1972 Easter Offensive

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1972 Easter Offensive

Post by Globalization41 » 10 Jan 2019 13:08

3/30/1972, Bulletin, U.S.A.F. AC-130 Gunship Shot Down on Mission Against Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, 14 Crewmen Missing

Map, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Army History ... Map, Azimuthal Equidistant Projection, Centered on Saigon (South Vietnam), Texas U.

3/30/1972, Hanoi Appeals for U.S. to Resume Suspended Paris Peace Talks; N. Viets Consider Using MIGs for Ground Support

Map, Indochina, Regions Subject to Flooding, Texas U.Map, Indochina, Precipitation & Monsoon Airflow, Texas U.

Map, Indochina, Vegetation, Texas U.Map, Indochina, Agriculture, Texas U.Map, Indochina, Population Density, Texas U.

3/30/1972, Two Bombs Rip Belfast Ahead of British; Takeover Designed to Stop Violence & Killings ... Map, Belfast, Google

3/30/1972, King Hussein of Jordan Leaves Open Possibility of Separate Peace with Israel ... Map, Jordan, Google

3/30/1972, Kissinger Will Visit Japan Next Month; U.S. to Sell Fighter Jets to Greece; Bolivia Boots 119 Soviets

Map, Greece, Google ... Map, Bolivia, Google ... Map, Harrisburg, Google ... 3/30/1972, Final A.B.A. Standings

3/30/1972, Algir Hiss Attends Antiwar Seminar in Harrisburg Pa.; Pakistani Educater Associates U.S. with Oppression

3/30/1972, First Witness in Angelia Davis Murder-Kidnaping Trial Gives Gruesome Details of Courthouse Shootout

3/30/1972, Harvard Prof. Popkin Gets Jail for Refusing to Testify to Grand Jury Investigating Release of Pentagon Papers

3/30/1972, Evans & Novak, Washington Officials Believe N. Viet Regulars Massing for Biggest Offensive Since Tet in '68

3/30/1972, Computerized U.S. Gunship Downed by Missile; AC-130s Used to Suppress N. Viet Supply Trucks in Laos

Gen. Vang Pao's Tribal Forces Retake Airstrip at Sam Thong (Near Plain 0f Jars) in Laos from Retreating N. Viets, 3/31/1970

Map, Indochia Airfields, Texas U. [Ban San Tong N. of Vientiane Along Nam Ngum River]Photo, Plain of Jars, Wikipedia

Map, Indochina Ethnolinguistic Groups, Texas U. [Gen. Pao's Hmongs Were Located in Mountains of Eastern Laos]

Map, Indochina, Administration Divisions, Texas U.Hmong Guerrilla Ops in Laos, JSonline, 2010CIA Air Ops in Laos, CIA

Map, Indochina, Land Elevations, Texas U.Map, Indochina, Transportation, Texas U.History of Laos, Facts & Details

3/30/1972, Miami Cuban Exiles & Jewish Demonstrators Protest Port Call by Soviet Research Ship ... Map, Miami, Google

3/30/1972, Turkish Commandos Storm Hideout at Village of Kizildere & Kill 10 Terrorists in Room-by-Room Gun Battle

Map, Kizildere, Google [Turks Found Three N.A.T.O. Radar Technicians from Remote Site Bound & Executed]

3/30/1972, Large Explosion Kills British Officer & Wrecks Belfast Street as London Formalizes Takeover of N. Ireland

3/30/1972, AC-130 Gunship Downed, 14 Yanks Lost; N. Viets Go on Attack Along DMZ, U.S. Fighter-Bombers Scrambled

3/30/1972, Gov't of Bangladesh Plans on Trying 1,000 Pakistani POWs as War Criminals ... Map, Bangladesh, Google

3/30/1972, Several Persons in Finland Die After Spraying Plant-Killing Poison Along Roads & Rails ... Map, Finland, Google

Finnish Armistice, 1/15/1945Swedes Pro-Finland Despite Allied Victory; Russians Not Really Trusted, 6/10/1945

Paris Conference Adopts U.S. Proposal to Reduce Finnish Reparations to U.S.S.R.; Molotov Not Happy, 10/15/1946

Finns More Concerned with Provisions than Political Squabbles, 1/4/1947Stalin Wants Alliance with Finland, 3/25/1948

Frontiers of Fear, Afghanistan to Finland; 4/4/1949Afghan Insurgents Wipe Out Retreating British Force, 6/4/1842

Finns Remain Free; Neutral Sweden Would Join Western Bloc if Stalin Tightens Noose Around Finland, 5/11/1949

Poultry Farming in Finland, 5/19/1950, Part 1Part 2 … … Finland Reaches Trade Agreement with U.S.S.R., 7/28/1950

Typical Train Ride Through Soviet Military Base at Porkala Finland, 3/6/1951 ... Map, Porkala Finland, Google

Summer Olympics, Helsinki, Final Standings, 8/7/1952 ... Finland Pays Off Reparations to Russia in Full, 6/11/1953

3/30/1972, Antiwar Activist Leslie Bacon Summoned to Seattle to Answer Perjury Questions in Investigation of Bombing

Map, Seattle, Google3/30/1972, Soviets Hope to Land on Mars & Set Up Robotic Life-Detection Lab Maybe by Late 1973

3/30/1972, Radio Moscow Accuses Radio Liberty of Poisoning Air Waves; Dissidents Clandestinely Welcome Broadcasts

3/30/1972, Cambodian Family Left Homeless After N. Viet Rocket Attack on Phnom Penn ... Map, Phnom Penn, Google

3/30/1972, Nixon's Recent Trip to China Spurs Campus Academic Interest in Chinese Culture & Thoughts of Chairman Mao

3/30/1972, Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn Confident Player Strike Will Be Averted; Cub Players Vote 28-0 to Strike

3/30/1972, Women of S. Africa Suffer Double Discrimination; African Woman Identify with Revolt Against Male Domination

3/30/1972, Czech Newspaper Frowns on Local Pop-Music Groups with English Names (Blizzards, Blue Grass, Hoboes, Etc.)

3/31/1972, U.S. Command Reports Loss of Second AC-130 Gunship Over Laos ... Easter Offensive, by Gen. Truong, DTIC

3/31/1972, N. Viet Troops Launch Massive Artillery & Ground Offensive Across DMZ; Heaviest Fighting Since '68 in Progress

3/31/1972, Terrorists Killed by Turkish Police Were Members of "Turkish Peoples Liberation Army", Part 1 ... Part 2

3/31/1972, Soviets Transfer Egypt-Based Jet Warplanes to India to Replace Losses from Pakistan War ... Map, Egypt, Google

Map, Pakistan, Google ... Map, Africa, Wikipedia ... Map, Czechoslovakia, Wikipedia ... Photo, F-4 Fighter-Bomber, Wikipedia

3/31/1972, Chilean Congress to Investigate C.I.A. ... Map, South America, Texas U. ... Map, South Vietnam, Emerson Kent

3/31/1972; Boros, J.C. Snead, & Barber Lead $200,000 Greensboro Open Golf Tournament ... Map, Greensboro N.C., Google

3/31/1972, Soviets Disclose Just-Launched Venus-Bound Spacecraft Designed to Make Soft Landing on Cloud-Shrouded Planet

3/31/1972, Giant B-52 Crashes into Orlando Residential Area & Explodes in Ball of Fire ... Map, Orlando Florida, Google

Photo, B-52 Undergoing Maintenance, WikipediaPhoto, AC-130 Gunship, Charles F. Spika, Spectre Association

3/31/1972, Baseball Strike Only Way to Stop Orioles; Talent-Laden Birds Able to Dispatch Aging Frank Robinson to Dodgers

Final M.L.B. Standings, 10/1/1971Final M.L.B. Standings, 10/2/1970Final M.L.B. Standings, 10/3/1969

Frank Robinson 3HRs, 6RBIs; Reds Top Cards, 8/23/1959 ... O's Win Series Opener in L.A.; Frank Robinson HR, 10/6/1966


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1972 Easter Offensive

Post by Globalization41 » 13 Jan 2019 01:26

3/31/1972; Braves' Rico Carty Missed 1968 with TB, Batted .342 in '69, Hit .366 in '70 for Bat Title, & Broke Leg to Miss '71

Aaron & Carty Jolt S.F., 8/31/1964, Part 1Part 2 … … Carty Collects Six Hits in Milwaukee Doubleheader Split, 8/31/1964

4/1/1972, N. Viet Troops Cross DMZ in Force & Overrun S. Viet Bases; U.S. B-52s & 7th Fleet Step Up Support for S. Viets

4/1/1972, S. Viets Retreat Along DMZ; Four U.S. Helicopters Lost; F-4 Downs MIG; F-105s Raid Missile Sites, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/1/1972, Jury Stalled on Conspiracy Definition in Harrisburg Trial Charging Antiwar Activists with Bomb & Kidnap Plots

Map, Harrisburg Pa., Google4/1/1972, Investigator of Political Extremism Believes Many Peace Fanatics Are Violent

4/1/1972, Wisconsin Primary Confusing; 12 Democratic Candidates, Part 1 ... Part 2 … … Map, Wisconsin, Google

4/1/1972, Pro Hockey Standings … … 4/1/1972, Baseball Players Strike Four Days Prior to Scheduled Opener, Part 1 ...Part 2

4/1/1972, Major League Baseball Players Association Announces Strike Against Owners4/1/1972, Exhibition Standings

4/1/1972, Schenectady May Not Need Sales Tax in '73 Due to Large Budget SurplusMap, Schenectady N.Y., Google

4/1/1972, U.S. (as World Peace Financier) Solves British Rent Talks With Malta; Warsaw Pact Forces Denied Use of Med. Port

Map, Malta, GoogleAxis Planes & U-Boats Stalk Malta-Bound Convoy, 8/21/1942Map, Ho Chi Minh Trail Laos, Army History

4/1/1972, AC-130 Spectre Gunships Deliver Broadsides of 34,000 Rounds-Per-Minute Against N. Viet Supply Trucks in Laos

4/1/1972, Viet Cong [S. Viets Loyal to Hanoi] Negotiator in Paris Complains About U.S. Suspension of Vietnam Peace Talks

4/1/1972, Proximire Backs McGovern; Muskie Attends Catholic Services & Fish Fry in Wisconsin; Labor Likes Humphry

4/1/1972, P.M. Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh Orders Police to Shoot Down Troublemakers Protesting Unemployment

4/1/1972; Nixon Advocates "Generation of Peace", but Opposes War Powers Act Even Though War Now Winding Down

4/2/1972, N. Viets Overrun Ten S. Viet Outposts Along DMZ; Streams of Refugees; Weather Grounds U.S. Fighter-Bombers

4/2/1972, Nixon Watching Long-Awaited N. Viet Offensive as Test of His Vietnamization Program to Shift Burden of War

4/2/1972, Finland as Neighbor of U.S.S.R. Walks Political TightropeFinland Signs Peace Terms with Russia, 3/15/1940

N.L. All Stars Nip A.L. in Benefit Game for Finnish Relief, 3/18/1940Boxscore, All-Star Exibition Game, 3/18/1940

4/2/1972, Contender for Presidential Nomination Rep. Shirley Chisholm Arrives in St. Thomas for Easter Visit to New Home

Map; Skyline Drive, St. Thomas Island; Google4/2/1972, Russians Love Ice Cream; Eskimo Bars Go For 13¢ (11 Kopeks)

4/2/1972, Italian 17,519-Ton Oil Tanker Guiseppe Giluietti Sinks Off Coast of PortugalMap, Portugal, Google

4/2/1972, Voice Commands for Machines a Possibility4/2/1972, Top Ten Tunes4/2/1972, Weekly News Roundup


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/2/1972, Rookie Julius Erving Scores 27 Points as Squires Defeat Floridians 125-100 for 2-0 Game Lead in A.B.A. Semifinals

4/2/1972, Australian Bruce Crampton Grabs Three-Stroke Lead in Rain-Delayed Second Round of Greater Greensboro Open

4/2/1972; Angela Davis Says She Felt Personal Love, Man-Woman Love, & Political Love for Convict Killed During Jail Break

Four Killed in Court Shootout, 8/8/1970Angelia Davis Arrested, 10/4/1970Six Die During Prison Escape, 8/22/1971

4/2/1972, Many World Trade Barriers Cynical of U.S.; Protectionist Japan Concentrates Supercharged Export Drive on U.S.

4/3/1972, Baseball Strike Will Cost Pittsburgh Thousands of Dollars in Tax Revenue for Each Game Cancelled, Part 1Part 2

4/3/1972, Presidential Hopeful McGovern Says International Telephone & Telegraph Corp. Does Not Pay Federal Taxes

4/3/1972, Lobbyist in TV Interview Accuses Senator of Using ITT as Taxi Service (Senate Investigating ITT Donations to GOP)

4/3/1972, Fulbright to Hold Hearings on Origins of Viet War & if U.S. Should Have Cut Deal with Friendly Ho Chi Minh in '46

4/3/1972, Jury Still Stalled in Conspiracy Trial of Antiwar Priest & Six Others in Plot to Kidnap Kissinger, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/3/1972, U.S. Fighter-Bombers on Weather Hold as N. Viet Offensive Advances South; Refugees Clog Roads, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/3/1972, Last Seven U.S. GIs at Quang Tri Vietnam Combat Base Dodge Incoming ArtilleryMap, Vietnam, Army History

4/3/1972, Quang Tri Province Located in Jungle Along S. Viet Northern Frontier; Most of Population Loyal to N. Viets

4/3/1972; McGovern Backtracks on ITT Tax Charge, but Still Believes Nixon A.G. Nominee Dishonest; Part 1Part 2

4/3/1972, Pres. Makarios & Turkish P.M. Erim Agree to Reduction in Military Outposts on CyprusMap, Cyprus, Google

4/3/1972, Cheering Bengalis (Opposing P.M. Mujibur) Stage Biggest Anti-Gov't Rally Since Birth of Bangladesh Four Months Ago

Map, Bangladesh, Google4/3/1972, Federal Aviation Administration Tests New Airliner Cockpits Designed to Foil Hijackers

4/3/1972, U.S. Command Gathering Massive Air Strike Force to Stop N. Viet Offensive; Two Carriers Added, Part 1Part 2

4/3/1972, S. Viet Outposts Below DMZ Not "a Main Line of Resistance"; U.S. Officials Avoid Flat Judgements on S. Viet Army

4/3/1972, Angela Davis Trial Resumes Monday; Paralyzed D.A. to Testify; Davis Accused of Supplying Guns in Court Kidnap

4/3/1972, Presidential Candidates Woo Wisconsin's Women Voters; Blue-Collar Women Let Husbands Shout at Wallace Rallies

4/3/1972, New York Mets Manager & Former Star Baseball Player Gil Hodges Passes Away Suddenly from Heart Attack

4/3/1972, Career Record of Gil Hodges4/3/1972, Baseball World Mourns Passing of Gil Hodges4/3/1972, N.B.A. Playoffs

Dodgers Trounce Braves, Hodges Four HRs, 9/1/1950 ... Reds Launch All-Out Drive on Flaming Korean Battlefront, 9/1/1950

4/3/1972, Greensboro Golf Scores4/3/1972, George Archer Defeats Tommy Aaron in Sudden Death at Greensboro

4/3/1972, Final Hockey Standings; Penguins Barely Make Playoffs4/3/1972, Richie Allen Signs with Chicago White Sox


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/3/1972, Nixon Decides to Recognize Bangladesh (Formed After December Indo-Pakistan War)Map, Bangladesh, Google

Civil War Erupts in East Pakistan, 3/26/1971E. Pakistan Capital Dacca Suppressed by West Pakistani Army, 4/14/1971

India & Pakistan at War, 12/4/1971Pakistani Commander Asks for Cease Fire as Indian Troops Approach Dacca, 12/15/1971

4/3/1972, L.A. Mayor Sam Yorty Says Some Presidential Hopefuls Are Appeasing Left-Wing Militants Seeking to Destroy U.S.

4/3/1972, Egyptian President Sadat Claims U.S. Deceiving World by Speaking of Peace in Middle East ... Map, Egypt, Google

4/3/1972, Fading Radical Political Group "Students for a Democratic Society" (SDS) to Open Spring Campaign Against Racism

4/3/1972, Charlie Chaplin Returns to U.S. After 20-Year Self-Imposed Exile (Due to Politics, Taxes, & Women) in Switzerland

4/3/1972, Charles A. Lindbergh & Nature Expedition Rescued from Remote Rain Forrest on P.I. After Helicopter Breakdown

Map, Cotabato P.I., Google … … 4/3/1972, Six Kids Injured in Belfast Bomb Blast; School Fires SetMap, Belfast, Google

4/3/1972, Pentagon Declines to Release Confidential Investigative Report on My Lai Massacre ... Map, My Lai Vietnam, Google

4/3/1972, Sen. Henry M. Jackson Charges N.Y. Times' Hint that Jackson Gets Financial Aid from Boeing is "Hatchet Job"

4/3/1972; U.S. Jets Pound N. Viet Columns Below DMZ, Break in Clouds; U.S. Marshaling Air Power, Clear Weather Forecast

4/4/1972, Six Major Candidates in Wisconsin's Presidential Primary Split on How U.S. Should React to N. Viet Offensive

4/4/1972, U.S. B-52s Strike N. Viet Troop Concentrations & Staging Areas Around Quang Tri City, Part 1Part 2

4/4/1972, W. Berlin Officials Estimate 400,000 Persons Have Visited Friends & Relatives Since Easter Opening of Berlin Wall

4/4/1972, Soviet Union Launches 483rd Cosmos Earth Satellite; Latest Sputnik Carries Equipment for Study of Outer Space

4/4/1972, Repair Ship Arrives at Bay of Bengal in Advance of Soviet Flotilla on Way to Clear Ships Sunk in Indo-Pakistan War

4/4/1972, Chinese Gov't Sends Message to Egypt Supporting Necessity of Sadat's Decision to Wage Battle for Arab Rights

4/4/1972, Police in Buenos Aires Arrest Suspects in Kidnapping of Still-Missing Fiat ExecutiveMap, Buenos Aires, Google

4/4/1972, Turkish Pres. Cevdet Asks Political Parties to Suspend Activity & Agree to Gov't Rule—Disease of Politics Not Cured

4/4/1972, Photographer Tells Court at Angela Davis Trial that Kidnappers Said He Could Come Along but He Might Get Killed

4/4/1972, Humphrey & McGovern Favored in Wisconsin Primary; Sub-Freezing Temperatures & Spring Snow Predicted

4/4/1972, N. Viet Rush Slows; Heavy Clouds Lifting N. of DMZ, Massive Retaliatory U.S. Air Raids Expected Tonight or Wed.

4/4/1972, Nixon's Policy of Disengagement in Vietnam Will Continue, but Administration Is Leaving All Options Open

4/4/1972, N. Viet Offensive Reaccelerates; Streams of N. Viet Reinforcements Moving South Despite Heavy U.S. Air Strikes

4/4/1972, by Evans & Novak; McGovern & Wallace Compete for Wisconsin's Factory Workers & "Archie Bunker" Voters

4/4/1972, Cincinnati Reds Cancel N.L. Opener Due to Baseball Strike … … Opening Day Baseball Boxscores, 4/18/1956


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/4/1972, Chaplin Returns; Left-Leaning Actor & British Citizen Originally Blacklisted from U.S. During McCarthy Era

4/5/1972, Five Armed Youths Hijack Truck & Bomb Employment Service Building in Belfast ... Map, Belfast, Google

4/5/1972, "Harrisburg Seven" Jury Deadlock May Be Over Soon; Lawyers Claim Jury CoercedMap, Harrisburg, Google

4/5/1972, N. Viets Widen Seven-Day-Old Offensive; Eight U.S. Advisors Withdrawn by Helicopter 60 Miles North of Saigon

4/5/1972, Nine Elderly Persons Asphyxiated in Rural Nursing-Home Fire Near Rosecrans Wis.Map, Rosecrans, Google

4/5/1972, McGovern Establishes Himself as Major Presidential Contender with Smashing Victory in Wisconsin Primary

4/5/1972, Airman Donald Madtes Selected to Participate in Annual Strategic Air Command Missile Combat Competition

Map, Fleetwood Pa., Google [Home of Madtes's Parents]Map; Minot A.F.B., N.D.; Google [Madtes Stationed at Minot]

Map, Vandenburg A.F.B., Google [Location of SAC's Annual Missile Competition] … … SAC's B-36 Bomber, 9/10/1950

4/5/1972, Periodic Motorboats (Under Red Cross Flags) Are Only Crossings of 200yd-Wide Suez Since '67 Middle East War

Map, Suez Canal, Google … … War Engulfs Middle East; Israel Aims to Relieve Arab Blockade, 6/5/1967, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/5/1972, Terrorism Against Air Commerce Evolves from Lone Gunmen to Organized Bands of Revolutionaries

15 Radical Japanese Students Hijack Airliner Over Japan at Swordpoint & Demand to Be Flown to N. Korea, 3/31/1970

4/5/1972, U.S. Infantry Withdrawing & No Longer Available for Combat Against Current N. Viet Offensive, Part 1Part 2

4/5/1972, Fall of Quang Tri City Imminent; N. Viet Drive Determined; Historic Hue Next in Line, Part 1Part 2

4/5/1972, S. Viet Students Join G'ovt Social Workers in Aiding Masses of Refugees Fleeing Intensive N. Viet Attacks

4/5/1972, U.S. Making Diplomatic Case for Widespread Bombing of Supply Lines in N. Vietnam; Only 103 Raids Since '68

4/5/1972, N. Viet Offensive Illustrates Weakness of Vietnamization; Communist Supplies Via Laos Steadily Increasing

4/5/1972, By Evans & Novak; Nixon in Diplomatic Squeeze Between Détente with Moscow & Soviet Supplies to N. Viets

4/5/1972, Final Results of Wisconsin Primary, McGovern 30%; Wallace 22%; Humphrey 21%; Muskie 10%; Jackson 8%

4/5/1972, Columnist Dick Young Reports Yogi Berra to Replace the Late Gil Hodges as New York Mets' Manager

Backstop Berra [M.L.B. Debut] Homers as Yanks Sweep Pair at Philly, 9/23/1946Yanks Rout A's; Berra HR, 9/24/1946

4/5/1972, A.B.A. Playoffs; Nets Defeat Colonels 105-90; Julius Erving Scores 53 in Squires' 118-113 Win Over Floridians

4/5/1972, Lakers Complete 4-0 Sweep of Bulls; Jerry West Scores 23 Points in 2nd Half; Chamberlain Grabs 31 Rebounds

4/5/1972; Golfers Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, & Lee Trevino Favorites at Masters in Augusta ... Map, Augusta Ga., Google


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/5/1972, Nixon Sending More B-52s to S.E. Asia to Offset N. Viet Invasion of S. VietnamPhoto, B-52, Wikipedia

4/5/1972, Gen. Westmoreland Cancels Appearance at Yale; Antiwar Protesters Shout, Push, & Display Viet Cong Flags

4/5/1972; Jackie Coogan (Adams Family), Rich-Kid Screen-Actor; Stepdad Hogged Money; Enlisted in '41, Survived Burma

In Filmland; Youngster Jackie Coogan Will Be Starred in Film Version of Internationally Beloved "Oliver Twist", 7/7/1922

Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Fairbanks, & D.W. Griffith Offer Boy Star Jackie Coogan £100,000 to Make Four Movies; 3/12/1923

Children of Hollywood, Their Bank Accounts Swelling Like Pumpkins on the Vine; 3/4/1939, Part 1 ... Part 2

Ex-Film Star Jackie Coogan Pilots Lead Glider During Mass Air Commando Operation Behind Jap Lines in Burma, 3/20/1944

War Correspondent Meets Glider Pilot Jackie Coogan in Calcutta, 4/22/1944Map, Calcutta & Japanese-Burma, Texas U.

4/5/1972, Brazilian Town Has No Smog, Traffic Jams, or Garbage Strikes; Ideal Place to Grow Beard & Study Zen

Map, Corumba, Google … … 4/5/1972, Crowded Field at Masters4/5/1972, N.H.L. Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin Tonight

4/6/1972, U.S. Unleashes Heavy Air Raids on N. Vietnam; 400 Planes Launched from Carriers & Air Bases, Part 1Part 2

4/6/1972, Angela Davis Trial; D.A. (Now Bullet-Crippled) Snatched Gun from Bandit During Shootout & Shot Two Kidnappers

4/6/1972, Ten U.S. Killed in Indochina Last Week … … Battles Rage in Saigon, 232 Yanks Killed, 2/1/1968, Part 1 ... Part 2

N. Viet Troops Shell & Attack U.S. Marine Base at Khe Sanh; 703 G.I.s Killed Last Week, 2/8/1968, Part 1Part 2

4/6/1972; Senate Finance Committee Agrees 11-0 to Liberalize Welfare Payments to Elderly, Blind, & Disabled

4/6/1972, U.S. Will End Sending Men to Moon After Apollo 174/6/1972, Space Program Puts Pressure on Astronauts

4/6/1972, Viet Cong Rep. in Paris Explains Its Offensive in Vietnam is Supported by North & Aims to Replace G'ovt in Saigon

4/6/1972, Half of 600,000 Koreans Living in Japan Sympathize with N. Korea & Are Considered Stateless Citizens

4/6/1972, Sen. Humphrey Tells Potential Financial Contributors He's Considering Sen. Kennedy as Presidential Running Mate

4/6/1972, Women's Lib Alive & Well in Australia4/6/1972, Japan Seeks to Purchase Uranium for Peaceful Development

4/6/1972, Congress & U.S. Apparently Accepts Administration's Plan for All-Volunteer Armed Forces without Regard for Cost

4/6/1972, Thousands of Happy Elephants Go on Spree for Ripening Marula Fruit in S.A. ... Map, Kruger National Park, Google

4/6/1972, Last Year Was First U.S. Trade Deficit Since 1888Boxscore, U.S. Export/Import Trade Balance, U.S. G'ovt

4/6/1972, India's P.M. Mrs. Indira Gandhi Wins Election by Emphasizing Victory in Dec. War Despite U.S. Support for Pakistan

4/6/1972, N.H.L. Playoffs Off to Brawling Start4/6/1972, Warriors Face Elimination; Bucks' Reserves Help Kareem & Oscar

4/6/1972, Solving Mystery of Quasar Distance Could Disprove Popular Theory that Universe Was Created from Small Object

4/7/1972, Reds Open Fourth Front as U.S. Warplanes Hammer N. Viet Targets with 600 Air Strikes, Part 1 ... Part 2

4/7/1972, U.S. Employment Level Rises to 81.2 Million4/7/1972, Egypt Breaks Ties with JordanMap, Jordan, Texas U.


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/7/1972, Angela Davis Purchased Gun Used in Court Shooting; Bandit Took Deputy's Gun Which Was Later Found Emptied

4/7/1972, Math Genius & Ex-Cellmate of Slain Soledad Brother (See Angela Davis Case) Assassinated at His San Jose Home

Map, San Jose, Google … … 4/7/1972, Cuba & Chile Sign Trade AgreementMap, Cuba, GoogleMap, Chile, Google

4/7/1972, C-5A Supercargo Jet & World's Largest Aircraft Working Out Teething ProblemsPhoto, C-5 Galaxy, Wikipedia

4/7/1972, Air Raid Sirens Sound in Hanoi; Reds Launch Series of Wide-Scale Attacks Along Mekong Delta, Part 1Part 2

4/7/1972, Wisconsin Primary Produced Large Anti-Establishment Vote; DNC Chairman Promises Strict Neutrality in Race

4/7/1972, Golfer Jack Nicklaus Picks Up Six Strokes in Final Stretch of Masters' First Round to Finish at 68; Snead Shoots 69

4/7/1972, Viet Cong Proposal to Resume Paris Peace Talks Rejected as U.S. Accuses N. Viets of Seeking Military Solution

4/7/1972, Le Duc Tho of N. Viet Politburo Signals Nixon He Is Ready to Restart Secret Peace Negotiations with Kissinger

4/7/1972, New York Mobster Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo Gunned Down Gangland Style on 43rd Birthday in Public Restaurant

4/7/1972, Eugene Emeralds to Open P.C.L. Season on April 14; M. Schmidt Only Starting Rookie; Phils Option Gamble to Ems

Map, Eugene Oregon, Google … … Mike Schmidt Breaks Up Slugfest at Windy Wrigley, 5/18/1979Phils Top Cubs 23-22

4/7/1972, Ally of Angela Davis Ambushed & Killed; James Carr Acted as Bodyguard for Black Panther Leader While in Prison

4/7/1972, Nixon to Visit Shah of Iran After Stay in Soviet UnionTeheran, Where Allies Met; 12/18/1943Map, Iran, Google

4/7/1972, Army Officers in Bangladesh Concerned Over Policy & Direction of New GovernmentMap, Bangladesh, Google

4/7/1972, Gandhi Asks for Talks with Bhutto; First Communication Between India & Pakistan Since War Over Bangladesh

4/7/1972, Antiwar Groups Planning Protests Against Bombing Escalation; Kansas-Based F-105s Ordered to Southeast Asia

4/7/1972, About 400 U.S. Planes Strike N. Viets Across DMZ; Communists Shoot Down Nine U.S. Aircraft, Part 1Part 2

4/8/1972, Reds Increase Assaults N. & S. of Saigon; U.S. Marine F-4 Fighter-Bomber Units Return to Vietnam, Part 1Part 2

4/8/1972; Map Shows Location of Communist Offensives in Mekong Delta, Loc Ninh & An Loc, Central Highlands, & Below DMZ

4/8/1972, Fringe Nice-Guy Sen. McGovern Elevates Presidential Campaign with Big Wisconsin Win; California Campaign Begins

4/8/1972, Angela Davis Murder-Kidnap Conspiracy Trial, First Week; Angela's Dramatic Opening Statement, Part 1Part 2

4/8/1972, Two Surviving Convict "Soledad Brothers" Found Not Guilty in Killing of Prison Guard in Case Linked to Angela Davis

4/8/1972, Passenger Hijacks Airliner & Bails Out Over Utah with $500,000 Ransom; Manhunt UnderwayMap, Provo, Google

4/8/1972, U.S. Fighter-Bombers Fly 107 Strikes Against Advancing N. Viets North of Saigon While B-52s Dump Tons of Bombs

4/8/1972, Jack Nicklaus Maintains Lead at Gusty & Gray Masters; Harney One Stroke Back; Palmer & Snead Fall Back to Pack


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1972 Easter Offensive

Post by Globalization41 » 20 Jun 2019 18:42

4/8/1972, McGovern Condemns Nixon Bombing Campaign; Wallace Wants to Tax the Rich; McGovern Says Wallace Is All Talk

4/8/1972, Cartersville Bank President Suspected of Embezzling $2.1 Million in CashMap, Cartersville Georgia, Google

4/8/1972, Kenyan Corn Farmers Increase Grassroots Participation in Rural Development Program Conducted by Florida A&M

Crisis in Kenya; Subsistence Farmers Envy Rich Plantations; Hungry Urban Concentrations Ill-Housed, 12/11/1952

Map, Kenya, GoogleBrutal Reprisals & Ritualistic Killings Mark Mau Mau Operations in Kenya, 7/24/1953

British Planes Slowly Whittle Down Gangs of Mau Mau Terrorists Hiding in Kenya's Dense Bamboo Forests, 2/17/1954

Spirit of Mau Mau Rebellion Spreading Across Kenya, 7/15/1954Hanoi Fears Massive Communist Offensive, 7/15/1954

Struggle for Equality by Kenyan Locals Comparable to U.S., 9/18/1956B-52 Crashes Near Hwy 99 in Madera Ca., 9/18/1956

Kenya Faces Juvenile Delinquency, 2/4/1964 … … Alabama Gov. Wallace to Resist Integration Order, 2/4/1964, Part 1Part 2

Britain to Block Refugees Fleeing Discrimination in Kenya, 2/23/1968U.S. Air Cav Blocks N. Viet Relief to Hue, 2/23/1968

Gangs of Youths Armed with Machetes & Clubs in W. Kenya Fight Police & Torch Tribal Rivals, 1/28/2008

4/9/1972, Communist-Led Forces Extend Offensive in S. Vietnam to U.S. Installations; Saigon's Last Reserves Moving North

4/9/1972, Map, Vietnam4/9/1972, Nixon Administration Indicates It Will Halt Red Offensive in S. Vietnam with Firepower

4/9/1972, U.S. 7th Fleet off Vietnam Beefed Up; Four Aircraft Carriers; Nine Cruisers & Destroyers; Carrier Midway en Route

4/9/1972, Zanzibar's Ruler Assassinated by Four Gunmen; Zanzibar Recently Beset by Food Shortages & Ethnic Tensions

Map, Zanzibar, GoogleLegal Status of Slavery Banned in Zanzibar, 6/5/1897Drawing, 1889, Slaves in Zanzibar, Wikipedia

Photo, Zanzibar Harbor, WikipediaPhoto, Zanzibar Coastline, WikipediaPhoto, Zanzibar Beachfront, Wikipedia

Slave Marts Closed in Zanzibar, 8/5/1890Britain's Task of Exterminating African Slave Trade Far From Complete, 2/28/1894

4/9/1972, N. Viet Surface-to-Air Missile Hits B-52 with Fragments; Giant Bomber Lands Safely in S. Vietnam; Damage Light

4/9/1972, Cubans Detain Gunman Who Hijacked Small Plane from Puerto Rico with $290,000 Ransom & Kidnapped Banker

4/9/1972, Many U.S. Rocket Scientists Heading to Israel Due to Cutbacks in Space Industry ... Map, Israel, Google

4/9/1972; Nicklaus Falters in Stretch at Augusta, but Holds Stroke Lead After 3rd Round of Masters Golf TournamentPart 2

4/9/1972, Chicago White Sox Slugger & Spring Holdout Dick [Richie] Allen Ready to Play Ball, but Supports Strike ... Part 2

Allen's HR & Short's Shutout Clinch Phillies' Season Opener 2-0 at Roof-Covered "Astrodome" Inugrual in Houston, 4/13/1965

4/9/1972, Americans Suffer from "Blame the Politician" Complex; Politicians Live & Work in Goldfish Bowl

4/9/1972, Search Teams Find No Trace of Hijacker Who Parachuted from Airliner Near Provo Utah ... Map, Provo Ut., Google


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/10/1972, B-52s Return to N. Vietnam; Hanoi Radio Reports Huge Wave of U.S. Planes Attacking VinhMap, Vinh, Google

4/10/1972, Aircraft Carriers Saratoga & Midway to Redeploy to Viet War Zone; Stateside Fighter-Bomber Units Alerted

4/10/1972, Nixon Launches B-52 Raids on N. Vietnam; Heavy Fighting Near Hwy. 13; Gunships Pound Reds, Part 1Part 2

4/10/1972, Assassins of Zanzibar Ruler Killed in Gun Battle Map, Zanzibar, Google … … Photo, U.S.S. Saratoga, Wikipedia

4/10/1972, Arrest Made in $500,000-Hijacking/Extortion of 727 Airliner; Suspect Claims He's Viet War Vet, Part 1Part 2

4/10/1972, Cataclysmic Earthquake Strikes S.W. Iran Near Kazerin; Many Villages Wiped OutMap, Kazerun Iran, Google

882 Americans Flee Iran; Airlift Underway, 2/18/1979Militant Mob Seizes U.S. Facility in Teheran, 11/5/1979

4/10/1972, Williamsport Puts Fluoride Back into Drinking Water After 1970 Ban Due to Pressure from Anti-Fluoride Group

Map, Williamsport Pa., Google4/10/1972, Amateur Skydiver Arrested in Copycat Hijacking; FBI Finds $499,970 in Utah

4/10/1972, Nixon During Signing of Biological War Treaty with Russia Chastises Soviet Policy of Encouraging Aggression

4/10/1972, Kidnapped Italian Industrialist & Fiat-Concord G.M. Oberdan Sallustro Executed by Urban Guerillas in Argentina

Map, Villa Lugano (Buenos Aires) Argentina, Google … … 4/10/1972, Candidate Humphry to Visit ReadingMap, Reading Pa.

4/10/1972; Gallop Poll Puts Humphry at 31%, Musky 22%, Wallace 17%, McGovern 5%, Lindsay 5%, McCarthy 4%, Chisholm 4%

4/10/1972, Hollywood T.V. Arts Acadamy Nominates Coverage of Apollo 15 Moon Landing & Nixon's China Trip for Emmys

4/10/1972; Boxscore, 36th Masters Golf Championship at 6,980-Yd. Par-72 Augusta Course; Nicklaus Wins by Three Strokes

4/10/1972, Nixon Expresses Interest in Settlement of Baseball Strike & Offers Gov't Services in Reaching Agreement

F.D.R. Tosses Ceremonial First Pitch in 1941 Baseball Season Opener as War-Like Washington Takes Day Off, 4/15/1941

British Falling Back to New Positions in Greece Before Fierce Nazi Blitzkrieg; German Lines Stretched in Egypt, 4/15/1941

Map, Med. Region, E. Kent … … Nixon Throws First Pitch as Washington Opens Baseball Season, 4/8/1969, Part 1Part 2


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/10/1972; Apollo 16 Moon Mission Set to Launch Sun.; Astronauts Still Rehearsing Descent, Liftoff, & Rendezvous Maneuvers

4/10/1972, Former Hospital Director Believes Doctors Should Be Salaried to Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries & Medical Costs

4/10/1972, Pentagon Discloses Invading N. Viet Troops Expected to Trigger Popular Uprising Across DMZ in Northern Province

4/10/1972, Jack Nicklaus Wins 4th Masters Golf Title at Augusta; Nicklaus Led Every Round Satellite View, Augusta, Google

4/10/1972, Lakers Flat; Milwaukee Bucks Open N.B.A. Western Conference Playoffs with 93-72 Win in L.A.; Jabbar 33 Points

4/11/1972, S. Viets Abandon Town Near Saigon; B-52s Hit Tanks; Viet Cong Sapper Blows Up Ammo Dump, Part 1Part 2

4/11/1972, Iran Quake Toll May Reach 5,000; Many Planes & Choppers Bring in Relief Supplies, Doctors, & Medical Equip.

4/11/1972, Muskie (99.5) Now Frontrunner in Delegate Count; McGovern (95.5) Surging; Wallace 75; Humphrey 23

4/11/1972, Argentine Police Press Large-Scale Manhunts for Leftist Terrorists Who Killed Italian Industrialist & Army General

4/11/1972, F.B.I. Recovers $499,970 of Jet Hijack Loot; Viet War Vet & Guard Helicopter Pilot Arrested, Part 1Part 2

4/11/1972, Pioneer 10 Spacecraft Now on Course for Jupiter4/11/1972, Power Surges Through Apollo 16; Countdown On

4/12/1972, U.S. Air Strikes Stall N. Viet Offensives; B-52s Score "Lucky Hit"; Choppers Move Reinforcements, Part 1Part 2

4/12/1972, Skloby Poland Observes 32nd Anniv. of Massacre by Elite Nazi S.S. Executioners; Rows of Crosses Mark Graves

Map, Skloby Poland, GoogleNazis Invade Denmark & Norway; Soviets Carrying on Reign of Death in Poland, 4/12/1940

4/12/1972; Israel Unveils M107 Self-Propelled 175mm Gun Now Deployed to Cover Suez CanalPhoto, M107, Wikipedia

Map, Suez Canal, GoogleSuez Canal Successfully Opened; Fleet of Vessels Conveys Distinguished Personages, 12/25/1869

4/12/1972, Kennedyites Support McGovern for Now4/12/1972, Muskie & Humphry Frontrunners in Latest New York Poll


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/12/1972, Initial Quake Shock in S. Iran (Fars) Reduced 45 Villages to Heaps of DebrisMap, Fars Province Iran, Google

4/12/1972, Organization of American States (OAS) Speaker Dissatisfied with Nixon Opposition to Local Expropriations

4/12/1972, Hard Fighting Reported in S. Cambodia; N. Viets May Extend Offensive to S.W. Mekong Delta, Part 1Part 2

Map, Easter Offensive, Wikipedia4/12/1972, Senate Rejects Motion to Refer War Powers Act for Constitutional Study

4/12/1972, Two University of Calif. Researchers Conclude Airborne Pesticides Decompose into Drifting Toxic Air Pollution

Map, University of California, Google … … Map, Rhode Island, Google … … Map, Edwards AFB California, Google

4/12/1972, Rhode Island Set to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment After Concerns for Implications of Alimony & Property Rights

4/12/1972, Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles Duke Jr. Graduated Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB in 1965 & Was Apollo 13 Backup

4/12/1972, Detroit Puts Out Welcome Mat for Visiting Chinese Table-Tennis Players as U.S.-China Relations Thaw Slowly

4/12/1972, Consolidated Foods Constructing Frozen Foods Storage Facility in NashuaMap; 375 Hollis, Nashua, N.H.; Google

4/12/1972, Florida State U. Student Newspaper Agrees to Issue Guidelines for Controversial Term Paper Writing Service

Map, Florida St. U., Google4/12/1972, Florida Power Corp. Increases Quarterly Revenues from $40,460,015 to $43,925,210

4/12/1972, Broke Rock Group "America" with Acoustic Guitars Becomes Overnight Sensation (2 Members Were Dishwashers)

4/12/1972, Tight Security Set for Nixon's Visit to Ottawa; Leftist Groups Plan DemonstrationsMap, Ottawa Canada, Google

4/12/1972, S. Viet Troops Below DMZ Hold as U.S. Air Strikes & Naval Gunfire Batter N. Viet Forces; Weather Limits Bombing

4/12/1972, FBI at Portland Arrests Man in Suit for Attempted Hijack of Boeing 707; Skyjacker Claimed to Have Nitroglycerin

Map, Portland Oregon, GooglePhoto, Boeing Test 707, WikipediaPhoto, Boeing FactoryPhoto, Boeing 707, Wikipedia

4/12/1972, China Opens Door to American Business by Inviting U.S. Firms to Canton Trade FairMap, Canton China, Google

4/12/1972, Psychiatric Exam Ordered for Mild-Mannered Portland Skyjacker; West Coast Sees Third Hijack in Five Days

4/12/1972, Tennis Queen Billie Jean King & Women's Lib Crusader Arrives in St. Pete for Virginia Slims Masters, Part 1Part 2

Map, St. Pete Florida, Google4/12/1972, Warm & Cool Air Clash in Mid-West Spins Off Violent Tornados & Thunderstorms

4/12/1972, Evans & Novak; Humphrey's Top Fundraiser Preparing 2nd Raid in Three Weeks on Muskie's Money Men in N.Y.C.

4/12/1972, Office of Emergency Preparedness Director Lincoln Calls for Energy Security & More Investment in Domestic Oil

4/12/1972, Boston Outfielder Reggie Smith Against Strike … … Smith Raps Seven Hits; Sox Sweep O's; Yaz Two HRs, 7/12/1969


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/13/1972, Thousands of N. Viet Troops Storm An Loc at Dawn with Tanks; Half of City Taken; Heavy Fighting at Dusk

Map, Vietnam, Wikipedia4/13/1972; U.S. Weekly Viet War Causalities, 31 Missing or Killed (56,507 War Dead So Far)

4/13/1972, Nixon Fine Tuning Speech at Camp David Prior to Canadian Trip; Chopper Brings Gen. Haig in for War Briefing

4/13/1972, Apollo's Countdown on Schedule for Sunday's Liftoff to Moon; Astronauts Get Lunar Geology Refresher Course

4/13/1972, Sen. Byrd Will Vote No on Nixon's A.G. Nomination Kleindienst Unless Aid Testifies About IT&T Settlement

4/13/1972, New England Labor Participation for Non-Farm Jobs Totaled 4,434,900 in February (+18,900 from Feb. 71)

4/13/1972, Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm Believes Her Presidential Campaign Will Gain Momentum in Upcoming Primaries

4/13/1972, N.Y. Police Push Efforts to Stem Epidemic of Gangland Warfare; Seven Gangsters Gunned Down in Two Weeks

"The Godfather" Movie; Sentimental Gangster Melodrama, Satisfying, More Serious than Glorification of Crime, 3/13/1972

4/13/1972, Senate Told IRS Check of Tax Returns from Commercial Tax Preparers in S.E. Region Found 97% Fraudulent

4/13/1972; U.S. Intel Estimates Soviet, Chinese, & E. Bloc Aid to N. Vietnam at $775 Million in '71 (Down from '67 Peak)

4/13/1972, Baseball Strike Closer to Settlement; Owners Oppose Paying for Strike-Lost Games Rescheduled as Doubleheaders

4/13/1972, B-52 Strikes Rally 12,000 S. Viet Troops Defending An Loc, but Fail to Dislodge Besieging N. Viets, Part 1Part 2

4/13/1972, Nixon May Suspend Viet Withdrawal; U.S. Now Has 700 Warplanes (130 B-52s) on Duty in S.E.A., Part 1Part 2

4/13/1972, Senate OKs Limiting War Powers of President to One Month; House Unlikely to Consider Senate Bill this Year

4/13/1972, Two Men Hijack 737 Airliner Over N.M.; One Hijacker in Cockpit; Plane Flies to L.A.Map, New Mexico, Google

4/13/1972, V.P. Agnew Advises Against Overstating Profits Due to Anti-Business Climate; 250 Antiwar Protesters Demonstrate


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/14/1972, N. Viet Tanks Break into An Loc; Heavy Fighting Rages; Waves of U.S. Jet Fighter-Bombers Swoop In

4/14/1972, S. Viets Control An Loc; Weather Clears; B-52s Return; Hanoi Claims Six U.S. Jets Downed, Part 1Part 2

4/14/1972, Apollo 16 Astronauts Will Relax Saturday Before Taking Off for Moon on Sunday, Part 1Part 2

4/14/1972, Baseball Strike to End After 13 Days; 86 Regular Season Games Canceled; Season Will Begin Saturday

4/14/1972, Baseball's Opening Weekend Schedule4/14/1972, Boston Red Sox Return to Business of Baseball

4/14/1972; Nixon in Ottawa on Official Visit, Will Praise Canadian-U.S. Tradition of Settling Differences Without War

4/14/1972, New Hampshire Tobacco Tax Revenues Increase $5 Million Ahead of Last Year's Pace ($13 to $18 Million)

4/14/1972, Republicans Say FCC Questioning Why Democratic Telephone Bill for $1.15 Million Not Collected by AT&T

4/14/1972, NATO Chiefs Meet in Washington & Tour U.S.; Columnist Jack Anderson Criticizes Coveted Military Junket

4/14/1972, Disenchantment with Politics as Usual Carries Day in Democratic Presidential Primaries thus Far

4/14/1972; U.S. Dept. of Labor Reports New England Employment Level at 4,434,900, Down 10,700 From Last Month

4/14/1972, Price Commission Orders Two Large Firms to Roll Back Prices Due to Excessive Profits (& to Report Monthly)

4/14/1972, Tremendous Profit Gains by Nation's Largest Corporations Concern Washington & Anger Union Leaders

4/14/1972, Nixon Target of Campaigning Democrats; Muskie Says Nixon's Vietnamization Program Bankrupt & Failing

4/14/1972, Recitation of Pledge to Flag Resumed at Exeter High School N.H.; Principal Overruled After Dropping Ritual

4/14/1972, Delayed Baseball Season Will Present New Franchise in Texas; Aaron Continues Assault on Babe Ruth's Record

4/14/1972; N. Viets Blocked at An Loc, but Invasion Rolls on Elsewhere; Antiwar Groups Report U.S. Air & Naval Buildup

4/14/1972, Explosion Demolishes Belfast Laundromat During Intense Two-Day Wave of 30 Bombings in Northern Ireland

4/14/1972, Pathologist at Angela Davis Trial Testifies Either Shotgun Blast or Bullet to Chest Could Have Killed Judge

4/14/1972, Kennedy Still Popular in Wallace's South; McGovern's Spotty Success Alarms Democratic Establishment

4/14/1972, Senate War Powers Act Limits President to 30 Days Use of U.S. Troops; Future of Bill in Conference Uncertain

4/14/1972, Counterculture Growing; "Whole Earth" Survival Handbook for Commune Living Sells 816,000 Copies

4/14/1972, U.S. Deploys 160 War Planes to S.E. Asia in Ten Days; Several Stateside Squadrons on Alert, Part 1Part 2

4/14/1972, Baseball's Flag Races to Be Decided by Percentage; Lost Games Affecting Pennate Will Not Be Rescheduled


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1972 Easter Offensive

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4/15/1972, Improving Weather in Vietnam Opens Up Long N. Viet Supply Lines to U.S. Air Attacks; Spotter Planes Direct B-52s

4/15/1972, N. Viets Overrun Firebase Charlie in Central Region; S. Viets Flee to Jungle; U.S. Rescue Choppers Draw Heavy Fire

4/15/1972, Apollo 16 at a Glance; Flight Duration 12 Days; 21 Hours Planned for Walking on Moon; Man's 5th Landing on Moon

4/15/1972, Engineers Step Up Preparations for Sunday's Moon Blastoff; Apollo 16 Crewmen Relaxing; Countdown Continues

4/15/1972; U.S. Industrial Output Shows Steady Undramatic Increase of 0.6%; Inflation-Rate Drop Falls Short of Nixon Goal

4/15/1972, Nixon Winds Up Successful State Visit to Canada with First-Ever Agreement to Restore Great Lakes' Water Quality

4/15/1972, Reunion for Two Titanic Survivors PlannedOcean Liner Titanic Hits Iceberg, Needs Urgent Assistance; 4/16/1912

Titanic (off Newfoundland) Sinking from Front; Women Being Evacuated, 4/16/1912Weak Signals from Titanic End, 4/16/1912

Lookout in Crow's Nest of Titanic Sounded Iceberg Alarm & Ship Swung to Port; Collision Not Alarming at First, 4/26/1912

4/15/1972, Primitive Australian Trust Territory New Guinea Elects 100-Member ParliamentMap, N. Guinea Region, Wikipedia

Australian Air & Land Forces Engage Japanese Invaders of New Guinea, 1/30/1942Settlement of New Guinea, 7/17/1942

4/15/1972, Tehran Newspapers Report 6,000 Killed in Monday's Earthquake Which Struck 45 Southern Iranian Villages

New Shah of Iran Attended Vigorous & Elite Swiss School, 9/24/1941British & Soviet Staff Officers Enter Tehran, 9/24/1941

4/15/1972, Quebec Gov't Employees on Strike for 5th Day; Hospitals (Caring for Chronically Ill) Hit Hard; Corpses Left Behind

4/15/1972, Philadelphia Arrests 368 Errant Graffiti Wall-Scribblers Since July; Police Chief Compliments Artistry of Suspects

4/15/1972, Economic Squeeze Deals U.S. Minority Cultures Severe Blow; Gov't & Factory Jobs Hardest Hit; Farm Jobs Decline

4/15/1972, Aftermath of Indo-Pakistan War; POWs, Food Shortages, War Tribunals, Bangladesh, Etc.Map, India, Wikipedia

4/15/1972, S. Viet 5th Division & N. Viet Assault Forces Fight Showdown Battle for An Loc; Nixon Orders Expansion of B-52 Raids

4/15/1972, Schedule for Apollo 16 Mission to Moon … … 4/15/1972, Activity on Apollo 16 Launch Pad Quickens, Part 1Part 2

4/15/1972, U.S. Air Power Blocks Hanoi's Invading Armies; Time Ripe to Reopen Talks; U.S. Wants Out of Vietnam in Six Months

Map, Vietnam, Army History … … Nixon Inaugurated, 1/21/1969, Part 1Part 2Lull in Saigon as Nixon Takes Over, 1/21/1969

4/15/1972, Six B-52s Strike Targets Within One Mile of An Loc; 11,000 N. Viet Troops Believed Encircling Provincial Capital

4/15/1972; Coming Decade Will Require More Engineers, Scientists, Physicians, Nurses, Managers, Cooks, Etc., Part 1Part 2

4/15/1972; Campaigning Senator Muskie Calls for Price Freeze on Supermarkets & Food Processors, but Not Farmers

4/15/1972; Carol King's Record "It's Too Late" Gets Top Music Grammy, but Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" Sells More

4/15/1972, Los Angeles Lakers Rally Past Milwaukee Bucks Behind Goodrich's Last-Minute Flurry; Chamberlain Distracts Jabbar

4/15/1972, World Champ Pirates to Open in New York Against Mets, Part 1Part 2 … … 4/15/1972, Final '71 Baseball Standings


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