April 17, 1940

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April 17, 1940

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4/17/1940, Nazi Invaders Drive Across Norway, but French & British Gain Footholds; G.B. Calls More Men to Arms, Part 1

4/17/1940, Nazi Invaders Drive Across Norway, but French & British Gain Footholds; G.B. Calls More Men to Arms, Part 2

4/17/1940, British Expeditionary Force Lands at Narvik; R.A.F. Sinks German Troopship at Bergen During Fierce Battle

Map, Narvik Norway, Google

Map, Bergen Norway, Google

4/17/1940, British Consolidate Foothold at Narvik Norway Under Cover of Heavy Fire from British Warships

4/17/1940, British & French Fulfill Pledges to Give Swift Assistance to Norway Resisting Nazi Invasion

4/17/1940, First Lord of Admiralty Churchill Reveals 12 German Ships & Four British Destroyers Sunk in Battle for Norway

4/17/1940, Large Numbers of Young German Tourists Known to Suddenly Blossom into Invading Soldiers

4/17/1940; Japan Garrisoning 1,000,000+ of Its Finest Men in China, Withdrawing Gracefully Becoming More Difficult

Map, Japanese Empire, Cambridge

4/17/1940, Commercial Ships Sunk in War So Far Reach 463; British 197, Norwegian 54, German 52, Swedish 35

4/17/1940, Nazi Invasion of Norway Results in Sharp Rise in German Shipping Losses

4/17/1940, List of 28 German Vessels Captured by French & British Navies Since Outbreak of War

4/17/1940, News Director for Count Ciano of Italy Broadcasts No European Nation Sure of Isolation from Conflict

4/17/1940, German Army Expected to Strike Through Belgium & Holland; Scandinavian Campaign Only Side Issue

4/17/1940, A.I.F. Calls 122 Recruits from Goldfields District, Men Will Report to Kalgoorlie Drill Hall for Trip to Northam Camp

Map; Goldfields-Esperance Region, Australia; Mainroads, Western Australia [A.I.F., Australian Imperial Forces]

Map, Kalgoorlie Australia, Google

Map, Northam Australia, Google

Northam Army Camp Heritage Association Inc.

4/17/1940, No-Conscription Committee of Labor Party Meets in Sydney & Declares Opposition to Compulsory Military Training

Map, Sydney Australia, Google [Military Training Was Mandatory, but Not (Yet) Deployment Overseas]

4/17/1940, Australian P.M. Menzies to Visit Coal Fields & Address Striking Miners; Coal Production Essential to War Effort

4/17/1940, Six Mines in Rosewood District Working; Trucks Haul Coal Away Day & Night; Police Escort Coal Convoy to Brisbane

Map, Rosewood Australia, Google

4/17/1940, Pilot-Officer Mervyn Thomas of Bokhara Rd. Caulfield Reported Missing in England After Aerial Operations

Map; Bokhara Rd., Caulfield Australia, Google

4/17/1940, Australian Rail Union Opposes Press Attacks Against Soviet Union's Defense of Socialism in Imperialist World

4/17/1940, Dunedin New Zealand Road Worker Fired by Minister of Public Works for Making Favorable Comments About Stalin

Map, Dunedin New Zealand, Google [Worker Shouted Disagreement with Minister During Speech Calling Stalin a Murderer]

4/17/1940, Moscow Radio Announces Stalin Will Not Authorize Fugitive German Warships to Shelter in Northern Russian Ports

4/17/1940, British Blockade Reduces Germany's Oil Import Options to Russia & Rumania

4/17/1940, Thousands of Young German "Tourists" Arrive in Belgrade; Nazis May Be Using "Trojan Horse" Tactics

4/17/1940, Germans & "Undesirable Foreigners" in Turkey Under Police Investigation & May Be Forced to Leave

Map, Belgrade Yugoslavia (Now Serbia), Google [280 Members of the Hitler Youth Recently Arrived on Way to Health Resorts]

4/17/1940, Norway's Resistance Virtually Wiped Out as Germans Turn to Stem Eastward Flow of French & British Troops

4/17/1940, R.A.F. Bombs Vital Port at Trondheim on Norway's West Coast & Royal Navy Shells Germans at Stavanger

Map, Trondheim Norway, Google

Map, Stavanger Norway, Google

4/17/1940, Turkey Tense After German Invasion of Norway; Germany Caged In, Back Door at Straits Controlled by Turkey

Map, Turkish Straits, Google

4/17/1940, Canadian Troops Now in Norway Were Originally Trained & Equipped for Service in Finland

Secret Soviet-Finnish Armistice Negotiations Underway Behind Kremlin Walls, 3/10/1940, Part 1

Secret Soviet-Finnish Armistice Negotiations Underway Behind Kremlin Walls, 3/10/1940, Part 2

Gov. Cone Proclaims Florida Honored by Tampa's Selection for Next Sunday's Finnish Relief Fund All-Star Game, 3/11/1940

Map, Tampa Florida, Google

Finland Signs Peace Terms with Russia; Warlike Ops Cease, 3/15/1940 [Stalin Originally Planned Regime Change for Finland]

All-Star Game to Aid Finland, Rosters, Joe DiMaggio (.381), Derringer (25-7), Walters (27-11) Will Be There, 3/16/1940

Mutual Radio Will Broadcast Major League Spring Training All-Star Game from Tampa; Red Barber Will Call Game, 3/16/1940

N.L. All Stars Edge A.L. All Stars 2-1 at Tampa in Benefit Game for Finnish Relief Fund; $20,000 Raised, 3/18/1940

Boxscore of Exhibition All-Star Game for Finnish Relief, 38 Players See Action, 3/18/1940

Finland Accepted Harsh Terms Imposed by Mighty Soviet Union Only After Hard Fight, 3/21/1940

4/17/1940, British Supply Board Places Order for Munitions & War Supplies with Canada Amounting to $70,000,000

4/17/1940, Long Silence of A.I.F. Members After Departing Australia Finally Broken; Letters from A.I.F. Camped in Palestine

Map; Palestine (Now Israel), Syria, & Turkey, 1929; British Empire

4/17/1940, Rumanian Army Officers Unenthusiastic About Leasing 100,000 Acres of Vast Forest Reserves to Germany

4/17/1940, Bobby Bauer of Boston Bruins & Ebbie Goodfellow of Detroit Red Wings Earn Top N.H.L. Trophies

Final National Hockey League Standings, 3/19/1940; Bruins 31-12-5; Rangers 27-11-10; Toronto 25-17-6; Hawks 23-19-6

4/17/1940, Bob Feller (8k,5w) of Cleveland Indians No-Hits Chicago White Sox 1-0 on Opening Day

4/17/1940, Phils Top Giants in Season Opener; Gus Suhr HR in 8th Settles Higby-Hubbell Duel 3-1; Poor Weather Cuts Crowd

4/17/1940, Coffman Tosses 5-1 Brownie Victory at Detroit; Opening Day Crowd of 49,417 Sits in Chilly April Weather

4/17/1940, Reds Win Opener at Cincy Before 34,342; Derringer Edges Cubs 2-1; Frank McCormick, Goodman, & Galan Homer

4/17/1940, F.D.R. Attends Washington Opener; Boston's Lefty Grove Outduels Leonard 1-0; Roosevelt Stays for Full Game

4/17/1940, Whitlow Wyatt of Brooklyn Dodgers Blanks Boston Bees 5-0 on Opening Day in Unfavorable Weather

Boston Braves Renamed Boston Bees, 1/31/1936

Boston Bees Trim Cubs 6-3 on Sisty HR in Bottom of 11th, 4/30/1941

New Ownership of Boston Bees National League Baseball Club Rechristens Team Name Back to Boston Braves, 4/30/1941

Cubs 9-4 Victory Ruins Braves' Rechristining Party, 5/1/1941

4/17/1940, Both St. Pete's Baseball Interests Lose Openers; Cards Fall to Bucs 6-4; Yanks Limited by Chubby Dean & A's

Map, St. Petersburg Florida, Google [St. Louis Cardinals & New York Yankees Conducted Spring Training Camps at St. Pete]

Spring Training Season Opens in St. Pete; 5,222 Watch Cardinals Stop Champion Yankees, 3/10/1940

Cardinals Score Early Against Yankees, Spring Training Boxscore, 3/10/1940

Joe DiMaggio Arrives at St. Pete for Yankee Spring Training; Ruffing Still Motoring on Way from West Coast, 3/11/1940

Cards Clip Yanks 4-2, Spring Training Boxscore, 3/18/1940

Cards Say Farewell to St. Pete, Indians Prevail 3-2, Spring Training Boxscore, 3/27/1940

Grapefruit League Standings, 3/27/1940 [Grapefruit League Ballclubs Play Spring Training Practice Games in Florida]

Cards & Yanks Will Be Back to St. Petersburg Next Year; Spring Training Attendance Totals by Game, 3/27/1940

Cardinals Finally Sign Baseball's No. 1 Holdout Joe Medwick, 3/27/1940

Grapefruit League Standings, 3/28/1940

Catcher Roy Campanella Signs with Baltimore Elite Giants & Leaves for Spring Training in New Orleans, 3/30/1940

Campanella Smashes Three Mighty HRs at Cincinnati; Brooklyn Wins 10th Straight, 8/27/1950

4/17/1940, Brilliant Pitching Thrills 183,902 Fans on Opening Day in Majors

4/17/1940, Baseball Standings After Opening-Day Ace Pitchers Suppress Hitters

4/17/1940, Chain Belt Co. of Milwaukee Will Build 9.6-Mile Conveyer Belt for Concrete Mixing on Shasta Dam Project in Ca.

Photo; Shasta Dam Conveyer Belt, Longest in World; Wikipedia

Shasta Dam, U.S.B.R.; Engineering Genius & Superintendent Frank Crowe Worked Shasta After Finishing Hoover Dam

Satellite View, Shasta Dam Ca., Google [Infrastructure Note: Hoover Dam Cost $49 Million & Eventually Generated Trillions]

4/17/1940, Vancouver Court Imposes 2.5-Year Prison Sentence on Weldon Douglas for Car Theft

Map, Vancouver Canada, Google

4/17/1940; List of Vessels Expected into Sydney, Sailing from U.K., South Africa, U.S. & Canada

4/17/1940, Swedes Designing New Tank; Swedish Engineers Train at Chalmers Technical School Situated at Goteborg

Map, Goteborg Sweden, Google

4/17/1940, U.S. Worried Danish Possessions of Iceland & Greenland Could Fall into Hands of German Occupiers of Denmark

Map, Iceland & Greenland, Google

4/17/1940, German Nationals in Neutral Switzerland Bypass Strict Import-Export Laws by Mailing Limited "Samples"

4/17/1940, German Army Trains Dogs to Haul Ammo & Provisions, Guard Positions, Find Wounded, & Carry Messages

4/17/1940, Aerial Photography & Mapping in European War Accurately Locates Vital Supply Lanes & Defenses


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