Battle of Kharkov

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Battle of Kharkov

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10/1/1941, Poltava Falls to Nazis; Germans Less than 100 Miles from Ukrainian Industrial City of Kharkov

10/6/1941, Map, Eastern Front10/15/1941, Mariupol Falls to Nazi Forces; Kharkov Preparing Defenses for Last Stand

10/27/1941, Kharkov in Flames as German Armies Hammer at City's GatesMap, Kharkov, Google

10/29/1941, Soviet Army Journal Red Star Reports Kharkov Scene of Savage Street Fighting; German Advance Not Halted

10/29/1941, Russian Armies in Dire Straits; Germans Publish Secret F.D.R. Letter to Stalin; White House Releases Text

10/30/1941, Moscow Communique Announces Evacuation of Kharkov After Fierce Fighting

12/9/1941, Waves of Jap Bombers Raid Hawaii; Tokyo Declares War on U.S. & G.B.; Guam Surrounded, Singapore Bombed

Map, Far East & Pacific, 1941, Emerson Kent … … 5/15/1942, Russians Launch Surprise Offensive in Kharkov Sector

5/16/1942, Soviet Tanks Pound Defensive Ring Around Kharkov; Russian Divebombers Blast German Positions

5/16/1942, Red Army Ten Miles from Kharkov; Germans Counterattack with Divebombers, Tanks, & Reinforcements

5/17/1942, Red Army Enters N.E. Suburbs of Kharkov; Russian Tanks Carry Shock Troops into Battle

5/18/1942, Soviet Long-Range Artillery Softens Up Kharkov in Preparation for Assault; Eastern Suburbs Blazing Furiously

5/19/1942; Map of Red Army Offensives Driving on Kharkov5/19/1942, U-Boats Sink 92 U.S. Ships Since Dec. 7

5/19/1942, Powerful German Tank Forces Counterattack Russians East of Kharkov as Fighting Grows More Violent

5/20/1942, Hitler Orders More Tanks into Kharkov Battle; Germans Fighting Desperately to Keep Russians Out of City

5/21/1942, This Week of War; Battle for Kharkov, City in Flames, Reds Push On; German Counterattacks Fierce

5/21/1942, Soviet Communique Says New German Drive Threatens Rear & Flank of Red Offensive S.E. of Kharkov

5/22/1942, Nazis Retreat on Kharkov Front; Russians Repulse Counterattacks; Today's Map of Russian Front

5/23/1942, Kharkov Battle Growing in Intensity; "Gigantic" Tank Battles in Progress; Germans Claim Initiative

5/23/1942, Eastern Front Map5/23/1942, Battle of Kharkov; Sky Black, Armor Rules, No Man Without Gun Lives

5/24/1942, Russian Tanks & Infantry Break into Open Country on Kharkov Front, German Garrisons Bypassed

5/24/1942, Ukraine Map … … 5/24/1942, Too Soon to Claim Marshal Timoshenko's Advance Near Kharkov as Red Victory

5/25/1942, Berlin Asserts Defensive Fighting Over in Kharkov Battle with Extensive New Operations in Progress

5/26/1942, Red Army Resumes Offensive in Kharkov Sector After Two-Day Pause; Russians Repel Fierce German Attack

5/26/1942, Big Guns on Both Sides Firing Ceaselessly in Kharkov Battle; Hitler Leaves Berlin for Eastern Front

5/27/1942, Pravda Reports Kharkov Battle Reaching Critical Stage, Both Sides Throw Everything into Fight

5/28/1942, Berlin Communique Says German Encirclement of Three Russian Armies South of Kharkov in Full Swing

5/28/1942, Map, Kharkov Sector; Fighting Front Fluid; Gigantic Battles Raging South of Kharkov

5/29/1942, New Battles S. of Kharkov, Rommel Launches Desert Offensive, Assassin Gravely Wounds "Butcher" Heydrich

5/30/1942, War Day to Day; Russians Holding Against Mass Assault by Germans on Left Flank South of Kharkov in Ukraine

5/30/1942, Russians Enter Kharkov Fortified Zone; Berlin States 165,000 Soviet Prisoners Taken South of Kharkov

5/31/1942, Isyum-Barvenkova Battle Will Decide Fate of Kharkov; Timoshenko Delays OffensiveMap, Isyum, Google

6/1/1942; Russians Enter Kharkov, Savage Street Battles Progressing; Soviet Stand at Isyum Holds Up Germans

6/1/1942, Berlin Special Communique States Kharkov Battle Over; Soviet 6th, 9th and 57th Armies Annihilated

6/2/1942, Swedish War Correspondent Describes Kharkov Battlefield; Immense Cemetery as Far as Eye Can See

6/30/1942, Germans Launch New Offensive in Kursk Region on Russian Front, Big Battle Raging in Kharkov Sector

2/1/1943, Soviet Threat to Kharkov Increases; Russians Clearing Stalingrad Street-by-Street, More Germans Surrender

2/1/1943, Goebbels Says Eastern Front Signals "Total War"; R.A.F. Adds "Warmth" to Nazi 10-Year Celebration

2/12/1943, Russian Forces 15 Miles from Kharkov; Berlin Discloses Germans Retreating Under Appalling Conditions

2/13/1943, German Army in Peril, Berlin Admits Pressure on Kharkov StrongMap, Stalingrad (Now Volgograd), Google

2/14/1943; Hitler May Hold Kharkov at All Costs, Donetz Basin Sector Expected to Yield InwardsMap, Donetz, Google

2/15/1943, Great German Supply Base at Kharkov Outflanked; Russians Steadily Closing In; German Donetz Army Trapped

2/16/1943, Kharkov Hemmed In on Three Sides; Soviet Columns on Outskirts; Germans Begin Evacuation; Blizzard Raging

2/17/1943, German Communique Reports Russians Breaking into Suburbs of Kharkov (Rail Hub for '42 Summer Offensive)

2/18/1943, Kharkov Captured by Russians After Fierce Fighting; Waffen S.S. Troops Cover German Evacuation

2/18/1943, Grim Reports of Kharkov Under Nazi Occupation Reach Moscow; Frozen Bodies Still Hang from Balconies

2/19/1943, Russian Tanks in Kharkov Capture Train Station & 14 Military Trains Laden with Supplies & Bombs

2/20/1943, Red Army Continues Offensive Westward Beyond Kharkov; Germans Contest Every Yard of Russian Advance

2/21/1943, Rail Towns Lyboutin & Merefa W. of Kharkov Fall to Red ArmyMap, Lyboutin, GoogleMap, Merefa, Google

2/22/1943, Russians Must Clear Towns from Kursk to Kharkov House-by-House; Each Village Is Nest of German Resistance

2/23/1943, Red Army Offensive Fans Out West of Kharkov; Germans Cover Retreat with Intense Tank Attacks

2/24/1943; Stalin Says Red Army Has Cleared Stalingrad, Rostov, Kharkov, & Kursk, but Germans Still Resisting Furiously

2/25/1943, Red Army Still Driving West of Kharkov; Germans Report Russians Launching New Offensive N.E. of Bryansk

2/25/1943, Map, Eastern Front … … 2/25/1943, Two U.S. Ships Sunk by Subs in N. Atlantic; 850 Dead; Most Frozen

2/25/1943, Moscow Charges Nazi Occupiers with Starving 70,000 Kharkov Inhabitants; 14,000 Jews Killed in Cold Blood

2/26/1943, German Army & Waffen S.S. Units Encircle Soviet Forces Between Donetz & Dnieper; Luftwaffe Losses High

Map, Dnieper River, GoogleMap, Donetz River, Google … … 2/26/1943, Soviet Weather Map; Spring Thaw Line Dates

2/27/1943, Map, Russian Armies Follow Up Kharkov Capture with Widespread Offensives Against Retreating Germans

2/27/1943, Soviet Tanks & Infantry Break Through Orel Defenses, Furious Blizzard; Russians Advance W. of Kharkov

2/27/1943, Map, Shows Orel … … 2/28/1943, Initial Nazi Occupiers of Kharkov Staged Numerous Hangings & Executions

3/1/1943, Russians W. of Kharkov Drive Deeper into Ukraine Toward Poltava & Kiev; Germans Grimly Cling to Positions

3/2/1943, With the Red Army at Kharkov: Nazis Torched Buildings with Flamethrowers; Dead Hanging from Balconies

3/2/1943, Russian Advance W. of Kharkov Facing Stiff German Resistance; Large Tank Battles in Donetz Basin

Map, Ukraine Rivers, FreeWorldMaps … … 3/2/1943, Moscow Says Nazis Shot 15,000 Jews in Kharkov on Dec. 26, 1941

Map, Dnieper Donetz Basin, FotkiYandex3/2/1943, Map, Donetz Sector; Fierce German Counterattacks Reported

3/3/1943, With the Red Army at Kharkov: No Concern for Life Under Nazi Rule; Jews Removed to Camps & Later Shot

3/4/1943, Soviets Reopening Schools in Kharkov; Doctor Tells Without Emotion of Life Under Nazi Occupation

3/4/1943, With the Red Army at Kharkov: Little Old Jewish Lady Points Out Balconies Used for Hangings

3/4/1943, Russian Units W. of Kharkov Occupy Several Inhabited Localities; 300 Germans Killed in Street Fighting

3/5/1943, With the Red Army at Kharkov: Russians Battled Three German S.S. Divisions During Capture of Kharkov

3/5/1943, Russians Still Advancing from Kharkov to Dnieper; Great Armies Locked in Death Grapple in Donets Basin

3/6/1943, Soviet Troops (Advancing West from Kursk) Turn S.W. to Join Armies Advancing from Kharkov

3/7/1943, Germans Describe Battles on Front N. of Kharkov as Fluid; Russians Launch Massive Attacks in Staraya Area

Map, Staraya, Google … … 3/8/1943, German Fast Troops South of Kharkov Wipe Out Several Russian Formations

3/9/1943, Izvestia Says 14,000 Jews Killed by Nazis in Kharkov; Reporter Swarmed by Citizens with Tales of Hangings

3/9/1943, Germans Vigorously Counterattack Russian Advances Toward Dnieper (West from Kharkov)

3/10/1943, Moscow Announces Loss of Eight Towns to 25 German Divisions Aiming to Encircle Kharkov

3/11/1943, Red Army South of Kharkov Engaged in Fierce Battles with Large German Tank & Motorized Forces

3/11/1943, Great Tank & Infantry Battles Raging on Muddy Plains Before Kharkov (Includes Map)

3/12/1943, Germans Overcome Russian Resistance on Important Roads & Railways in Outer Kharkov Area

3/13/1943, German News Agency Announces Recapture of Kharkov; Fighting in Southern Part of City Still Ongoing

3/14/1943, Life in Kharkov Under Nazis3/14/1943, Kharkov Falls to Germans After Bloodiest Fighting of War

3/20/1943, Berlin Claims Capture of Belgorod; Russians Begin New Attacks in Vast Salient North of Kharkov

8/10/1943, Russian Sweep Across Ukrainian Front Leaves Kharkov in Pocket8/10/1943, Map, Eastern Front

8/11/1943, Soviet Tanks Encircling Kharkov; German Retreat Route Narrow8/11/1943, Map, Eastern Front

8/12/1943, Soviet Aircraft Deliver All-Day Onslaught to Retreating Germans Scattered Across Karhkov Battle Zone

8/13/1943, Soviets Cut Kiev-Kharkov Rail Line; German Escape Route 40-Miles Wide8/13/1943, Map, Kharkov

8/14/1943, Red Army Tightens Ring Around Kharkov; German Escape Gap 30 Miles8/14/1943, Map, Eastern Front

8/16/1943, German Garrison in Kharkov Withdrawing as Escape Gap Narrows; Russians Battle Way Through Factories

8/17/1943, Large-Scale Air Battles Over Kharkov; Germans Not Yet Reconciled with Immediately Leaving City

8/18/1943, Heavy Battles in Ukraine; Freshly Reinforced Germans Make Determined Bid to Hold Kharkov

8/19/1943, Counterattacks by Elite German Troops Slow Russian Attempts to Cut Kharkov Escape Corridor

8/20/1943, Russians Gain Important Forest & River Area S.W. of Kharkov After Many Days Fighting

8/21/1943, Battle for Kharkov Becoming More Violent; Bitter Air Battles; Russian Tanks Storm German Positions

8/22/1943, Red Army Reduces German Escape Gap from Kharkov to 13 Miles; Large Tank Battles Reported N.W. of City

8/23/1943, Germans Lose 4,200 Men Killed Saturday in Heavy Fighting Around Kharkov; Escape Gap Ten Miles

8/24/1943, Berlin Announces German Forces Have Evacuated Kharkov; Huge Tank Battles Preceded City's Fall


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Battle of Kharkov

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