State of War Exists Between So. Africa & Britain

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Japanese Naval Expansion Threatens Russia

Post by Globalization41 » 20 Oct 2013 04:03

Japan's Naval Expansion Indicates Island Kingdom Contemplating Early Blow at Russia

Sutterle & Spitzel Sail for China, Shanghai Cable Reveals Investment to Be Financial Bubble

London Distraught, Ladysmith May Fall, General Warren's Relief Force Rumored to Be in Grave Predicament

Britain Considering Winston Churchill's Advice to Pour More troops into South Africa

General Warren's Forces Reported to Have Suffered Heavy Losses at Spion Kop

Congress May Place P.I., Puerto Rico, and Other Islands Captured from Spain Under President McKinley's Formal Control

Ladysmith Must Surrender if General Buller Relief Force Fails to Break Through Boers' Ring

193 Deaths from Influenza in Past Week Add to London's Despair over Siege of Ladysmith

Wall Street Badly in Need of Cure for Dullness

English Using Telephotography from Distant Hills and Balloons for Valuable Pictures of Boer Fortifications

Fifth Wheel Relieves Intense Strains on Other Wheels in Self-Propelled Carriages

New Book Lists Scientific Inventions of 19th Century

Pretty Woman Buried After Overdose of Opium, 2 Men Implicated & in Prison, Chinatown Fears Raids on 'Hop Joints'

Parliament Stormy, Rumors of Russian Troop Trains Toward Afghanistan, Famine in India, Bad News from South Africa

Movements of Ocean Steamers Posted

Rumors of Baseball War, New League Being Formed

National Baseball League Worried Baltimore May Join New League

Boston Baseball Club Not Worried About its Players Jumping, New League Has Weak Backing

National Baseball League to Reduce Circuit from 12 to Eight Clubs (Page 8)

Funeral Ship from Philippines Arrives in S.F. with Remains of 155 Soldiers, Unclaimed Will be buried Near Presidio

U.S. Constitution Does Apply the Puerto Rico and Philippines According to Republican Congressional Leaders

U.S. Transport from Manila Carrying Remains of General Lawton Delayed, Minute Guns Salute Dead Hero

Boers Not After Peace, Make No Movement to Secure President McKinley's Mediation

Queen Will Urge Parliament Tomorrow to Carry on War in South Africa Until Great Britain's Ends Are Gained

Continuous Baseball, New League May Place Rival Teams in Larger Cities


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Hurricane Strikes Galveston

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Hurricane at Houston; A.P. Wire Working but Telegraph, Telephone, & Power Down; Grave Fears for Galveston, All Contact Lost

Hurricane Leaves over 1,600 Dead, Galveston Losses Estimated at 1,000

Only 15 of 150 Men of Company O, First Artillery, Stationed at Fort San Jacinto, Galveston Island, Escape Hurricane

Williams Jennings Bryant Issues Letter of Acceptance of the Democratic Nomination for President

President McKinley Instructs Commission to Establish a Civil Government for Filipinos Aimed at Speedy Local Autonomy

Anthracite Coal Miners of Pennsylvania Go on Strike

McKinley to Inform Russia, U.S. Troops Will Follow Russia Out of Peking, Though Doubting Wisdom of Immediate Evacuation

Governor Theodore Roosevelt Ridicules Bryant's Defining of U.S. Militarism as Dangerous

Death Toll Reaches 4,078 from Galveston Storm, Debris Lines South Side, Cremations in Progress, Many Cases of Insanity

Shortage of $20,000 at Union National Bank Prompts Suicide of Teller, Officials Searching for Accomplice

New Independent Baseball Association Being Formed, Wants No War with National League but Will Protect Its Interests

Survivors of 15th Mass. Volunteer Regiment Dedicate Monument at Antietam on 38th Anniversary of Battle

German War Lord Wants Vengeance in Peking Uprising but Mass Executions Would be Contrary to Civilized Conscience

War Dept. Arranges for Transportation of Remains of Soldiers, Sailors, & Civilians Who Lost Lives in China & Island Possessions

Results of Various National League Contests, St. Louis Downs Brooklyn

Milwaukee Brewers Lose Final Game to Cleveland, 1900 Season Reviewed

McGraw Temper Tantrum Results in St. Louis Forfeit to Brooklyn

General Buller Cables War Office with News that Lord Dundonald Has Captured a Boer Position West of Acton Homes


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Queen Victoria Passes Away

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Her Majesty Queen Victoria Passes Away Painlessly in Her Palace at Osborne

News of Queen's Death Reaches London at 7pm, Solemn Tolling of Church Bells Signals Great Calamity

Cries of "The Queen is Dead; Long Live the King," Turns Attention to King Edward VII

Republican Congressman Warns Disfranchising Negros by Democrats in Maryland May Result in Congressional Investigation

Mrs. Carrie Nation Takes Temperance Crusade to Kansas Governor, She Wants Militia to Close Saloons

Senator Town Closes Career with Burst of Oratory, Calls for Cessation of Hostilities in the P.I. and Granting of Independence

Chinese Pirates Attack European Houseboat Near Canton

King Edward Orders Saturday as Day of Mourning for Queen Victoria's Funeral, Fleet will Line Way from Cowes to Portshmouth

Boston Pastor Denounces King Edward VII as Cheat, Gambler, and Libertine

King Edward Honors Kaiser's Son Crown Prince of Frederick William of Germany, Dwells on Ties Uniting Britain and Germany

U.S. Exports of Cotton Double from 1890 to 1900, U.K. Imports from U.S. But Reexports Finished Product

Second Boat's Mate from Schooner Charles H. Hodgdon Disappears in School of Whales, Crew of Six Men Lost

Harvard College Astronomical Observatory Coordinates Various Worldwide Photometry Observations

British Retaliate Against Hidden Boer Snipers by Burning Farms and Driving Homeless Women and Children into Open Country

Vegetables Grown in Artificial Light Are Not a Commercial Success

Pennsylvania Railroad Issues Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Contracts for Improving Curves and Grades

Steamship Barcelona Arrives in Halifax with 15 Crew of Overdue & Stranded Sailing Ship Cuba, Men Had Frozen Hands

Missionary Describes Siege of Peking, Claims Boxer Movement was Directed by Chinese Government

Shipping News of Interest: Accidents, Damage, Collisions, Lost Vessels, Continuous Gales, Fraud, Assaults, Schedules, Etc.

New York Stock Exchange, Complete Transactions in Stocks on Monday, January 28, 1901

Condition of the 44 Banks in Philadelphia: Capital, Loans, Lawful Resurve, Due from Banks, Due to Banks, Deposits, Circulation

American Baseball League Rearranges into New Major League, Declares War on National League

New American Baseball League Formally Launched, Connie Mack Gets Philadelphia Franchise, John McGraw Gets Baltimore

Baseball Players Protective Association Threatens to Go Over to the American League

Milwaukee American League Baseball Club Signs Ten Players

American Baseball League President Ban Johnson Lists 40 Players Jumping from National League


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England on Verge of Bankruptcy

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England on Verge of Bankruptcy Due to War in South Africa and Operations in China, Tax Increases Proposed

German Field Marshal's Quarters Burned in Pekin, Chinese Advancing, Boers Lose a Town

1,000 Army Commissions to Be Made in Accordance with States' Representations in Congress

Steel Workers Cannot Be fired if Joining a Union not Recognized by Steel Magnates

Husband Files for Divorce But Is Arrested After Hearing for Abandonment of Wife and Children

Capital Stock Doubled by Stockbrokers for Quaker City Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. to Enable Expansion

Board of Education Will Not Drop Any Grammar Division Despite Deficit in School Funds

Pres. McKinley's Neighbor & Wealthy Farmer Ambushed, Shot by Would-Be Assassin Hiding in Bushes, Posse Looking for Attacker

City Treasurer Moore's Weekly Statement Shows Balance on Hand of $11,839,592.45

General Meade Biography by Isaac R. Pennypacker Reviewed for Merits Contributing to Civil War Literature

Four-Wheel Motorcycle (One Wheel Front & Back, Two Wheels Side-by-Side) Introduced, Front & Rear Steering

Annual Auto Race in France Swept by Germans; Transcontinental Auto Race from San Francisco to New York City Begins May 1

Wall Street Announces J.P. Morgan & Co. Conferring on Merging of Burlington, Great Northern, & Northern Pacific Railroads

1901 National League Championship Race Begins in Philadelphia, Weak-Hearted Pitching Gives Brooklyn 12-7 Win over Phillies

International Chess Match to Be Conducted Via Atlantic Cable, Brooklyn Chess Club Vs. Cafe Monaco in London, 10 Players Each

Finance and Trade Reports, Stock Exchange Listings

The Markets: Corn Declines, Wheat Firm, Cotton Higher

Shipping News: Navy Department to Send New Yacht to Great Lakes; Three New Schooners Launched for Atlantic Coastal Trade

Plans Announced for New Six-Story, E-Shaped Office Building at Corner of Atlantic and North Carolina Avenues in Atlantic City

Chancellor of Great Britain's Exchequer Presents Budget Statement to House of Commons

New Yorkers Form New Party to Fight Tammany and Secure Better Government

33rd & 34th Volunteer Regiments Recently Returned from Manila Mustered Out in San Francisco as Transports Shuttle Troops

General Strike of Steel and Iron Workers Averted After Reinstatement of Men Discharged for Joining Union

General MacArthur Cables from Manila Reports of Frauds in Army Commissary Stores Greatly Exaggerated

Plague Epidemic Spreads Through India, Asia; Deaths in India up to 4,377 from 2,137 in Corresponding Week from Last Year

Working People Feared by Russian Authorities, Introduction of Labor-Day Observances for May 1; Isolated Trouble Unavoidable

Naval Board Investigates Battleship Construction

Umpire Connolly Joins American League, Says National League Does Not Back Up Umpires in Disputes with Players

Orioles Blank Y.M.C.A. Team in York 5-0 in Exhibition Contest, Bresnahan and Yerkes Split Twirling Duties for Baltimore

Pitcher Lewis Announces He Will Switch from Boston Nationals to Boston Americans, No Ill Feeling Toward Nationals

Dispute of Dog Ownership Decided by Introducing Dog in Court, Who Sprang Toward Recognized Owner

Chinese Ruler Requests Uncle Sam Leave Troops Behind to Maintain Order in Pekin

President McKinley, Wife, and Party Will Depart Washington by Southern Railway for Tour of Pacific Coast

Telegraph News of the World: General Botha Reopens Peace Negotiation with British; Plague Breaks Out in Egypt


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South African Peace Negotiations Renewed

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South African Peace Negotiations Renewed

British Mine Owners and Labor Leaders Oppose Proposed Coal Export Tax, Will Violate Principle of Free and Unrestricted Trade

London Papers Say German General Schwarzhoff, Who Died in Pekin China Palace Burning, Was Obstacle to Peace Among Allies

Lord Kitchener Cables from Pretoria that the 9th Lancers Ambushed, Killing one Officer and Three Men

Board of Classification of U.S. General Appraisers Holds U.S. Government Justified in Imposing Duty on Russian Sugar

Former Insurgent Leader Aguinaldo Calls on Filipinos to Make Peace and Rally Around the Glorious Banner of the United States

Navy Department Expedites Commissioning of Additional Officers After Spanish-American War

Rt. Rev. Bishop Hoban Helps Negotiate Silk Operatives Strike Resulting in Fairer Wages and Better Working Conditions

Coal Prices Will Incrementally Increase Through Summer Months and Stabilize over Winter Through Spring

Two-Room School Brawl Results in Death of One Teacher from Stress and Resignation of Other Teacher After Being Beaten

Women's Organizations Crusade for Laws Banning Small Girl Street Peddlers (Newspapers, Flowers, Matches, Etc.)

Logistics, Funding, and Operating Expenses of Panama vs. Nicaragua Canal Proposals Discussed (Page 5)

John D. Rockefeller Jr. Attends Educational Conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Escorts Daughter of Rich Mill Man

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Form Alliance to Eliminate Fraudulent Insurance Companies

Woman Clubs Rabid Dog, Chasing it into Woodshed, Locks Door, Faints; Husband Kills Dog

Pastor Crusades in Buffalo's East Side Against Dives Controlled by Debased Men and Brazen Women

Albert L. Johnson Purchases Two Railroads for Proposed Trolley Line Across New Jersey

Revenue Agent Raids Ill-Vented Apartment with Whiskey Still Run by Widow with Six Children

Reception of Chancellor of Exchequer's Budget for Great Britain Not Unfavorable, Though Outcry Raised from Coal Districts

Architect Files Plans for New Ten-Story N.Y. Stock Exchange Building at Broad, New, & Wall Street, Cost $1,000,000

War Department Revised Tariffs on Cotton, Paper, and Watches from Cuba and Philippines on Hold for Supreme Court Decision

Pres. McKinley Selects Pullman Cars (Atlantic, St. James, Omona, Guiana, Pelxon, Charmion, Olympia, Lucania) for Western Trip

Bank Embezzler Serves 15 Months on "Firing Line" in Philippines While on Bail, Hopes for Pardon from President McKinley

List of 588 New Officer Commissions Under the Army Reorganization Bill Must Pass Mental & Physical Tests Before Appointments

Famous Actress Theresa Vaughn, 36 Years Old, Afflicted with Suicidal Melancholia and Committed to Insane Asylum

Chinese Halt Advance on Pekin, France to Withdraw 10,000 Troops, Russians Asking China for Concessions on Siberian Railway

Gen. MacArthur & Gen. Bates in Manila Review 45th and 46th Volunteer Infantry, Both Units Set to Sail Home on Sheridan

Kensington Electric Co. Wants Fair Consideration from City Government to Extend its Territory in Struggle with Electric Trust

Philadelphia & Reading Coal and Iron Co. Allows Bosses to Join the United Mine Workers' Union, Thus Avoiding Strike

30 Monongahela Connecting Railway Co. Employees Discharged for Striking to Increase Lunch Break from 25 to 45 Minutes

Liquor License Court: Saloon Keeper Accused of Selling to Minors & Drunkards; Restaurant Owner Wants Liquor License

Gen. Chaffey to Relieve MacArthur in P.I. as Civil Govt. Phased in; Troops to Serve Two Years in Tropics & One Year Stateside

Army & Navy Affairs: War Dept. to Pay Officers' Expenses to & From U.S. Island Possessions; Navy Ships Leave Jamaica for N.Y.

Work Begins on Road Bed for New Jersey & Staten Island Railroad, Plan Is to Connect Terminals at Jersey City with Long Island

Lamprecht Brothers' Co. of Cleveland Publishes Plan to Revive Building Electric Railway Between Baltimore and Washington

At Forge and Foundry: Signs of Activity Among Consumers of Iron and Steel, Large Orders for Export to Australia and Ecuador

Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad to be Extended from Weatherford, Okla., to Amarillo to Connect with Colorado & Southern

Contracts for Upper Roxborough Filter Plant & Water Mains & Iron Works for Lower Roxborough Plant, Aggregating $1,312,000

United States Shipping Company Loading Two Steamers Using Outside Men, Despite Longshoreman Strike

Wheat Exports for Week Equal 5,306,217 Bushels, Same Week of 1900, 2,932,959; Corn Export 2,136,401; 1900, 3,158,747

Bank Clearings of All Clearing Houses of U.S.: $2,875,,083,915 Against $2,952,464,923 Last Week & $1,857,879,914 for 1900

British Cyclists Adopt Old-Fashioned Illuminate; Complies with Law, But Weak for Illuminating Road Ahead

20 Cars Bring 1 of 8 Monster Engines for Manhattan Elevated Railway, Guaranteed to Develop 12,000-Horsepower Indefinitely

Brooklyn Wins Home Opener 10-2, McCann Limits Phillies, 7,600 Enthusiasts, Wintery Weather; Parade, Concert, & Flag Raising

Atheletics Defeat Picked Team of Ex-Collegians 7-3 in Practice Game Under Threatening Weather; Mack Tries Out Three Pitchers

Court to Hear Philadelphia National Baseball Club Argument for Restraining Lajoie, Bernhard, & Fraser from Playing for Mack

National League Baseball: New York at Boston 0-7, Nichols Shutout; Philadelphia at Brooklyn 2-10, Chicago at St. Louis 8-7

Chick Stahl Declares He Will Stay with the Boston American Leaguers and Will not Return to the National League

Nap Lajoie Files Answer Through Attorney in Common Pleas Court to Suit by Phillies to Restrain Him from Playing in A.L.

Finance & Trade: Intense Activity Amongst Speculatives, Market Closes Strong, Philadelphia & New York Stock Exchange Quotes

Shipping News (Page 15), Six Shipwrecked Seaman from Abandoned Schooner Gazelle, Who Were Presumed Lost, Rescued

Franco-German Expedition to Chili Province China Abandoned Due to Withdraw Order to Chinese Generals from Emperor

American Woolen Company Closes Fulton Mills in Andover, Mass., Due to Employees Stirring up Trouble; 1,300 to Lose Jobs

Tulane U. Professor of New Orleans Sues Nuns at Convent on Pampert & Barrack Streets for Excessively Ringing Church Bells

Boston Celebrates "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere," Commemorated in Mass. by Holiday; Marathon Race; Baseball Season Opens

Superintendent of Lamps and Lighting Lays Down the Law to Delays by Street Lighting Contractor

Treasury Bureau Reports Exports of $1,140,170,728 for Past Nine Months, Exceeding Last Year's Record by $86,540,032

Brisk Trade in Wheat Followed by Dullness and Decline, Corn Market Firm

Man Declared Insane by Two Doctors, Due to Incessant Cigerette Smoking, Handcuffed & Committed to Insane Asylum

Man Taken into Custody for Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, Collected Donations for Orphan Boys' Home from Ladies

Ex-Asylum Inmate Introduces Himself at Door of White House Wishing to Present a Locust Wood Cane to President McKinley


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Doctor Charges Sen. Magee Estate $190,000

Post by Globalization41 » 05 Nov 2013 17:50

Doctor Charges Estate of Senator Christopher Magee $190,000, Establishing New Record; Charges $40 per Hour for Home Visit

Steady Rain Shows no Sign of Cessation, Weather Bureau Notifies Pittsburgh Police that Flooding May Surpass 1884 Inundation

Two Westinghouse Plants Compelled by Floods to Shut Down, 6,000 Men Idle; Landslides & Mud on Tracks Halts Coal Traffic

Mills and Plants Lining South Side of Allegheny River Consider Certainty of Shutting Down Due to Rising Flood Levels

Worst Flood in Years Rampaging Through Turtle Creek Valley, Arrangements Being Made to Bring in Rafts for Those Trapped

Overnight Flood Sweeps Down on Carnegie, Death & Damage Ride Torrent in Chartiers Valley, Merchandise Carried Away

Telegraph Wires Down Between Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Due to Flood, No Word of Status of Reds-Pirates Opening Baseball Game

Two-Story Dwelling at Wildwood & Large Ice House Swept Away; Horses, Goats, Hogs, Chickens Caught in Raging Torrent

Boers Capture Coal and Cattle Train Near Molteno, Cape Colony; Locomotive Escapes, Returns with Troops to Find Train on Fire

British Advisor to the Orange Free State Advocates Autonomy for South Africa, Says Atrocities by Boers Are Fabrication

Heavy Mining Machinery, Steam Engine, and Other Big Machinery Manufactures (Eight Firms) Negotiating to Consolidate Capital

Aguinaldo's Peace Manifesto Signals End of Tagal Insurrection, Bandits Living Well as Revolutionaries May Continue Ambushes

Most Disastrous Storm & Flood Ever Known Hits Pittsburgh, Ohio, West Virginia; Houses Washed Away; Heavy Wind, Rain, Snow

Rain Falling Incessantly for 68 Hours Near Pittsburgh Followed by Heavy Snow, Rail Tracks Torn Up, Bridges Washed Out


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Missionaries Reported Massacred in New Guinea

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Massacre of Missionaries Reported in New Guinea, Captain of Mission Schooner Saw Bodies on Sandy Beach with Heads Cut off

British Battleships Centurion & Glory Slightly Damaged in Collision Near China; Japan Proposes Overthrow of China Dynasty

King Edward VII Confers Honors on Colonial Contingent Distinguishing Themselves During Campaign in South Africa

Theological Students in Russia Caught Reading Socialist Tracts; Prominent French Warn Czar to Stop Shootings

Congress of Scientific Investigators in Progress in Paris; "Mad Mullah" with 40,000 Followers Challenges British

"Mad Mullah" Assuming Aggressive Posture by Raiding Anglo-Abyssinian Frontier; British Troops Concentrating in N. Somaliland

Band of Outlaws Entrenched in Vicinity of Whitesburg Kentucky Surrender to Small-Sized Army Under Officer Wright

Great Northern Pres. Says Railway Expansion Negotiations in-Progress, Wants to Exploit Western Merchandise, Cotton, & Timber

Canton Ohio Paralyzed by Worst Blizzard Ever Known, Snowfall Heavy & Wet, Drifts Pile High, Factories Closed

Roaring Streams, High Winds, Heavy Precipitation Prevail in Kentucky, Virginia; Fruit, Tobacco, Vegetable Crops Damaged

Pennsylvania Overwhelmed by Blizzard, Street Car Traffic Badly Crippled, Trains Abandoned, Poultry Buildings Collapsed

Flood & Fire on Monongahela: Tow Steamer Burns to Water's Edge, Releasing 30 Coal Barges; Runaways Sink Another Steamer

Norfork & Western Railroad 40-Foot Steel Bridge Over Creek Near Virginia-Tennessee Border Washed Away, Farms Flooded

5,000 Coal Miners in Border Counties Between W. Virginia & Ohio Ordered to Strike, Miners & Operators' Committee Deadlocked

Storm Tide Washes Away Piling Supports, Weakening Atlantic City Boardwalk; Trolley Tracks Submerged in Inlet Section

Oldest Detective in New York City Passes Away, Captain Sampson Was Detailed to Pursue President Lincoln's Assassin

Count Tostoi Petitions Czar of Russia to Grant a Constitution Recognizing Grievances of Revolutionary Social Discontent

Tramps Storm Farm House in New Jersey, Chase Out Occupant, Loot House; Sheriff's Posse Exchanges Shots, But Hobos Escape

Engine for Coal Train on Single-Track Reading Railway Stalls on Grade in Blinding Rain, Fatally Collides with Passenger Train

Wilmington Bank Clearings Last Week Were $1,053,015; Lenape Tribe of Red Men, of Wilmington, Adopt 33 Pale-Faces

Consolidated Lake Superior & Ontario Lake Superior Companies Contemplating Completion of Steel Plant by August 1 Next

Investors of the Miller 520 Per Cent Syndicate Will Receive About 7.5%, or $24,000 of Claims; Miller Still in State Prison

Mayor Assaults Postmaster with Umbrella for Publishing Article in Free Press Accusing Mayor of Appointing Son as Fire Chief

Trenton, Lawrenceville, & Princeton Railroad Transfers to New Ownership; Intends to Link from Philadelphia to New York

Germans Disappointed with Italy's Trade, New King, Friendship with France & Russia, and Chinese Excesses

U.S. Sen. Tillman in Speech from N.C. Accuses Sen. McLaurin of S.C. of Posing as Democrat & Intending to Become Republican

Ordinance Prohibiting Small-Girl Street Vendors Selling Newspapers, Flowers, Matches, Etc., to Be Presented

United States Fish Commission Maps Out Stocking of Oceans with Lobsters for the Dawning Years of the Century

Large Portions of California Made Available for Fruit Growing and Farming by Tapping Underground Water Using Electric Pumps

English Tax on Coal Exports too Small for U.S. Exporters to Overcome Advantages English Now Enjoy

Causes of 481 Deaths in Philadelphia for Past Week Listed, Consumption of Lungs Leads with 75

New York City Bank Statement: Total Reserve $256,722,500; Required Against Deposits $241,800,300; Surplus $14,922,100

Philadelphia Stock Exchange Complete Transactions, Saturday, April 20, 1901

New York Stock Exchange Complete Transactions, Saturday, April 20, 1901

Numerous Foreign Merchants Sending in Daily Requests Asking for Addresses of U.S. Manufactures

Western Mine Operating Reports from Utah, Nevada, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho

Napoleon Lajoie Will Open Season With A's; Philly Request for Preliminary Injunction Not Granted; Case Continues in One Week

Pittsburgh Wins 4-2 in Cincinnati Opener in Freezing Weather, Parade Cancelled; St. Louis at Home Outscores Chicago 11-9

Sheffield United & Tottenham Hotspurs Draw 2-2; 100,000 Attend in London; Feasting Included 30 Cattle, 50 Sheep, 600 Fowls

Britain's Greatest Racing Yacht, Shamrock II, Painted White with Green Trim, Launched at Dumbarton, Now Awaiting Rigging

Spaniard at Yacht-Launching in Dumbarton Claims New Flying Machine Based on Dynamic Principles to Debut Within Fortnight

Chess Match Via Atlantic Cable Ends in Draw, U.K.-U.S. 3-3, 4 Draws; Mason, Ward, Newman, Pillsbury Win Complete Matches

Chicago: Jockey O'Connor Loses on Three Favorites at Lakeside Track; Kentucky Babe (R, Jackson), 15-1, Wins Sixth Race

Cincinnati: Three Favorites Win at Newport; Weather Cold, Track Heavy; Birdie May (Bloss), 7-1, Wins Second Race

Peabody Handicap: 'The Unknown' Wins Event of the Day at Memphis Track; Uncle Tom (Webber), 15-1, Wins First Race

San Francisco: Dominick Rides Four Winners, a 2nd, & 3rd at Tanforan; Rio Shannon (Kelly), 20-1, Wins Fourth Race


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The Boxer War, 1900-1901

Post by Globalization41 » 30 Dec 2013 15:05

4/19/1901, Update, German General Schwartzkoff Killed by Falling Beam in Peking Fire, Fire Was Accidental

4/19,20/1901, British Admiral to Leave for Nagasaki, Japan Opposes Russian Intervention in China

4/19,20/1901, Berlin Praises British Budget for not Passing South African Campaign Costs to Germany with Increased Import Taxes

4/19,20/1901, Financial, British Colonial Stocks & Bank of England Returns Listed

4/20/1901, French-German Expeditionary Force Assembling to Push Chinese Army Back into Shan-Si Province

The Boxer War, 1900-1901

China’s Tragic Years, 1900-1901

The Sino-Japanese War, 1894-1895

Geo-Political Conflict from the First Sino-Japanese War to the Washington Conference, 1894-1921

Causes of the Sino-Japanese War

4/19,20,21/1901, The Boer War, 9th Lancers Ambushed, Onsland Editor Gets One Year for Libeling Imperial Troops in S. Africa

4/21/1901, National league Standings

4/21/1901, Exercise of Political Influence in Appointments to Australian Federal Public Service to Be Prohibited by New Law

4/21/1901; Chicago-5, St. Louis-11, Attendance 11,000, Kruger 3 Hits, Sudhoff 9 Innings

4/21/1901; Boston Marathon Runner Alleged to Have Been Drugged with Chloroform from Sponge

4/21/1901; Census Returns Show Sydney Population Totals 488,968, Increasing by 101,637 in Past Ten Years

4/21/1901, Chinese Minister in Washington Suggests China Should Follow Japan’s Adoption of Modern Methods

4/21/1901, Vancouver Bank President & Cashier Commit Suicide After Losing $81,000 of Bank’s Money in Stock Speculation

4/22/1901; Philadelphia Athletics Set to Play First Championship Game Wednesday

4/22/1901; Railroads Recovering from Floods in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, & Ohio; Telegraph Lines to West Still Down

4/22/1901, Pittsburgh & Western Mail Train Between Youngstown & Painesville Stuck in Snow Drift for 24 Hours

4/22/1901, Ohio River Reaches Highest Flood Stage & Begins to Fall

4/22/1901; Korea, Hermit Nation, The Russo-Japanese Bone of Contention

4/22/1901, Pirates Arrive in St. Louis, Glad to Leave Cincinnati, Clarke to Keep Three Catchers

4/22/1901, Traveler Returning to Australia Says American Steel Manufacturing Will Overtake British Production

4/22/1901, Australian Royal Commission Submits Reports on Railway Department Fraud

4/22/1901; Shipping Report; White Star Line Supplies Information on Steamer Celtic, Largest Vessel Afloat

4/22/1901, Second West Australian Contingent Returns from South African War, Welcomed by Band & Cheering Crowd

4/22/1901, Fatal Accident on Jarrahdale Timber Co.’s Rail Line in West Australia Kills Engine Driver

4/22/1901, Turkish Officials Attribute Rebellion in Arabia to British Intrigues


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South Africa & China, 1901

Post by Globalization41 » 03 Jan 2014 04:55

4/22/1901, Millions in Property & Merchandise Lost, Fruit & Cotton Ruined

4/22/1901, French & Chinese Agree on Boundries, Germans March West & Threaten Chinese

4/22/1901; $50,000,000 British Loan Placed in U.S., in J.P. Morgan & Co., New York Life Insurance, & National City Bank

4/22/1901, Berlin Police on Guard Against Possible Assassination Attempt on Emperor

4/22/1901, New York Stock Exchange Feverish, Trending Upward

4/22/1901, Missouri Pacific Railroad Authorizes Increase of $30,000,000 in Capital Stock

4/22/1901, Treatment of West Australian Blacks

4/22/1901, Captain O’Farrell, Victorian Contingent , Australian Imperial Regiment, Describes Skirmish Near Orange River Colony

Orange River Colony

Affairs of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony

South Africa

4/22/1901, Figures for the State of New South Wales Mineral Industry Output in 1900 Released

4/22/1901, Trial of Mrs. Jane Smith, Charged with Poisoning Patrick Conway with Strychnine, Begins at Darilnghurst Court

4/22/1901, Pretoria, from our Special Correspondent, February 18, Boers Ambush Train

4/22/1901, Casual Employees of Harbors & Rivers Department Hold Meeting to Consider Seeking an Increase in Minimum Wage

4/22/1901; Brooklyn-3 Philadelphia-9; White Scatters Six Hits in Debut; Flick-HR

4/22/1901; No Proff of Missionaries’ Massacres, but After They Disappeared Ashore, Natives Became Restless

4/22/1901, World News Briefs

4/22/1901, Mining Reports

4/22/1901; Middlefield Bridge Washed Out; Elk & Kanawha Rivers at Charleston, West Virginia, Begin Falling

4/23/1901, McGraw Signs Lefty Pitcher Seymour, Orioles Practice at New Park on York Road

4/23/1901, Milwaukee Baseball Team Leaves for Opener in Detroit, Treasurer Gross Hopes for Good Weather

4/23/1901; Express Train of Choctaw, Oklahoma, & Gulf Railroad Robbed, After Leaving Memphis, at Bridge Junction, Arkansas

4/23/1901, Confidence Men in Sydney

4/23/1901, Opening Statement Alleges Mrs. Smith Purchased Poison at Christchurch & Motive Was Conway’s Money

4/23/1901, How the Increasing Cost of Coal Affects Steamships & Increasing Consumption of Modern Craft

4/23/1901, German Scientist Opposes Cremations

4/23/1901, News Briefs, Sydney Collects £7,686 Customs Revenue Monday, Gospel Temperance Mission Concludes, Etc.

4/23/1901, Witness Testifies Mrs. Smith Seen with Mr. Conway on Steamer Talune Prior to His Poisoning

4/23/1901, London Missionary Society Believes Missionaries Were Massacred, They Wanted to Civilize New Guinea

4/23/1901, Drunk Hooligans Who Beat up & Kicked Three Policemen Sentenced to Hard Labor

4/23/1901, Sydney’s Sussex-Street Commercial-Trade Report

4/23/1901, The Share Market, Monday’s Quotations

4/23/1901, Charles Winternitz Accused of Fraud in Harbaugh Settlement, Says He Thought Everyone Knew what He Was Doing

4/23/1901, Imperial Transport Chingtu Due into Sydney Wed. from China, Will Undergo Necessary Quarantine & Fumigation


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New Baseball League to Make its Initial Bow

Post by Globalization41 » 08 Jan 2014 09:09

4/23/1901, Expansion of Trade with China, Largest Unopened Markets in the World Are to Be Found in the Great Chinese Empire

4/23/1901, Letter Writer Agrees with Mother-Country Proposal to Intern Boer Prisoners in Australia

4/23/1901, War Between Russia & Japan Threatened by the Granting of Authorization for a Russian Naval Base in Southern Korea

4/23/1901, The Wonderful Caucasus

4/23/1901, William Humphrey & William Johnson Sentenced to Seven Years Penal Servitude for Stealing Safe from Railway Station

4/23/1901; Agricultural Reports, New South Wales: Bombala, Lithgow, Gundagai, Lockhart, Corowa

4/24/1901; New Baseball League, the New American League, to Make its Initial Bow in Baltimore, Orioles vs. Bostons

4/24/1901; Lost, Elderly Woman of Weak Intellect Wanders into Police Station

4/24/1901, Boer Prisoners at St. Helena

Saint Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean, 1,200 Miles from Africa, One of the Most Remote Locations in the World

Map, Saint Helena, South Atlantic Ocean

4/24/1901, Conway Murder Trial, Mrs. Smith’s Purchase of Strychnine & Later Onboard Steamer Talune with Conway

4/24/1901, Thursday Island Government Resident Doubts Missionary Massacre; Natives in Aird Delta Area Reported to Be Savages

Report on the Affairs of British New Guinea from 7/1/1900 to 6/30/1901

Thursday Island, Queensland

Thursday Island

Map, Thursday Island

Map, Daru Island (Officer in Charge at Daru Believes Massacres Likely Took Place)

Map, Aird Delta Area (Where Massacres Suspected & Where Natives Considered Savage)

Map, Fly River (Where Natives Considered More Passive)

4/24/1901, Alick Brown Sentenced to Four Months at Hard Labor for Stealing Pocket Chance at Work

4/24/1901; Trooper Brossi Describes Battle Near Dullstroum, South Africa, Between Australians & Boers; British, Boers Negotiate

4/24/1901, Free Trade Wins Out Over Protectionism According to Editorial

4/24/1901, Professor Spencer & Mr. Gillan Study Habits, Customs, & Superstitions of Australian Native Aborigines

4/24/1901, 20,671 Refugees in Transvaal (South Africa) Concentration Camps, British Taxpayers Feed & Cloth Boer Dependents

4/24/1901, Attempt to Blow Open Safe at Unguarded Railway Station Unsuccessful

4/24/1901, Danial O’Conner Charged with Willfully Interfering with the Comfort of a Railway Passenger

4/24/1901, Troop Ship Should Arrive Thursday Night at Port Jackson, State Premier Will Likely Be Present

4/24/1901, Sydney Prepares for Royal Visit

4/24/1901; Hobart, Tasmania, Holds Public Meeting on Requisition of Funds for Decorations During Royal Visit

4/24/1901, Russian Cruiser Gromboi Arrives at Albany & German Cruiser Hansa at Freemantle for Royal Celebration

4/24/1901; The Royal Party Leaves Singapore on the Ophir for Albany, Escorted by Two Warships

4/24/1901, Royal Party on World Tour, Anarchists Disguised as Monks Arrested in Malta, Escort Ships Using Wireless

4/24/1901; From Trooper Ridley, February 22; Heavy Fighting Between South Australian Bushmen & Boers Reported

4/24/1901, Chinese Peace Negotiations, Peking, Via Special Correspondent, February 25

4/24/1901; History of U.S. Annexation of Hawaiian Islands, February 26; Various Races Imported for Sugar Production

4/24/1901; Letter from London, March 15; Spirit of Invincible Distrust Prevents Solution of Chinese Problem

4/24/1901, British Budget Burdened by Boer War

4/24/1901, British National South Pole Expedition, New Ship Discovery Constructed for Polar Exploration


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Chinese Villagers Flee German Troops

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4/23/1901, Frightened Chinese Villagers Flee Advancing German Troops, French May Withdraw from China

4/23/1901 (Continued), Germans Complain of U.S. Guards Left in "Forbidden City" After Departure of Americans

4/23/1901; Six Masked Men Hold Up Train Near Memphis, Shoot Negro Porter, Steal $3,000

4/23/1901, Flooding Ohio River Receding Above Mouth of Kanawha River

4/23/1901; Drunk Beats Up Sister, Causing Her Death

4/23/1901, Cubans & Spaniards Left Behind After War of 1898 Want Cuban Independence & End to U.S. Occupation

4/23/1901, Steamer Merrie England May Be Sent with Punitive Party to New Guinea to Investigate Missionaries Disappearance

4/23/1901, Mining Production Reports

4/23/1901, On Board the Ophir with the Duke & Duchess of York & the Royal Party on World Tour

4/23/1901; National League; Boston-3 at Philadelphia-5, Orth Scatters Ten Hits; Pittsburgh-4 at St. Louis-10

4/24/1901; National League Standings; Milwaukee at Detroit in American League Opening Today

4/24/1901, New American League Official Baltimore Orioles Baseball Schedule Released

4/24/1901, Team Photo of John McGraw's New Baltimore Orioles

4/24/1901, First American League Championship Game Ever in the East to Be Played Today, Washington at Philadelphia

4/24/1901; Australia Deals with Rabbit Pest; Phosphorised Pollard a Treat to the Bunny, but Brush Fires Feared from Bait

4/24/1901, Mrs. Smith's Trial, Investigator Describes Questioning Mrs. Smith About Conway's Poisoning

4/24/1901; American Mail Steamer Now at Circular Quay, Sydney; Encountered One Storm & Two Minor Engine Problems

4/24/1901, Miners' Demonstration & Picnic Expects 10,000 Persons

4/24/1901, News Briefs, British Transport Princess Arrives in S. Africa with Australian Troops, Sydney Mission Assists 3,420, Etc.

4/24/1901; Mining Operations in & About Johannesburg, South Africa, Resume

4/24/1901; Moslems at Capetown Prevent Removal of Plague Patients of Faith, Upon Religious Grounds

4/24/1901, Mormons Purchase 5,000,000 Acres in Mexico to Establish Colonies

4/24/1901, French Colonialists in New Hebrides Appeal to Paris for Laborers & Complain of British Missionaries

New Hebrides

Vanatu, Formerly New Hebrides

4/24/1901, Meeting of the Committee of the Queen Victoria Memorial of the Prince Alfred Hospital Held in Sydney

4/24/1901, News Briefs, 14-Year-Old Fatality at Bulli Mine, Two Prisoners Attempt Escape, Etc.

4/24/1901, Tasmanian Fruit Yields & Prices

4/24/1901, Man Driving Pony & Sulky Fined for Blocking Tram, Passenger Fined for Obstructing Constable

Sulky: Light-Weight Two-Wheeled Cart

4/24/1901, Two Detectives Added to Sydney's Criminal Investigation Department

4/24/1901; Garnet Gray, 18, Awaiting Trial; Charged with Horse Stealing & Breaking, Entering, & Stealing

4/24/1901; Norfolk Island, April 13; Return of Local Troops Who Went To South Africa with New South Wales Bushmen Celebrated

4/24/1901, 12,653 Applications Submitted for 1,100 Vacancies in Various Branches of the Victorian Railway Department

4/24/1901, Religious Lecture by Salvation Army Commandant Herbert H. Booth Draws Full House

4/24/1901, Frenchman Describes Typical House of Commons Proceedings

4/24/1901, Dutchman & Boer Sympathizer in South Africa Impressed with the Strength & Stability of the British Empire


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Australians Protect Locals in China

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Search Party to Look for Missing Missionaries

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4/24/1901, Small Detachment to Be Sent to New Guinea to Look for Missing Missionaries

4/24/1901, British Capture Two Capitals in West Africa After Heavy Fighting & Release Thousands of Slaves from Terrorist Emirs

4/24/1901; More Filipino Insurgents Surrender & Swear Allegiance to U.S.; Army Commissary Fraud Investigation Progressing

4/24/1901; William Jennings Bryan Arrives in Chicago, but Declines to Talk Politics

William Jennings Bryan

4/24/1901; Flooded Home Owner Fears Steamer Wake, Shoots & Kills Crew Member; Kanawha, Elk, & Coal Rivers Receding

4/24/1901, Georgia Governor Hostile to Visit From Wealthy New Yorkers Looking into Negro Education

How long does it take to build a smooth-running democracy? For the United States it took about two centuries. The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution preceded the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, and segregation. The above-linked article about Georgia from 1901 illustrates the difficulties in building democracies. Democracies don't just blossom. Look at the Middle East for example. ... Accusing America's founding fathers of being evil racists would be politically misleading and diversionary. Where did racism come from? Racism is due to evolution. Humans evolved from wild pack animals. Racism is an instinctive trait that can only be gradually and incrementally attenuated.

4/24/1901, New American League Formally Opens in Chicago, Patterson Limits Cleveland 8-2 Before 8,000

4/24/1901; N.L., Chicago-9 Cincinnati-10, Outfield Flooded but Game Still Played; Pittsburgh-5 St. Louis-4, Two Triple Plays

4/25/1901, Baseball Rooters Disappointed, Rain Causes Postponement of Parade & Opener in Baltimore

4/25/1901, St. Petersburg, April 11, Most Student Protesters Accept Czar's Appt. of General Vannoffsky as Minister of Education

4/25/1901, Mrs. Smith's Trial, Conway Seen With Woman Resembaling Mrs. Smith Onboard Talune Just Before He Became Ill


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British Being Squeezed Out of China

Post by Globalization41 » 14 Jan 2014 05:36

1/19/1901; Abyssinia Running Considerable Trade Deficit; Exports Include Coffee, Gold, Ivory, Civet, Wax

1/19/1901, Captain Welby Discovers Tribe of Seven-Foot Giants in Abyssinia Known as the Tirkana

1/22/1901, Cashier at First National Bank, N.Y., Gets 13 Years for Embezzlement, Germans Experiment with Military Balloons

1/22/1901, Russia's Foreign Policy Under Czar Nicholas II Examined

1/24/1901; The Complete History of Queen Victoria's Reign, Part 1

1/24/1901; The Complete History of Queen Victoria's Reign, Part 2

1/25/1901, Abyssinia Far Ahead of Europe & America in the Matter of Woman's Rights

1/26/1901, Listing of 41 Wars Fought During Queen Victoria's Reign, Nine Wars Fought in India Leads the List

1/29/1901, Queen Victoria's Reign Saw 17 U.S. Presidents, Ten Viceroys of Canada, & 15 Viceroys of India

1/30/1901, Dr. Donaldson Smith Tells Royal Geographical Society of Expeditions to Africa & Antarctica

2/2/1901; History of the 19th Century, Part 1

2/2/1901; History of the 19th Century, Part 2

2/2/1901; Some Wars of Queen Victoria's Reign, Part 1

2/2/1901; Some Wars of Queen Victoria's Reign, Part 2

2/2/1901; The Army & Navy Under Queen Victoria, Navy Improves from 129 Vessels to 500

2/2/1901; Industrial Progress Under Queen Victoria, 1837-1897; Imports from 55 to 435 Millions, Exports from 42 to 295 Millions

2/2/1901; Science, Discovery, & Invention Under Queen Victoria

2/2/1901, Political Matters Under Queen Victoria

2/2/1901; Mr. T.B. Hill. Well-Known Druggist & Chemist, Returns to Australia After 11 Month Trip to England & Scotland

2/8/1901; Major T.H. Fiaschi, Wine Enthusiast & Active in the Wine Trade of the Colony, Returns from South African War

2/16/1901, Sir Henry M. Stanley Offers Exploring Expedition Tips for Providing Useful Study & Accurate Monographs

2/22/1901, The Sights & Sounds of Bombay

3/18/1901, Demonstration by Various Societies Begins a Revival of the Aggressive Movement for Temperance

3/19/1901, Temperance Conference Attendee Believes Abstinence Restricts Liberty & Happiness of the Public

4/21/1901, Shanghai, February 12, British Sphere of Influence in China Being Squeezed by Russia, Germany, France, & Japan

4/22/1901, Can Germany Be Trusted in a New World Alliance with England & the United States?

4/24/1901; Halifax, N.S., Elects Pro-Liquor Hamilton to Third Term as Mayor; Pro-Temperance Hubley Defeated for Alderman

4/24/1901, Anti-Military League of Liberals in London Hears Dutch Can be Arrested in South Africa on Evidence from Natives

4/24/1901, Plow Manufactures to Combine Interests to Control U.S. Market

4/25/1901, Victoria Accepting Applications for Forrest Conservator, Forrest Conservation in N. America, Russia, & India Compared

4/25/1901, John Armstrong Sentenced to Ten Years in Penitentiary for $145 Robbery on Street Car

4/25/1901; Woman, Who Had Not Prospered in the World & Begged for Handouts to Feed Her Kids, Locked Up For Being Drunk

4/25/1901; McKinley to Meet with Cubans; Reprieve by McKinley for Hanging of Train Robber Turns Out to Be Forgery

4/25/1901; Alleghany Court, Accused of Showing too Much Mercy, Sentences Woman to Three Years in Prison for Stealing Coat

4/25/1901; Eastern League to Open, but Players Out of Shape Due to Bad Weather; National League Standings Through 4/24/1901

4/25/1901, Elderly Woman Complains Her Sons Beat Her Up & Sold Her Belongings to Buy Whiskey

4/25/1901, News of the Railroads


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