Fritz Bunge

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Fritz Bunge

Post by ansata1976 » 22 Apr 2019 11:47

[Split from Gustav-Adolf Bunge]

I am interested in a list of all marches by Fritz Bunge.

I have a recording of his march "Panzergrenadiere".

Which other marches Fritz Bunge composed?

I am interested in more details of his life (date and place of birth, date and place of death…)

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Post by Ivan Ž. » 24 Apr 2019 19:29

Hello again,

Fritz Bunge is known as the author of the book "Musik in der Waffen-SS". As I understood it, he was an SS member too, but his wartime service remains unclear (to me). He was most likely related to SS bandleader and composer Gustav-Adolf Bunge.

The march that you listed was recorded for a controversial record entitled "Deutsche Präsentier- und Parademärsche" (released in 1970). The record was a homage to the Waffen-SS by the Bundeswehr. The marches were performed by Heeresmusikkorps 5 under Heinz Schlüter - except for the "Badonviller-Marsch" (Hitler's favourite march), which was performed by an unnamed band conducted by Fritz Bunge. The tracklist consisted of parade marches of the SS-Verfügungstruppe (the forerunner of the Waffen-SS), as was actually written below each track on the back cover of the record. Most tracks were old marches actually, only used by the SS, among other armed forces, but there were also three real SS marches included: "Ostpreußen-Marsch" and "Vor Modlin", composed by Gustav-Adolf Bunge ("zwei Märsche aus der Zeit der Waffen-SS [...] komponiert unter dem Eindruck des ersten Waffengangs des 2. Weltkrieges"), and "Panzergrenadiere", composed by Fritz Bunge in 1944 ("den Opfern und soldatischen Leistungen der SS-Panzergrenadiere gewidmet").


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