June 21, 1941

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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 19 Aug 2016 13:20

6/21/1941, Russo-German Frontier From Baltic to Black Sea Seething with Warlike Preparations

Map, Soviet-Nazi Demarcation Line (Text in Russian), Arm Chair General

Map, German Air Bases Along Soviet-Nazi Demarcation Line, June 1941, Asisbiz

Russian-German Relations Reaching Critical Stage; 260 Divisions Massed Along Demarcation Line, 6/15/1941

6/21/1941, Reports of Russo-German Friction Circulating, No Sign of Crisis in Moscow, Reservists Called Up in Finland

London Beginning to Believe Soviet Union Would Rather Fight than Give in to German Demands, 6/18/1941

Germans Massing Troops; Stalin Can No Longer Demand E. Poland, Part of Finland, & Baltic States; 6/20/1941

Germans Concentrating Troops on Enormous Scale Along Russo-German Frontier, 6/20/1941

6/21/1941, Daily Mail Reports Germany Wants Full Control of Ukraine & Passage of German Troops Across Caucasia

Map, Ukraine & Rumania, 3/7/1940

Moscow Denies Germans Making Demands or Requests for Closer Collaboration, 6/16/1941

British Skeptical of German Attack on Russia; Red Army Opposed to Stalin Appeasing Hitler, 6/16/1941

6/21/1941, Moscow Radio States Lessons of Russo-Finnish War Are Being Applied to Present Military Exercises

6/21/1941, Rumanian Ships in Black Sea Recalled to Port; Toughest Red Army Units Given Special Assignments

6/21/1941, Immediate Mobilization Ordered Throughout Finland; Ankara Reports Red Army Concentrating in Poland

Sensational Photos Smuggled from Poland of Nazi Mass Execution of Poles, Victims Made to Dig Own Graves, 6/11/1941

Map, Poland, 1939, Wikipedia

Map, Poland, 1939-1941, German-Russian Zones

2,000,000 Germans Face Russia from Black Sea to Baltic & in Finland, 6/18/1941

Military Call-Ups in Finland Indicate Change in Neutrality Policy, 6/19/1941

Streets of Helsinki Crowded with Uniformed Men & Women & Fully Armed Soldiers, 6/20/1941

6/21/1941, Ukraine Practices A.A. Defense; Hitler Meets with Blitzkrieg Commander (Poland & Balkans) Gen. Liszt

6/21/1941, Turkey Signs Friendhip Pact with Germany; Big Tank Battle at Hellfire Pass Egypt

Satellite View, Hellfire Pass Eqypt, Google

6/21/1941; Australians, Free French, British, & Indian Troops Advance in Syria; Vichy Still Holding Damascus

6/21/1941, Map, Syria

6/21/1941, Siege of Damascus, Capital Well Defended, Free French & Indian Troops Pressure Central Sector

6/21/1941, Shipment of Lubricating Oil from Philadelphia to Japan Prevented, Tokyo Threatens East Indies

Dutch Colonial Empire Threatened by Hostile Natives in East Indies, Piracy Increasing, 12/1/1894

Dutch East Indies Military Protection Insignificant Compared to Wealth, 2/22/1935

Dutch Leaders in East Indies Fear Indonesians Turning to Japan, 3/1/1935 (Conclusion of Last Week's Article)

Agriculture of Netherlands East Indies, 3/1/1941

Dutch Stall Japanese on Oil Increase Request, More Oil for Japan Could Help Germany, 6/14/1941

Map, Netherlands East Indies, 3/14/1942

6/21/1941, Movie Review, Buck Privates: Abbot & Costello, Andrew Sisters; Dancing, Singing, Music, & Mirth

Buck Privates, Turner Classic Movies; Con Man & Buddy Evade Cops by Ducking into Army Enlistment Location

6/21/1941, Movie Review, Brigham Young; Mormons Migrate from Illinois to Great Salt Lake Valley, Tyrone Power

Map, Illinois, Google

Map, Great Salt Lake, Google

6/21/1941; Turco-German Pact; Turkey to Stay Neutral, but Commercial Arrangements with Britain Will Remain

6/21/1941, Berlin Radio Hints Big Surprise May Soon Explain Reason for Less Luftwaffe Raids Over London

6/21/1941; Sgt. Jeffice Millar of Hawthorn Killed in Action, Fought in Greek Campaign, Well Known in Musical Circles

Map; Hawthorn, South Australia; Google

6/21/1941, Stalin in Tight Spot; German Troop Concentrations Secure Eastern Front; Soviets May Be Forced to Join Axis

6/21/1941, British Forces Occupy Fort Capuzzo; British Begin Western Desert Offensive S. & S.E. of Sollum

Map, Sollum, Google

Map, North Africa, Ibiblio, Hyperwar (Fort Capuzzo Next to Sollum)

6/21/1941, Bronx Bombers Blast A.L. with 27 HRs in 16 Games; Yanks Closing in on Indians; DiMaggio Streak at 33

6/21/1941, German Blitzkrieg Expert General Liszt Establishes Headquarters 15 Miles from Bucharest Rumania

Map, Bucharest, Google


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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 05 Sep 2016 11:07

6/21/1941, Merchant Ships Lost to War Total 2,007; British Losses at 923; Germans 285; Italians 176

6/21/1941; British Shipping Losses for May Amounted to 98 Vessels, Includes Heavy Losses in Eastern Med.

6/21/1941, Survivors of Britannia Arrive in Melbourne from Brazil; Liner Sunk by Nazi Sea Raider 600 Miles from Dakar

Map; Dakar, Dakar Region, Senegal, Africa; Google

Berlin Reports German Auxiliary Cruiser Has Sunk 8,799-Ton Britannia & 13,245-Ton Voltaire, 4/5/1941

Victims of German Raider Survive 1,600 Miles in Open Boat, Many Died from Wounds, Constant Bailing, 4/27/1941

6/21/1941, Captive on German Sea Raider Tells Story; Egyptian Ship Zamzam Was Shelled & Sunk in South Atlantic

6/21/1941, News Photos of Passengers Evacuating Egyptian Steamer Zamzam; Raider Delivered Voyagers to French Port

6/21/1941, Hitler Tells Japan to Mobilize Its Full Force & Work Harder to Achieve Far East New Order

Italy, Germany, & Japan Sign Anti-Comintern Pact, 11/8/1937 [Comintern Short for Communist International]

Communist International Manifesto, Wars Will Not End Without Overthrow of Capitalism, 9/1/1922, Part 1

Communist International Manifesto, Wars Will Not End Without Overthrow of Capitalism, 9/1/1922, Part 2

China & the Comintern, 12/9/1937

Comintern Officials & Staff Move to New & Magnificent Moscow Building Situated on Lenin Hills, 12/23/1937

Germany & Poland Sign Non-Aggression Pact, 1/28/1934

Russian-Japanese Armed Clashes in N.E. Asia Occur Frequently, 7/29/1939

Germany & Russia Agree to Non-Aggression Pact, Europe Stunned, 8/24/1939

Germany Invades Poland; Warsaw Bombed; Polish Forces Falling Back, 9/2/1939

Huge Soviet Army Marches into Poland, 9/19/1939

Soviets Invade Finland; Moscow Reports Red Army Advancing on All Fronts; Stalin Sets Up Puppet Gov't, 12/8/1939

German Troops Invade Denmark & Norway; British & German Naval Forces Engaged in North Sea, 4/13/1940

Germany Invades Holland, Belgium, & Luxemburg; 5/16/1940, Part 1

Germany Invades Holland, Belgium, & Luxemburg; 5/16/1940, Part 2

German Troops March into Paris, 6/15/1940

Soviet Occupation of Baltic States in Progress, 6/18/1940

Soviets Occupy Bessarabia & N. Bukovina After Ultimatum to Rumania; Refugees Crowd Roads & Rails, 7/4/1940

Map, Europe, 1940, Classwell [Stalin Hoped to Seize Turkish Straits via Land Bridge Thru Rumania & Bulgaria]

Trainloads of German Soldiers Arriving in Rumania, 50,000 Already; Germans Assume Control of Oil, 10/24/1940

Italy Invades Greece, British Navy Occupies Crete, Italian Troops in Egypt Shelled by British Ships, 11/1/1940

Map, Greco-Italian War, 1940-1941, Wikipedia

Hitler Receives Molotov in Berlin; Germans Aim to Fix Basis for Collaboration by Soviets with Axis & Japan, 11/13/1940

Berlin Announces Renewal of German-Soviet Friendship Pact; Baltic States & Other Problems Settled, 1/16/1941

Bulgaria Joins Axis; German Troops Pour into Bulgaria from Rumania by Plane, Car, Lorry, & Train; 3/6/1941

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka Reaches Moscow on Way to Berlin & Rome for Tripartite Pact Pow Wow, 3/24/1941

Yugoslavia Joins Axis on Condition German Military Avoid Yugo Territory if Engaged in Greece, 3/27/1941

Anti-Axis Riots Erupt in Yugoslavia; Secret Radio Incites Yugoslavs with Anti-German Propaganda Broadcasts, 3/27/1941

Hitler Receives Matsuoka, Berliners Enthusiastic, Honor Guard, Germans Decline to Mention Yugoslavia, 4/3/1941

Mussolini Lunches with Matsuoka in Rome; Pope Presents Japanese Foreign Minister with Gold Medal, 4/4/1941

Soviets Sign Friendship & Non-Agression Pact in Moscow with Yugoslavia, 4/7/1941

Germans Invade Yugoslavia & Greece, Hitler Wants British Out of Greece; 4/7/1941, Part 1

Germans Invade Yugoslavia & Greece, Hitler Wants British Out of Greece; 4/7/1941, Part 2

Stalin & Matsuoka Negotiate Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact in Moscow, No Hint of U.S.S.R. Joining Axis, 4/15/1941

Greek Gov't Withdraws to Crete, Endless Columns of Germans Maintain Pressure on All Sectors, 4/24/1941

Map, Crete, Google

Athens Falls to Germans, Berlin Radio Plays Martial Music, Stukas Dive Bomb British Troops, 4/28/1941, Part 1

Athens Falls to Germans, Berlin Radio Plays Martial Music, Stukas Dive Bomb British Troops, 4/28/1941, Part 2

List of German, Russian, & Italian Aggressions; 4/28/1941

German Airborne Invasion of Crete Continues, Bitter Hand-to-Hand Fighting; Hood & Bismarck Sunk, 5/31/1941

6/21/1941, W. Australian Parents of Walter L. Axford Notified by Cable Son Wounded in Crete (After Reported Missing)

6/21/1941; Japanese Spokesman Calls for New Order in East Asia, Says Germany Deliberately Avoiding Stirring Up U.S.

6/21/1941, British & Indian Units Occupy High Ground at Halfaya Pass, but Are Pushed Back by German Counterattack

Map, Halfaya Pass Egypt (Also Known as Hellfire Pass), Google

Map; Western Libya & Eastern Egypt, Northern Desert Coastal Region; Ibiblio, Hyperwar

6/21/1941, Battle of Sollum Ends in Draw, German MG Posts on Western Slopes of Hellfire Pass Take Heavy Toll

Map, Sollum, Google

6/21/1941, South Africa's Industries Now Mobilized to Supply Britain with Domestic Needs & Munitions

Insurection of the Boers, 1/1/1881, Part 1

Insurection of the Boers, 1/1/1881, Part 2

Boers Attack British Advancing Beyond Laingsnek, British Exhaust Ammo, Slaughter Fearful, 3/5/1881

Map, Laingsnek South Africa, Google

Boers Decimate 'Red Coats' in Skirmish at Laingsnek, 6/1/1881

Map, Southern Africa Region, 1885, British Empire

British Occupy Bloemfontein; Correspondent Churchill Reports 14,000 Boers at Biggarsberg, Part 1, 3/24/1900

British Occupy Bloemfontein; Correspondent Churchill Reports 14,000 Boers at Biggarsberg, Part 2, 3/24/1900

British Occupy Bloemfontein; Correspondent Churchill Reports 14,000 Boers at Biggarsberg, Part 3, 3/24/1900

Map; Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa; Google

Map; Biggarsberg, South Africa; Google

Profiling Boer Women, 3/31/1900

Boer Methods of Warfare, 12/22/1900

Union of South Africa Established; Constitution Finalized Last July, Royal Assent Given in September, 6/2/1910

Proclamation of South African Union Provokes Expression of Universal Goodwill Throughout Empire, 6/10/1910

6/21/1941, Japan Wants to Rectify Attitude of Dutch East Indies for Being Uncooperative in Co-Prosperity Negotiations

6/21/1941; U.S. & British Fear Japanese Invasion of Dutch East Indies, Japan Wants Share of Economic Fruits

Map, Dutch East Indies, 1818, Wikipedia

6/21/1941, Australia Sent 17,236 Troops During Greece & Crete Campaigns; 5,951 Unaccounted For, Many POWs

Map, Balkans Blitzkrieg, Yugoslavia & Greece, German Invasion Routes & British Defense Lines & Evacuation Routes

Map, German Assault on Crete, 1941, Emerson Kent

6/21/1941, Passengers on Liner President Coolidge from Hong Kong to Shanghai Report 100 Jap Warships Moving South

Map, Hong Kong, Google

Map, Shanghai China, Google

6/21/1941, Episcopal Church Transfers Dr. Disosway to Ft. Yukon Alaska, She Was In Charge of Shanghai Hospital

Map, Fort Yukon Alaska, Google

6/21/1941; American League Boxscores; Yanks Steamroll Tigers; Indians & Senators Slap 20 Singles, 9 Doubles, & HR

6/21/1941, Filipino Pres. Quezon at Loyalty Day Parade Declares P.I. Will Stand by U.S. Side to Last Man if It Enters War

Map, Philippine Islands, Google

6/21/1941, Philippines High Commissioner Orders Closure of German Consulate in Manila & Departure of Staff by July 10

6/21/1941, R.A.F. Raids Cologne & Dusseldorf; Soviet Army Organ Red Star Reports on Effectiveness of British Raids

Map, Dusseldorf & Cologne, Google

6/21/1941, Soviet Ambassador Expected to See Hitler Shortly, Moscow Calm, Troop Movements, Military Exercises


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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 22 Apr 2021 13:45

6/21/1941, Week's News, Turkey & Germany Sign Pact of Friendship, Allies Advance in Syria, Tanks Battle in Libya

6/21/1941, Ankara's Pact with Germany Designed to Prevent Spread of War to Neutral Turkey's Zone of Security

Map, Bosporus, Google6/21/1941; Britain Assured, German Troops & War Materials Will Not Pass Through Turkey

6/21/1941, Berlin Pressured Friendship Pact with Ankara Despite Turkey's 1939 Mutual Assistance Pact with Britain

6/21/1941, Berlin to Close U.S. Consulates in Europe in Retaliation for U.S.-Imposed Ban on German Consulates

F.D.R. Freezes Axis Assets to Prevent Use for Conquest; Wells Reacts to German Sinking of Robin Moor, 6/16/1941

6/21/1941, F.D.R. (Due to Grave Situation) Directs Office of Production Management to Use All Available Man Power

6/21/1941, Civil War Saw Emancipation; World War Brought Employment; '41 Promises More Progress for Graduates

6/21/1941, Oralee Harris & Eunice Randolph Crash Color Barrier at Lock Co. in Garfield N.J.Map, Garfield, Google

6/21/1941, Newsreel Cameras in Harlem Set to Film Parade Celebrating Progress Since 1865Map, Harlem, Google

6/21/1941, (Philly) Stars & Eagles Split 2-0 DuelsN.N.L. Standings6/21/1941, Grays to Play at Yankee Stadium

6/21/1941, Russo-German Situation Confused While Soviets Still Not Interested in Improving Relations with Britain

6/21/1941, Rumors Out of Berlin Suggest German-Soviet Pact of a Profound Military Nature Now Being Negotiated

6/21/1941, Control of French & Norwegian Coastlines Protects German Supply Ships from British Naval Blockade

6/21/1941, Hong Kong Bolsters Defenses; Ammo & Emergency Food Stocks AccumulatedMap, Hong Kong, Google

6/21/1941, Loyalty Day Speech by Quezon in Manila Expresses Filipino Desire for DemocracyMap, Manila, Google

6/21/1941, World News, R.A.F. Disrupts Nazi Preparations in France While Hitler Deals with Russia, Part 1Part 2


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Re: June 21, 1941

Post by TheMarcksPlan » 26 Apr 2021 12:47

@ Globalization41 thanks and keep up the good work. Love this:


...its existence shows both that America was vastly more free than elsewhere in some ways while also being a profoundly sick society.
"The whole question of whether we win or lose the war depends on the Russians." - FDR, June 1942

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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 26 Apr 2021 14:50

Thanks for the input Marc. Isolationism and Jim Crow in America were big political problems for F.D.R. on the eve of the Holocaust.


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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 11 Jan 2022 16:22

6/21/1941, U.S. Sub Sinks Off Portsmouth; 33 Trapped Men Feared Lost, Part 1Part 2Map, Portsmouth, Google

6/21/1941, Showdown in Russia? Soviet Source in Turkey Says Red Army Not Afraid of NazisMap, Ankara, Google

6/21/1941, U.S. Flier Becomes 1st Woman to Deliver Bomber to Britain; British Pay $1,500 per Month to Ferry Pilots

6/21/1941, F.D.R. Orders No Oil Exports from East Coast Except to British Empire; No Change to Pacific Shipments

6/21/1941, A.L. Standings & Boxscores; Yanks Trail Indians by Two After Steamrolling Tigers, Joe DiMaggio Four Hits

6/21/1941, Battle of Crete Reenacted on Hills & Fields of Fort Lewis in U.S. Army ExerciseMap, Ft. Lewis, Google

Map, Crete, GoogleBattle of Crete, 5/29/1941Map, Greece, GoogleHitler Launches Balkans Blitz, 4/9/1941

6/21/1941, Turkey's Friendship Pact with Germany Blocks British & Frees Hitler for March on Russia, Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, British & Indian Troops Close in on Historic Damascus as French Resistance StiffensMap, Syria, Google

6/21/1941, German U-Boats Prowl Atlantic in Ever Increasing Numbers; 98 British Ships Sunk in May, Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, Bulletin from Beirut Reports Fall of Ancient Syrian Capital of Damascus to BritishMap, Beirut, Google

6/21/1941, German HQ Set Up in Rumania? Russia Evacuating Strategic Baltic Zones?Map, Eastern Europe, Google

6/21/1941, Berlin Press Asserts U.S. Counselor Officials in Germany Have Been Made Practically into English Agents

6/21/1941, Hitler Gets Copy of F.D.R.'s Message to Congress Denouncing Sinking of Robin Moor as Act of an "Outlaw"

6/21/1941, Missing U.S. Sub Located on Muddy Ocean Floor 440 Feet Down off Portsmouth; No Hope for Survivors

6/21/1941, Robert A. Gardner from Waldport Oregon Reported Lost on Ill-Fated Sub O-9Map, Waldport, Google

6/21/1941, War Dept. Wants to Extend Active Duty for 290,000 National Guardsmen Past Sept. 16th Demobilization

6/21/1941, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Producer Louis K. Sidney in Eugene Or. After Finishing New Marx Brothers Movie

Map, Eugene, Google6/21/1941, Brownsville Hosts Annual "Pioneer" Reunion & PicnicMap, Brownsville, Google

6/21/1941; Eugene Markets, Wholesale Prices of Eggs to Retailers Up One Cent a Dozen; Wheat Remains at 90 Cents

6/21/1941; Now Playing at the Rex Theater in Eugene Or., The Face Behind the Mask; Peter Lorre with Evelyn Keyes

6/21/1941, Army Air Activities Will Become Autonomous Organization Called "The Army Air Forces", Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, Detroit Tigers Sign Sensational College Outfielder Dick Wakefield of Michigan & Pay Him $40,000 Bonus

6/21/1941; Weekly Review, Syrian Campaign, R.A.F. Targets N. Europe, German Troops Concentrate Facing Russia


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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 20 Jan 2022 08:57

6/21/1941, Russia Continues Far-Flung Military Maneuvers in Ukraine, Part 1Part 2Map, Ukraine, Wikipedia

6/21/1941, Helsinki Radio Broadcasts "Day of Liberation Is at Hand"; All Reserves RecalledMap, Helsinki, Google

6/21/1941, U.S. Has Lost 139 Men to Five Sub Accidents in Past 27 Years; 26 Perished on U.S.S. Squalus in 1939

6/21/1941, First Shock for Nazi-Communist Honeymoon Came When Fall of France Left German Army Unemployed

6/21/1941, Reports from Ankara Picture Nazi-Soviet Common Frontier Alive with Men & Weapons on the Move

Map, Nazi-Soviet Demarcation Line, WikipediaMap, Turkey, Google6/21/1941, Axis War Economies Bolstered

6/21/1941, Stanford Economist Believes Germany Will Seiz Ukraine Wheat in AugustMap, Stanford U., Google

6/21/1941, New York Yankees Go on Slugging Rampage; Joe DiMaggio Extends Hitting Streak to 33 Straight Games

[DiMag Streak at 26];Yanks Top Chisox on DiMaggio HR in 10th; Johnny Rigney Won't Ask for Deferment, 6/13/1941

10,000 German Troops Arrive in Finland; 130 German Divisions Concentrated in East, 6/13/1941, Part 1Part 2

"War of Nerves"; Large Number of German Forces Gathering in Eastern Nazi Territories, 6/14/1941, Part 1Part 2

Committee for March on Washington for Equal Participation in Defense Work Hopes for 10,000 Persons, 6/14/1941

Baltimore Elite Giants Split with Washington Homestead Grays at Griffith Stadium; Easterling Five RBIs, 6/14/1941

Phila. Stars Stop Newark Eagles in Game One & N.Y. Black Yankees Edge Cuban Stars at Yanker Stadium, 6/14/1941

Baltimore Catcher Roy Campanella Leads Negro National League Batters, 6/14/1941N.N.L. Standings, 6/14/1941

Yanks End Feller's Win Streak; DiMaggio Runs Hit Streak to 27, 6/15/1941Yanks Trail Indians by Three, 6/15/1941

St. Pete Selective Service Board Lists Ten Draftees Headed for Camp Blanding, 6/15/1941Map, St. Pete, Google

Reports from Finland Indicate Red Army Opposed to Stalin's Policy of Appeasement, 6/15/1941, Part 1Part 2

Joe DiMaggio Rifles HR to Upper Tier at Yankee Stadium; Hitting Streak at 28, Yankees Pressure Indians, 6/16/1941

Rumors of Possible German Invasion of Russia Spread Across Europe; Observers Believe Showdown Near, 6/16/1941

Joe DiMaggio Lashes Double After Rain Delay to Extend Hit Streak to 29; Yanks Stall Leading Indians, 6/17/1941

Missing Victims from Robin Moore Sinking Rescued After 13 Days & Taken to Capetown, 6/17/1941, Part 1Part 2

Map, S. Africa, Google … … Britain Steps Up War Effort in Syria, 6/17/1941, Part 1Part 2Map, Syria, 6/21/1941

[DiMag Streak at 30]; White Sox Interrupt Yanks; Farewell Appearance for Army-Bound Johnny Rigney, 6/18/1941

R.A.F. Hits Objectives in N. Europe; Hitler May Demand Ukraine; "Mechanical Monsters" Battle in Africa, 6/18/1941

White Sox Shade Yanks 3-2 Behind Thornton Lee; Joe DiMaggio Hits Safely in 31st Consecutive Game, 6/19/1941

Reliable Quarters in Ankara Say Nazi Ultimatum Delivered to Soviets; Unconfirmed Reports of Fighting, 6/19/1941

Joe DiMaggio Extends Hitting Streak to 32 Games with HR, 2 Singles, & Walk for Perfect Day at Plate; 6/20/1941

Japanese Official Says U.S. Deterred from Entering War by Japan's Dominance in Asia, 6/20/1941, Part 1Part 2


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June 21, 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 22 Jan 2022 23:54

6/21/1941, Soviets in Dilemma; Has Hitler's War Machine Reached Its Limits or Is It Prepared to Move Eastwards?

6/21/1941, Labor Strikes Reviewed; Ford & Strikers Reach Agreement, Part 1Part 2Map, Ford Plant, Google

6/21/1941, German High Command Reports U-Boats Operating in N. Atlantic Have Sunk Six Enemy Merchant Ships

6/21/1941, Refugees in Finland Say Reds Evacuating Baltic Coastal Areas, "Undesirables" Arrested, Part 1Part 2

Map, Baltic States, Google … … 6/21/1941, R.A.F. Raids Nazi Shipyards at Kiel, Part 1Part 2Map, Kiel, Google

6/21/1941, Maneuvers & Mock Battles in Progress Across Western Russia; Elite Army Units Get Special Assignments

6/21/1941, Is Stalin Afraid of Hitler or Is "Man of Steel" Playing His Own Game? Stalin Makes No Approaches to Brits

6/21/1941, Cubs' Larry French Blanks BravesNavy Will Not Let French Pitch for 200th Lifetime Win, 4/20/1943

Map, Brooklyn Naval Yard, GoogleFrench Won 197, Baseball Reference[French Retired from Navy in 1969]

6/21/1941, Maryland Resident Receives Mimeographed Isolationist & Anti-War LiteratureMap, Maryland, Google

6/21/1941, Margie Gibson Writes & Arranges Music for Biggest Top Bands in Land—Count Basie, Goodman, & Others

6/21/1941; Stock Market, Dow Jones Industrials Up 0.32 to 122.51; Rail Stocks Up 0.06 to 27.99; Demand Limited

6/21/1941, Wheat Harvest Underway; High Yields Will Tax Storage Facilities in S.W. KansasMap, Kansas, Google

6/21/1941, Baby Boom in Hollywood; Photo, Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman At FunctionMap, Hollywood, Google

6/21/1941, National League Standings & Boxes, Brooklyn Trails Cards By Two; Cubs, Giants, Dodgers, & Bucs Win

6/21/1941, Top-Ten Batters, Ted Williams Hitting .420 Leads A.L.; St. Louis Cardinals Place Six Hitters in Top Ten

6/21/1941, Pacific Coast League Standings & Boxes; Runaway Sacramento Leads 2nd-Place San Diego by 12 Games

6/21/1941, Oakland Oaks Edge Sacramento; Corbett Outpitches Red Munger 3-2 in 13-Inning Duel, Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, Springfield Cardinals of Western Association May Lose Two Hurlers to DraftMap, Springfield, Google

6/21/1941, Yanks Slumped Early but Now Rolling; Current Yanks Playing in Shadows of Superstars Ruth & Gehrig

[DiMaggio Streak at 22] Yanks Score Five in 9th; Brownies Use Five Pitchers, DiMag Gets Three Singles, 6/8/1941

155 Axis Divisions Are Massed in East Ready to Move Against Russia in Mid-June, 6/8/1941Map, Poland, Google

[DiMaggio Streak Reaches 23 & 24] N.Y. Yankees Bombard Struggling Browns; DiMaggio 3 HRs in Sweep, 6/9/1941

Nazi Bombers Strike Naval Base at Alexandria; A.A. Heavy; Hundreds Dead, 6/9/1941Map, Alexandria, Google

Cargo Ship Robin Moor Torpedoed by U-Boat; 11 Adrift Survivors Picked Up, 6/10/1941Map, S. Atlantic, Google

[DiMaggio Streak at 25] Yankees Explode in 6th & 7th at Chicago; Peek Tosses 1-Hitter for 8 Innings, 6/11/1941

White House Asks Public to Reserve Judgement on U.S. Ship Robin Moor Sinking Until Details Verified, 6/11/1941


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June 21, 1941

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Hitler & Mussolini Hold Pow Wow; Crete Battle Ends, War May Shift to Middle East; 6/3/1941, Part 1Part 2

[DiMag Streak at 19] Yanks Lose 7-5; Feller Pitches Tribe Back into 1st Place, 6/3/1941Standings, 6/3/1941

Chief Justice Hughes to Retire; F.D.R. Gets 7th Chance to Make Supreme Court Pick, 6/3/1941, Part 1Part 2

Lou Gehrig Remembered in St. Petersburg for Spring Training Visits, 6/3/1941Map, St. Petersburg, Google

Joe Louis Has Defended His Boxing Crown 17 Times; Jefferies, Johnson, & Dempsey Next with Five; 6/3/1941

Joe Louis Tosses 1st Ball at N.Y. Twin Bill, 20,000 Fans; Cubans Clip Elites; Black Yankees Rally in 9th, 6/3/1941

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Feds Have Right to Regulate Primary & General Elections of Congressmen, 6/3/1941

Baltimore Elites Sweep Cuban Stars in Doubleheader on Sun. & Defeat Stars in Night Game on Mon., 6/3/1941

Philadelphia Stars & Homestead Grays Split Friday Double Bill in Philly, 6/3/1941N.N.L. Results & Standings

New Orleans, Segregation Rampant, Dirt Floors in Overcrowded Schools, 6/3/1941Map, New Orleans, Google

China's War Orphans Are Known as "Little Devils" to Japanese, 6/4/1941Map, Far East, 1941, Emerson Kent

London Discloses France Will Allow German Base at Dakar for U-Boats & Raiders, 6/4/1941Map, Dakar, Google

[DiMag Streak at 20] Tigers Score Early & Hang On for Win; DiMaggio Lifts HR, 6/4/1941Standings, 6/4/1941

Taiwan (Formosa), Japanese-Controlled Sub-Tropical Island, Economic History, 6/5/1941Map, Taiwan, Google

Axis Drive Held Up in W. Egypt; German Planes Gathering in Libya, 6/11/1941Map, N. Africa, Emerson Kent

6/21/1941, Halifax Thinks German Buildup in East Is Bluff, Finns Order Children Out of Helsinki, Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, Intense Training of Red Army Underway Throughout Soviet Union; No Invasion So Far, Part 1Part 2

6/21/1941, Moscow Reports Onset of Fine Summer Weather Draws Leningraders to Resorts on Karelian Isthmus

Map, Leningrad, GoogleRussia Invades Finland, 12/8/1939Soviets Establish New Gov't for Finns, 12/3/1939

6/21/1941, Reporter Rides on ex-U.S. Destroyer Newly Transferred to Britian & Observes Depth Charge Practice


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June 21, 1941

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Re: June 21, 1941

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