June 26, 1950

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June 26, 1950

Post by Globalization41 » 15 May 2018 00:50

U.S. Army Begins Withdrawal from Korea, 5/30/1949

6/26/1950, N. Korea Declares War on S. Korea; Communist Troops Cross Border at 11 Points; Reds Attack During Heavy Rain

6/26/1950, North Korean Troops & Tanks Supported by Heavy Artillery Invade South Korea at Dawn Sunday

6/26/1950, Pyongyang Radio Broadcasts Formal Declaration of War Sunday Shortly After 12:Noon Following Dawn Invasion

6/26/1950, S. Korea Has Small Army with No Tanks or Planes; Refugees Say Soviet Supplies Pouring into N. Korean Ports

6/26/1950, Cold War Flares Up; Reds on March in Korea to Sweep Last of Democratic Influences from Vast Asian Mainland

People's Partisans Reportedly Fight 1,400 Engagements in April Against U.S. Puppet Gov't of S. Korea, 6/21/1950

U.S. Monopolies Control S. Korean Gov't; Workers Labor in Poverty & Pitiless Repression Under Yankee Heel, 6/24/1950

6/26/1950, London Fears that Outbreak of Fighting at 38th Parallel Is Decisive Push by Communists to Unite Korea

6/26/1950, N. Korean Army 12 Miles from Seoul; U.S. Begins Evacuating Advisors & Civilians from Korea by Air & Sea

6/26/1950, Moscow Radio Reports Claim of N. Korean Army Taking Up Offensive After S. Korean Attack Repulsed at Border

6/26/1950, Experts Believe Communist Drives in Korea & Indo-China Are Coordinated Pincers Movement, Formosa May Be Next

6/26/1950, War in Korea Catches U.S. by Surprise; Truman Flies Back to Washington; State Dept. Called to Work on Sunday

6/26/1950; President Truman at K.C. Airport Tells Reporters Korean Situation Could Be Dangerous, but He Hopes Not

6/26/1950, U.S. Defense Secretary Onboard U.S.S. Midway Says Aid to S. Korea Not Enough to Prevent External Aggression

6/26/1950, Guerilla Forces Hamper Retreating South Koreans; Reinforcements Rushing Through Seoul to Meet Invaders

6/26/1950, London Newspaper Believes N. Korean Attack Suggests Full-Scale Offensive Sanctioned by Kremlin

6/26/1950, Fall of S. Korea Would Complement Glorification of Communism Already Established by People's Republic of China

6/26/1950, U.S. Asia Forces Number 123,000; Actual U.S. Military in Korea Totals Some 500 Officers & Men

6/26/1950, Bucs' Ralph Kiner Hammers Pair of 3-Run HRs, Triple, Double, & Single & Drives in 8 Runs in 16-11 Win at Brooklyn

6/26/1950, Senators Split at Cleveland; Doby & Boone Homer in Opener & Again in Nightcap; Pitcher Wynn Homers in Game One

6/26/1950, Baseball Standings, Havana 59-23; Detroit 40-19; Yankees 39-24; Brooklyn 34-23; Montreal 36-29; Hollywood 56-33

6/26/1950, Mayor of Baltimore Wants Roof for Municipal Stadium as Enticement for Transfer of St. Louis Browns Baseball Club

Ex-Browns Win Inaugural Home Contest at Baltimore 3-1 Before 46,354; Turley Shades White Sox, 4/16/1954, Part 1

Ex-Browns Win Inaugural Home Contest at Baltimore 3-1 Before 46,354; Turley Shades White Sox, 4/16/1954, Part 2


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June 26, 1950

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6/26/1950, S. Korean Officials Report About 40,000 N. Korean Troops Bogged Down in Uijongbu Valley North of Seoul

6/26/1950, Gen. MacArthur Begins Shipping Military Supplies to Embattled S. Korean Forces via Cargo Planes from Japan

6/26/1950, Current U.S. Generation Indoctrinated with Belief that War Can Only Be Prevented by Crushing Initial Aggression

6/26/1950, Pres. Truman Meets with Top Military Leaders for Three Hours on How to Help Communist-Threatened S. Korea

6/26/1950, U.N. Condemns N. Korean Invasion of S. Korea; Kremlin Continues Its U.N. Boycott Protesting Chinese Nationalists

6/26/1950; West Virginia Counties Swept by Cloudburst, Creeks Flash Flood, Four Dead, 16 Missing; Communications Disrupted

6/26/1950, A's-White Sox Divide Before 25,126 at Chicago; Zernial Powers Sox in Opener; Hooper Gets Early Lead in Nightcap

6/26/1950; HRs by Kluszewski, Wyrostek, & Pramesa Highlight Reds' Doubleheader Sweep of Giants at Polo Grounds

6/26/1950, Cubs-Phils Split at Philly; Chicago Erupts Late in Game One; Robin Roberts Outduels Bob Rush 2-1 in Game Two

Bucs Win 3-0, Cubs' Bob Rush (7ip,2r) Debuts, 4/23/1948 [Bob Rush Operated MG from Jeep During Invasion of W. Germany]

Indians Topple A's Twice; Paige Wins First Big-League Game, Doby HR; Bob Rush Goes 13 for Cubs Against Braves, 7/16/1948

6/26/1950, Braves' Vern Bickford Blanks Slumping Cardinals; Bickford Evens Record at 6-6 as 17,434 Boston Fans Watch

6/26/1950, Red Sox Sweep Twin Bill & Four-Game Series at St. Louis; Boston Executes Nine Double Plays Sunday

6/26/1950, King Home Run Dethrones Bunt [M.L.B. Players Had Hit 110 HRs in 36 Games from Thursday Through Sunday]

6/26/1950, Yanks Split at Detroit; 55,628 See Bronx Bombers KO Newhowser in Opener; Evers HR Decides Nightcap

6/26/1950, Baseball Standings, Detroit 40-19; Yankees 39-24; Brooklyn 34-23; Phillies 34-24; Cleveland 36-26; Cardinals 34-25

6/26/1950, Aging & Arthritic Henry Picard & Tall Chandler Harper Score Upsets in Quarterfinals of PGA Golf Championship

6/26/1950, Stocks Plunge on Word of Korean War; Traders Dump Holdings; Hi-Speed Tickers Still Operating After Close

6/26/1950, Communist Tide Advancing on Indo-China Also; Vietnam's Security & Pacification Depends on French Army

6/26/1950, DC-4 Carrying 58 Passengers Explodes over Lake Michigan During Violent Thunderstorm—Nation's Worst Air Disaster

6/26/1950, Flash Floods Strike Six-County Area in West Virginia, Surging Torrents Roll Out of Darkness, 21 Dead, 33 Missing

6/26/1950, Korean Conflict Expected to Spur House-Senate Compromise for Draft Extension Beyond 15-Day Stopgap Measure

6/26/1950; British P.M. Attlee Welcomes U.N. Ceasefire Resolution & Hopes All Will Comply, House of Commons Restless

6/26/1950, W. Berlin Group Asserts 96,000 Political Prisoners of 185,000 in E. German Concentration Camps Have Died

6/26/1950, North Korean Armored Units Reach Outskirts of Seoul; South Korean Defenses Collapse; Fall of Seoul Imminent


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June 27, 1950

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6/27/1950, N. Korean Planes Drop Leaflets on Seoul Calling for Surrender; S. Korean Units Retreat Before Strong Artillery Fire

6/27/1950, U.K. & U.S. Press Reacts to Korean War; Soviet Puppets in N. Korea Lit Powder Keg for Universal Conflagration

6/27/1950, Elmendorf Field in Alaska Alerted; Fighter Pilots Called In; M.P.s Comb Local Town, All Military Personnel Recalled

6/27/1950, Traders Jittery Over War in Korea; Stocks Suffer Biggest Value Loss Since '46; Buyers Send Grains & Rubber Soaring

6/27/1950, Twenty-Nine Persons Known Dead & Three Still Missing from Rampaging Flash Floods Over Six West Virginia Counties

6/27/1950, Marine Corps Color Guard to Lead Parade in Cincinnati for Released Prisoner of Chinese Reds Sgt. Elmer C. Bender

6/27/1950, Sen. McCarthy Contends 1945 Wiretap Links Diplomat John S. Service to Wealthy Editor Found with Classified Papers

6/27/1950, State Opens Effort in Pittsburgh Court to Keep Mrs. Antoinette Nuss Off Relief Rolls for Alleged Communist Activity

6/27/1950, New Trial (on Basis of Wiretap Violation) for Judith Copland Refused; Ex-Gov't Girl Convicted of Spying for Russia

6/27/1950, Gen. MacArthur Shuts Down Communist Newspaper in Japan for Disseminating Inflammatory Info to Korean Minority

6/27/1950, Timely Triples by Kolloway & Pinch-Hitter Keller Highlight Five-Run 8th as Tigers Tame White Sox 6-4

6/27/1950, Ex-Yankee Keller Was Released by New York for Weak Hitting Due to Back Problems Before Signing with Detroit

6/27/1950, Baseball Stars Give Theories for Home Run Surge; Livelier Baseball, Humidity, Inferior Pitching, Better Hitting

6/27/1950, Baseball Standings, Detroit Extends A.L. Lead to 3.5 Games, Phillies Trail Brooklyn by Half Game

6/27/1950, Greatest Boom Ever Disproves Marx; U.S. Uses More Stuff & at Same Time Defense Load Heavy; Wave of Prosperity

6/27/1950, (U.N.-Boycotting) U.S.S.R. May Quit U.N. if Nationalist China Not Replaced by Reds; Soviets to Ignore U.N. Decisions

6/27/1950, U.S. Officials Say Formosa Will Be Sent Supplies A.S.A.P.—No More U.S. Pacific Outposts Can Be Allowed to Fall

History of Formosa, Battleground for Greedy Invaders; 6/16/1945, Part 1

History of Formosa, Battleground for Greedy Invaders; 6/16/1945, Part 2

Nationalists Request U.S. Aid for Rescue of China from Communist Aggression; Gov't Retreating to Formosa, 12/6/1948

6/27/1950, U.S. Atomic Energy Expert Believes There Is "Great Reason to Hope" America Can Develop Hydrogen Bomb

6/27/1950, New York Tool Industry Executives Disclose Japanese Tools Being Offered at Half Price; Importers Push Sales Drive

6/27/1950, U.S. Enters Korean War; Truman Orders Planes & Warships into Action; 7th Fleet to Guard Formosa

6/27/1950, U.S. Strength in Far Pacific at +500 Combat Planes & 18 Warships; 123,500 Troops; 36 C-54 Cargo & Troop Carriers

6/27/1950, American Evacuees from War Flown to Japan; Tense Waiting in Lawless Korea; U.S. Airbase Offers Calm Efficiency


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June 28, 1950

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6/28/1950, MacArthur Reports N. Korean Tanks in S. Korean Capital; Other Northern Units Bypass Seoul & Drive Rapidly South

6/28/1950, Rhee Gov't Unpopular; S. Korean Army & Police Shaky; Strong Communist Underground; North Schedules Elections

6/28/1950, R.A.A.F. Heavy Bombers to Be Sent to Malaya as Response to Korean War & Communist Insurgency in Indo-China

6/28/1950, Korean War About Removal from U.S. Orbit & Reunification After Liberation from 35 Years of Japanese Rule

Japan Under U.S. Occupation; Japanese Police Retained in Korea, Other Japs in Korea Burning Documents; 9/18/1945

Korea Micro-Managed Harshly by Japanese Bosses, 10/13/1945, Part 1

Korea Micro-Managed Harshly by Japanese Bosses, 10/13/1945, Part 1

Map, U.S. Preparing to Evacuate Korea & Retreat to Japan as Communists Overrun China, 11/12/1948

6/28/1950, U.N. Expected to Approve Use of Military Force Against North Korea by Any United Nations Member

6/28/1950, U.S. Puppet Gov't of Rhee Killed 93,000 Korean Patriots by Mid-1949; U.S. Big Business Blocks Peaceful Reunification

6/28/1950, U.S. Fighters Shoot Down N. Korean Planes Interfering with U.S. Evacuation Airlift; Formosa on Alert for Sneak Attack

6/28/1950; N. Korean Advances Create Dangerous Situation, Full-Scale Invasion; N. Commander Calls for Punishment of Traitors

6/28/1950, Greek Ministry of Justice Says 2,877 Prisoners from Jan. to Mar. Sentence to Death—39 Were Common Criminals

Churchill Points Out British Policy in Greece Was Based on Will of Greek People Fighting Communist Guerillas, 4/12/1947

6/28/1950; Senate Republicans Block 2nd Installment for Global Military Assistance Program, Including $16,000,000 to S. Korea

6/28/1950, Five Injured Survivors of Crashed French Airliner Rescued from Madagascar Jungle After Surviving for Fortnight

6/28/1950, Australia's Worst Air Disaster, Skymaster Crashes After Leaving Perth, 28 Killed, Lone Survivor Describes Crash

6/28/1950, Slowly Receding Flood on N. Coast of New South Wales Australia Reveals Unparalled Damage; "Like Being at Sea"

6/28/1950, Commons Debate on Steel & Coal Production Unity with W. Europe Interrupted by Reading of Korean War Declaration

6/28/1950, Browns Spoil Feller's Bid for 200th Victory; Home Runs by Kokos & Lehhardt Edge Indians 4-3 in St. Louis

6/28/1950, Wake Forrest's Arnold Palmer (69-69—138) Tops 64 Qualifiers for 53rd Annual N.C.A.A. Golf Tournament at N.M.U.

6/28/1950, Ted Williams Powers Red Sox & 16-Hit Attack with 22nd HR & Two Doubles; Boston Trims Philadelphia A's 7-5 in 11

6/28/1950, Baseball Standings, Detroit 42-19; Yankees 39-25; Phillies 35-24; Cardinals 36-25; Brooklyn 34-24; Indians 36-27

6/28/1950, Sisler HR in 7th Off Braves' Spahn (8ip,3h) Decisive—3-2 Win Lifts Phils into First Place; Konstanty Saves Simmons

6/28/1950, U.S. Production at Near Peak, Employment Up, No Lack of Demand; Employment Level at 59,700,000, Boom in Autos

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Re: June 26, 1950

Post by South » 29 Jul 2018 15:37

Good morning Globalization 41,

The headline posts got my attention ... historical "stream of consciousness" reading........

What I was anticipating and looking for finalized a couple of years later.

In the era of your headline posts, Truman's name was linked to the Hitler and Mussolini tags - what's going on today qualifies as "nothing new under the Sun".

The 26 June 50 new roof needed for Baltimore stadium coupled to the 27 June 50 headline "Greatest Boom ever..." ......

leads to Truman's Executive Order (XO 1034) of 9 April 1952 whereas he nationalized the steel mills over the Steel Workers strike. Condensing all this, the Supremes declared that President Harry Truman violated the law. This event must get listed with the campaigns on the Koreas as "defining".

Meanwhile, back to Frozen Chozen,................

Appreciated reading all those headlines.

~ Bob
eastern Virginia, USA

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Re: June 26, 1950

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Thanks Bob. … I knew little about the Korean War, other than basics. … It turns out there were communist insurgencies everywhere from eastern Europe to China. Churchill describes it best in his 1947 article about Greece, linked to above. … … ISIS-like power grabs were big fads back in those days. … In 1950, steel production and income-tax revenue from steel workers were vital and strategic U.S. resources. I'll be on the lookout for any articles on how Truman handled maximizing revenue-vs.-production.


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