Unclaimed Tiger 'kills'

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Unclaimed Tiger 'kills'

Post by Michael Kenny » 09 Jan 2020 23:01

Two examples of a TII being knocked out and the victors not realising their achievement.

Two instances where US tank/TD crews bemoan their (mistaken) helplessness

Tiger 301, sPz Abt 503, Sailly August 28 1944

page 70, La Battaille Du Vexin, Bruno Renoult.
US view:

Our tanks continued to advance by firing all their guns on the enemy's armor, which were soon riddled with impacts none of which penetrate as I will see later. Seriously manhandled we saw the crew evacuate the tank…………..

German view:

…………around noon it was hell, we were harassed by artillery and anti-tank fire under repeated blows. I suppose that a projectile ended up penetrating, because Tiger was on fire, we evacuated immediately but our radioman. Klaus Ricke, seriously injured, was transported to Sailly to the aid station of a cloister (Prioress of Montcient) where he was treated, but it was already too late and Ricke died. Our Panzer had been hit 18 times

Tiger 301;

before Aug 28 showing strikes:
TII 301 503 Fake .. (2v).jpg
After Aug 28th
TII 301 ,,,,,,, -vertv.jpg
TII 301 Sailly Aug 1944. (1).jpg
Note that only 5 'new' strikes are obvious.

from Duel in the Mist 3 page 211 by Haasler, Vosters, and Weber; a small engagement on 22 December 1944 involving a tank of Task Force Lovelady and a tank of Kampfgruppe Peiper in the Belgian town of Parfondruy:

US veteran Charles R. Corbin recalls:
...I went upstairs in a house on a hill behind us to observe better. There under our nose was a large German tank in some trees. After telling Plummer and Edmark we got artillery on it and flushed it out where one of Company D's tanks had a clear shot at it, and shoot it he did, but three balls of fire bounced off of it and it backed away never moving its turret. It had to be a Mark VI Tiger. It made us all wonder and I know the tank gunner was shaking his head, feeling helpless, as it backed up the railroad on our left flank. I had seen our 75s bounce off Mark V tanks before, the last time near Roetgen where they wiped out several of our tanks...
The tank was indeed a Tiger Ausf.B, number 133 of 1./s.SS-Pz.Abt.501. TC SS-Oberscharführer Werner Wendt relates his side of the engagement:
...I started again in the direction of Stavelot trying to give my best. About fifty meters in front of the edge of the town my driver suddenly swung around our tank. The interphone isn't working, I don't know what happened. The driver drove back at full speed, passing the command post in the direction of Petit Spai. About 100 meters in front of the bridge we drive into the ditch. Only now can I see the reason for the sudden turn-around of the driver. We have received a hit into the turret ring. The shell had bounced downwards into the hull, torn off the hatch of the radio-operator, and killed the radio-operator...Fragments had destroyed the steering gear and the gearbox, oil was leaking. As the driving mechanism and gear shift was conducted by oil pressure the failing oil pressure caused the tank to run out of control. The Tiger was totally immobilized.

The Tiger could not be recovered and was blown up-twice!

TII 133 Wendt Bulge (3)-vert.jpg
TII 133 Wendt Bulge (1)sml-vertf.jpg
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Re: Unclaimed Tiger 'kills'

Post by Mobius » 09 Jan 2020 23:58

As the tank left the scene the Americans lost track of tank.
To finish the Tiger narrative.
All we could do was shoot in the direction of TRIOS-PONTS. As our tank was still standing near the PETIT SPAI Bridge. it was harassed by constant artillery fire. In the afternoon the gunner, Sturmmann Friedel Fischer, left the tank for a moment and was killed.

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