btu failed

7 February 1945
64 B29 Bombers from the 58th BW, Wing 20 bombing Rama 6 Bridge - 58 bombs hitting the target - cutting down the bridge and the Northeast bank of the bridge damaged

11 February 1945
Chumporn Railway Yard Bombed

5 March 1945
Thonburi station bomb aways - damaged beyond repair - need to rebuilt the temporary station to be use until Thonburi ternminal buildign was opened in 1950

Bombing the deaht railway and Tha Makham bridge - hitting th iron bride for British bombers and American bombers hitting the wooden trestle

19 March 1945
Chumporn station bombed away - damaged beyond repair - and the bridge across Tha Taphao reiver has been cut by the bomb

3 April 1945
Kaeng Khoi railway yard bombed - damaged beyond repair even though the loco depot survived the bomb.

14 April 1945
14:30 BKK Time: B29 detonate the bombs on Wat Liab Power Plant and Samsen Power Plant. Forcing Bangkokians to live in the dark without tap water, and the BKK tram ceases to run until Wat Liab power plant has bene partially restored a few months later ... but Samsen power plant need to wait for 4 more years to repair and rerun the firsst power generation of 2000 KW in June 1949

18 April 1945
Watergate at Damneon Saduak canal and Phasee CHaroen canal bombed

May 1945
Bombing the bridge across Tapi reiver - the the bridge into 2 section

A lot more will follow soon

REF: ... ngkok.html ... ntents.htm

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