Biography of Officers

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Biography of Officers

Post by Pirro » 08 May 2019 10:28

Would you like information about the following officers?

I'm looking for data on officers, some of which went through the Frikorps "Danmark", and the 11 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Div. "Nordland", others were possibly found in other combat units.

SS-Obersturmführer Baron Emil Von Gyldenkrone. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 21, 1910. Volunteer officer of Danish origin. I know I had been in the I./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in January 1944. He was wounded in 1944 returning to Denmark after recovering from his injuries. I do not know if he had been assigned to another battalion. Some authors speculate that he would remain attached to the I./Danmark, his unit of origin, during the month of January 1945.
However according to this page I would return to the front in 1945, I do not know if it returned to its regimental unit, or to another unit of the same (Division "Nordland"), or different division. It is reflected as missing in action in Pomerania in 1945. I do not know the date of his disappearance in combat.

In addition to Gyldenkrone:

SS-Obersturmführer Karl-Peter Köppen. Born in Denmark, on September 23, 1921. Danish volunteer officer. Brörup and Köppen had been officers of the I./"Danmark ", and both had been decorated with the EK II & EK I. Köppen had been assistant to the I./"Danmark", from January 8, 1944 to October 1944. However, some authors specify that it would remain in that battalion, and that it would fall into action, something that is not specified in any of the histories that I have of Köppen.

SS-Obersturmführer Gerhard Szwerinski. (German) Initial affiliation to II./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in January 1944. Transfer in June 1944 to I./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark". It appears reflected in accordance with the list of John P. Moore, as official of the 1./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark". It appears reflected, it seems to me that in a document of the magazine "Der Freiwillige", an officer surnamed Szwerinski as company commander within the SS-Panzergrenadier Ausbildungs und Ersatz Bataillon 12, I do not know on what date, but it must be 1945.

SS-Untersturmführer Peter Dethlefsen. (Danish??) Born on November 22, 1924. Ascription to the 24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in March 1945. Fallen in action in March 1945.
SS-Untersturmführer or Obersturmführer Hans Peter Jensen. Born on November 16, 1913. Assignment to the 2./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in May 1943. Apparently official of the company in January 1944 ("Race of Vikings Nordland Division 1943-45" Erik Norling).

SS-Untersturmführer Jorgen Jensen. Born ???. Assignment to the 3./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in May 1943.

SS-Untersturmführer Hans Peter Jensen. Nacido el día

SS-Untersturmführer Hans Jessen. Born on May 28, 1919. Assignment to the 24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in june 1944.

SS-Obersturmführer Erik Larsen. Official Ordinance III./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark"

SS-Obersturmführer Walter Rabe. (German) born on July 10, 1917. With number SS-313.367. Apparently in I./24 SS-Frw. Pz.Gren. Rgt "Danmark" in January 1945. Promoted to the rank of SS-Obersturmführer der Reserve der Waffen-SS, on January 30, 1945.

SS-Ustuf. Olsen (Podría ser Bjarne Olsen nacido 22 de septiembre de 1920?) (Source:Document of Amund Enger)
SS-Ustuf. Lund
SS-Ustuf. Wilsgård
SS-Ustuf. Haaland
SS-Ustuf. Skants
SS-Ustuf Granas ( Einar) born in Drammen.

(Source: Document of Amund Enger)

These officers had been captured in 1945 presumably in the area of Klagenfurth, but it is not known to which units they belonged, and it does not seem that they were all in the I./"Norge ", origin unit of the SS-Sturmmann Amund Enger.
These officers or noncommissioned officers, or troop personnel, since only with respect to Olsen, and Granas specified that they were Untersturmführer, with respect to the rest, Enger, does not specify any rank. However, I found a certain Wilsgaard, with SS-Untersturmführer degree, could be this man. The men met with Enger, in a prison camp before being sent to Ancona (reflected with the name of Ancara but it is Ancona-Italy), and later to Tarento (Italy).

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Re: Biography of Officers

Post by Halfdan S. » 10 May 2019 19:11

Pirro wrote:
08 May 2019 10:28
SS-Ustuf. Olsen (Podría ser Bjarne Olsen nacido 22 de septiembre de 1920?) (Source:Document of Amund Enger)
According to John P. Moore's Führerliste he is Norwegian:
Olsen, Bjärne Ustuf. 22. 9.20 11./Pz.GR.23 10.44
Ustuf. Bodö/Norw. SS-J.Sch.Tölz 6.44

Halfdan S.

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Re: Biography of Officers

Post by Pirro » 12 May 2019 22:22

Thank you very much, Halfdan.

I have been searching, and I have found a page in which many names of officers appear, that were in the SS-Junkerschule "Bad Tölz", but unfortunately, there are only names of Norwegian officers. With data from the officers, including Felix Thoresen, and some other officers who can be entered through a link. And there it appears, one of the officers mentioned by Amund Enger. One such "Granas" (Einar), which really should be Gramnes, which sounds more to me in Scandinavian name, and not Granas. This officer was among the last to be promoted to SS-Untersturmführer degree, as reflected on the page, many would be promoted from SS-Standartenoberjunker to SS-Untersturmführer, on May 2, 1945.

No Olsen appears, except for the SS-Untersturmführer Bjärne Olsen, mentioned by Halfdan, and another officer, but I do not think it is the Olsen mentioned by Enger in his account. There is also an official surnamed Lund (Jens Bernhard Lund), but it has nothing to do with the officer mentioned by Enger, since this officer believed he had fallen into action in Croatia, during a battle with Yugoslav partisan units, on November 21 of 1943, and no other appears, except for one Lundbye, and not Lund (Possible Danish ???) ... _T%C3%B6lz

There is also a link to the 38 SS Panzergrenadier Division "Nibelungen", unit to which some of those promoted in the month of April 1945 were sent. ... ngen%C2%BB

However, it does not reflect the units to which they were sent, with the exception of those of the "Nibelungen".

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