Auschwitz Personnel

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Auschwitz Personnel

Post by Schmauser » 21 May 2002 21:38

Auschwitz Personnel

Ok forum members, there were many SS guards at Auschwitz so I need your help the most with this one, thank you in Advance.

1.SS Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch (Killed in Action)
2.SS Hauptsturmführer Rudolf Höss (Executed by the Poles)
3.SS Obersturmführer Arthur Liebhenschel (Executed by the Poles)

SS & Civilian Doctors
Dr Carl Clauberg (Died in a West German Prison)
Dr Arnold Dohmen (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Friedrich - Karl Entress (Executed by the Allies)
Dr Kurt Gutzeit (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Willy Jobst (Executed by the Allies)
SS Obersturmführer Dr Bruno Kitt (Executed by the Allies)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Fritz Klein (Executed by the Allies)
SS Untersturmführer Dr Hans - Wilhelm König (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Eduard Krebsbach (Executed by the Allies)
SS Untersturmführer Dr Johannes Kremer (Life Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Dr Franz Lucas (3yrs Imprisonment)
Female SS Oberaufseherinen Dr Maria Mandel (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Josef Mengele (Escaped Abroad - Died in a Swiming Accident)
SS Obersturmführer Dr Hans Munch (Acquitted)
SS Obersturmführer Dr Werner Rohde (Executed by the Allies)
SS Sturmbannführer Dr Horst Schumann (Escaped Abroad)
SS Obersturmführer Dr Horst Thilo (Committed Suicide)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Alfred Trzebinski (Executed by the Allies)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Helmuth Vetter (Executed by the Allies)
SS Hauptsturmführer Dr Eduard Wirths (Committed Suicide in Prison)
Dr Helmut Wirths (Fate Unknown)

SS Hauptsturmführer Benno Adolf (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Unterscharführer Bruno - Hugo Albrecht (7yrs Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Hans Aumeier (Executed by the Allies)
SS Hauptsturmführer Richard Baer (Escaped Abroad - Died in Prison)
SS Rottenführer Karl Bainski (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Karl Bara (3yrs Imprisonment)
SS Rottenführer Stefan Baretzki (Life & 8yrs Imprisonment)
SS Sturmmann Josef Baumstark (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterstumführer Emil Bednarek (Life Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Otto Blaschke (Fate Unknown)
SS Rottenführer Richard Böck (Acquitted)
SS Obersturmführer Franz Bodmann (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Hauptscharführer Wilhelm Boger (Life & 15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer August Bogusch (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Georg Bonigut (Fate Unknown)
Female SS Aufseherinen Juana Bormann (Executed by the Allies)
SS Oberscharführer Hans Bott (5yrs Imprisonment)
Female SS Aufseherinen Therese Brandl (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Arthur Breitwieser (Life Imprisonment)
SS Rottenführer Pery Broad (4yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Karl - Reinhard Broch (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Anton Brose (Fate Unknown)
SS Scharführer Hermann - Balthasar Buch (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmmann Alexander Bulow (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Fritz Buntrock (Executed by the Poles)
SS Obersturmbannführer Wilhelm Burger (5yrs & 8yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptscharführer Viktor Capesius (9yrs Imprisonment)
SS Sturmscharführer Lorenz Carstensen (Died in Prison)
Female SS Aufseherinen Luise Danz (Life Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Hans Delmotte (Committed Suicide)
SS Hauptsturmführer Oskar Dienstbach (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Sturmmann Erich Dinges (5yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Andreas - Hans Draser (Fate Unknown)
Female SS Aufseherinen Margot Dreschler (Fate Unknown)
SS Scharführer Klaus Dylewski (5yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Josef Dziersan (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Josef Eckhardt (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Gerhard Effinger (Fate Unknown)
SS Scharführer Karl Egersdorf (Acquitted)
Female SS Aufseherinen Herta Ehlert (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Wilhelm Emmerich (WIA - Died in Hospital)
SS Hauptsturmführer Horst - Paul Fischer (Executed by West Germany)
SS Hauptsturmführer Karl - Josef Fischer (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmmann Willi Florschütz (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Gustav Frank (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptscharführer Willi Frank (7yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptscharführer Jakob Fries (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptscharführer Wilhelm Gehring (Executed by the Poles)
SS Obersturmführer Gerhard Gerber (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Emanuel Glumbik (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Herbert Göbbert (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Johann Gorges (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Rottenführer Paul Gotze (Executed by the Poles)
Female SS Aufseherinen Irma Grese (Executed by the Allies)
SS Oberscharführer Maximilian Grabner (Executed by the Poles)
SS Rottenführer Ladislaw Gura (Acquitted)
SS Unterstumführer Ferdinand Hammer (Escaped Abroad)
SS Rottenführer Emil Hantl (3 ½yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptscharführer Friedrich Harder (Fate Unknown)
SS Obersturmbannführer Fritz Hartjenstein (Died in Prison)
SS Hauptsturmführer Erwin von Helmersen (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptsturmführer Erwin Heschl (Fate Unknown)
SS Rottenführer Karl Höcker (7yrs Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Franz - Johann Hoffmann (Life Imprisonment)
SS Rottenführer Hans Hofmann (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptsturmführer Rudolf Horstmann (Fate Unknown)
SS Obersturmführer Franz Hössler (Executed by the Allies)
SS Oberscharführer Josef Houstek (Life Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Wilhelm Hoyer (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Karl Jeschke (3yrs Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Heinrich Josten (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptsturmführer Julius Jung (KIA by Russians)
SS Unterscharführer Oswald Kaduk (25yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Johann Kamphus (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Hans - Walter Kapper (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Unterscharführer Edward Kelm (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Hermann Kirschner (Executed by the Poles)
SS Sturmscharführer Josef Klehr (Life & 15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Kurt Knittel (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Hans Koch (Life Imprisonment)
SS Obersturmführer Josef Kollmer (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Ernst König (Life Imprisonment)
SS Hauptsturmführer Josef Kramer (Executed by the Allies)
SS Obersturmführer Theodor Kraetzer (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmbannführer Franz Kraus (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptscharführer Eduard Kreibisch (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Bernhard Kristan (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmbannführer Adolf Krömer (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Hauptsturmführer Georg Kudriawtzow (Fate Unknown)
SS Rottenführer Romuald Kunzelmann (Fate Unknown)
SS Untersturmführer Alois Kurz (Fate Unknown)
Female SS Aufseherinen Hildegard Lachert (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Gerhard Lachmann (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Franz Laister (Fate Unknown)
Female SS Aufseherinen Johanna Langefeldt (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Otto Latsch (Executed by the Poles)
SS Rottenführer Anton Lechner (Life Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Eduard Lorenz (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Herbert Ludwig (Executed by the Poles)
SS Untersturmführer Georg - Franz Mayer (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Adolf Medefind (Life Imprisonment)
SS Untersturmführer Max Meyr (Fate Unknown)
SS Obersturmbannführer Karl Mockel (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Otto Möll (Executed by the Allies)
SS Oberscharführer Erich Mühsfeldt (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptsturmführer Robert Mulka (14yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Kurt Müller (Executed by the Poles)
SS Hauptscharführer Detlef Nebbe (Life Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Hinrich Oppelt (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Walter Otto (Acquitted)
SS Hauptscharführer Gerhard Palitzsch (Dissapeared)
SS Obersturmführer Bruno Pfuetze (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Hans Pichler (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Ludwig Plagge (Executed by the Poles)
SS Sturmbannführer Max Popiersch (Died of Typhus)
SS Hauptsturmführer Elimar - Lüder Precht (Fate Unknown)
SS Rottenführer Heinrich Pyschny (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Walter - Konrad Quakernack (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Karl Reichenbacher (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Franz Romeikat (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Rottenführer Johann Roth (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptsturmführer Erich Sautter (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptscharführer Willi - Rudolf Sawatzki (Acquitted)
SS Rottenführer Willi Schatz (Acquitted)
SS Oberscharführer Herbert Scherpe (4 ½yrs Imprisonment)
SS Oberscharführer Bruno Schlange (6yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptsturmführer Friedrich Schlüter (4 & ½yrs Imprisonment)
SS Untersturmführer Karl Schmidt (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Johann Schobert (Acquitted)
SS Unterscharführer Heinrich Schoppe (Fate Unknown)
SS Obersturmführer Vincenz Schöttl (Executed by the Allies)
SS Unterscharführer Richard Schröder (10yrs Imprisonment)
SS Untersturmführer Wilhelm Schulte (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Heinz - Arthur Willi - Schulz (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Hans Schumacher (Executed by the Poles)
SS Untersturmführer Hans Schurz (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Hauptsturmführer Heinrich Schwarz (Executed by the French)
SS Obersturmführer Johann Schwarzhüber (Executed by the Allies)
SS Hauptsturmführer Siegfried Schwela (Died of Typhus)
SS Hauptsturmführer Fritz Seidler (KIA by Russians)
SS Unterscharführer Robert Seitz (Fate Unknown)
SS Obersturmführer Max Sell (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Hauptscharführer Karl Seufert (Life Imprisonment)
SS Schütze Emil Simczek (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Willi Stark (10yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Karl - Fritz Steinberg (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Friedrich Stiewitz (Died - Not Prosecuted)
SS Unterscharführer Paul Szczurek (Executed by the Poles)
SS Unterscharführer Adolf Taube (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmbannführer Karl Heinz - Joachim Tauber (4yrs Imprisonment)
SS Unterscharführer Adolf Theuer (Executed by the Czechs)
SS Sturmbannführer Kurt Erich - Willy Uhlenbroock (Not Prosecuted)
SS Sturmmann Rudolf Viehweger (Fate Unknown)
Female SS Oberaufseherinen Elisabeth Völkenrath (Executed by the Allies)
SS Oberscharführer Peter Voss (Fate Unknown)
SS Hauptsturmführer Rudolf Wagner (KIA by Russians)
SS Hauptscharführer Bernhard Walter (Fate Unknown)
SS Sturmmann Johannes Weber (15yrs Imprisonment)
SS Hauptscharführer Peter Weingartner (Executed by the Allies)
SS Unterscharführer Gottfried Weise (Life Imprisonment)
SS Scharführer Richard Wiegleb (Fate Unknown)
SS Oberscharführer Josef - Alois Wietschök (Fate Unknown)
SS Untersturmführer Karl Wotke (Fate Unknown)
SS Untersturmführer Herbert Wuttke (Fate Unknown)
SS Rottenführer Paul Zielke (Fate Unknown)

SS Wachmann Vassily Pankov (Possibly Killed by the Russians)
SS Wachmann Ivan Scharujew (Fate Unknown)

Unknown SS
SS Schutze Höblinger (Fate Unknown)
SS Unterscharführer Rathmann (Fate Unknown)
SS Scharführer Taubert (Fate Unknown)
SS Scharführer Wiebeck (Fate Unknown)

~Regards Schmauser
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Post by Starinov » 21 May 2002 21:56

Trying sending an email to the Auschwitz Museum. They should have that info....

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Post by JohnRayTaylor » 21 May 2002 22:00

Hi Schmauser

I read some where that Richard Baer was camp commanndant or adj. commandant for camp III. I might be thinking of some else or another camp. But I am pretty sure. I will check my files.
Best Regards

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Post by Birgitte Heuschkel » 21 May 2002 22:29

Hans Munsch was cleared of all charges in Nuremberg and still lives in Germany today, now suffering from senile dementia.

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auschwitz personnel

Post by dylan » 21 May 2002 23:31


this are the names of defendants auschwitz trial 1947 krakau

names rank sentenced
hans aumeier ss haupsturmfuhrer death
august bogusch ss unterscharfuhrer death
arthur breitwieser ss unterscharfuhrer death -life
alexander bulow ss sturmann 15 years
fritz buntrock ss unterscharfuhrer death
erich dinges ss sturmann 5 years
wilhelm gehring ss hauptscharfuhrer death
paul gotze ss rottenfuhrer death
maximilian grabner ss untersturmfuhrer death
hans hofmann ss rottenfuhrer 15 years
karl jeschke ss oberscharfuhrer 3 years
heinrich josten ss obersturmfuhrer death
hermann kirschner ss unterscharfuhrer death
hans koch ss unterscharfuhrer life
josef kollmer ss obersturmfuhrer death
franz kraus ss sturmbannfuhrer death
johann kremer ss untersturmfuhrer death -life
otto latsch ss unterscharfuhrer death
anton lechner ss rottenfuhrer life
artur liebehenschel ss obersturmbannfuhrer death
eduard lorenz ss unterscharfuhrer 15 years
herbert ludwig ss oberscharfuhrer death
adolf medefind ss unterscharfuhrer life
karl mockel ss obersturmbannfuhrer death
kurt muller ss unterscharfuhrer death
hans munch ss untersturmfuhrer aquited
erich mushfeldt ss oberscharfuhrer death
detlef nebbe ss hauptscharfuhrer life
ludwig plagge ss oberscharfuhrer death
franz romeikat ss unterscharfuhrer 15 years
richard schroder ss unterscharfuhrer 10 years
hans schumacher ss unterscharfuhrer death
karl seufert ss hauptscharfuhrer life
paul szczurek ss unterscharfuhrer death
johannes weber ss sturmann 15 years
therese brandl ss aufseherin death
luise danz ss aufseherin life
alice orlowski ss aufseherin 15 years
hildegard lachert ss aufseherin 15 years
marie mandel ss oberaufseherin death

regards dylan

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Post by Schmauser » 21 May 2002 23:38

Dylan, Thank you

That's a really good contribution to this thread, i'll add them to the list. Thank you very much.

~Very Best Regards Schmauser

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auschwitz personnel

Post by dylan » 22 May 2002 18:45


karl fritzsch was killed may 45
wilhem burger sentenced 1952 krakau to 5 years
1966 frankfurt : 8 years
gerhard palitzsch no trace of him after the war
johanna langefeldt died in 1974

regards dylan

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Post by JohnRayTaylor » 23 May 2002 21:23


I found this Höblinger was a SS-Schutze and I can not find his first name. I hope this helps some.


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Here's one

Post by JohnRayTaylor » 24 May 2002 03:31


Here is an SS man you didn't have on your list.
SS-Uscha. Weisse Gottfried Auschwitz camp I 1942-4? fate unknown.
I hope this is helpful.

Homer martin
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Post by Homer martin » 24 May 2002 09:04

Does anyone one have pictures to post with any of the names on the list?



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Rudolf Höss

Post by Schmauser » 24 May 2002 11:45

Rudolf Höss


Rudolf Höss was born in Germany in 1900. He joined the German Army at the age of seventeen and in the First World War won the Iron Cross for bravery.
After the war he joined the Rossbach Freikorps where he fought with Martin Bormann. In 1922 Höss joined the National Socialist German Workers Party (N.S.D.A.P) but two years later he & Bormann were both jailed for murdering a man in the French-occupied Ruhr.
Released in 1928, Höss joined the SS in 1934. Höss worked in the concentration camp in Dachau before being appointed as adjutant to the commander of Sachsenhausen in 1938. Two years later, in May 1940, he became commander of Auschwitz in occupied Poland.
In June, 1941, Heinrich Himmler ordered that Auschwitz be greatly increased in size and the following year it became an extermination camp. Bathhouses disguised as gas chambers were added. Höss introduced Zyklon-B gas, that enabled the Nazis to kill 2,000 people at a time.
Hoess was promoted to Deputy Inspector General and took charge of the W.V.H.A department that administered German concentration camps.
When Germany surrendered in May, 1945, Höss managed to avoid capture and worked on a farm. He was eventually captured and at his trial admitted that around 3,000,000 people were killed at Auschwitz. Rudolf Höss was found guilty of war crimes and executed at Auschwitz on 15th April, 1947. His autobiography, Commandant of Auschwitz, was published in 1951.

Anymore info anyone?

~Regards Schmauser

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Gottfried Weise

Post by Researcher » 24 May 2002 11:56

Gottfried Weise (1921 - 2000) was convicted by a German Court in Wuppertal in January 1988 and sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes at Auschwitz.
He was released during 1997.


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Post by Peter J. Hertel » 24 May 2002 21:37

Hello Schmauser,

Here are a few more for your list.

Adolph, Benno SS-Nr. 340 774 SS-Hauptsturmführer 17.3.1912 in Winkl Died 20.12.1967 in Iserdun.

Albrecht, Bruno Hugo SS-Unterscharführer 22.4.1901 in Lodz On 15.7.1948, District Court Cracow sentenced to seven years imprisonment and ten years loss of public and civil rights and honours.

Bainski, Karl SS-Rottenführer Unknown Fate Unknown.

Bara, Karl SS-Unterscharführer 15.5.1920 in Myslowice 3.10.1943, District Court Wadowice sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment.

Baumstark, Josef SS-Sturmmann 105.1922 in Stefensfeld Fate Unknown.

Blaschke, Otto SS-Nr. 277 582 SS-Obersturmführer d.R. 24.9.1908 in Obernith, Brux. Fate Unknown.

Bodmann, Franz Frhr v.. SS-Nr. 263787 SS-Obersturmführer 23.3.1908 in Zweifaltendorf Died 25.5.1945 in Markt Pongau.

Bonigut, Georg SS-Unterscharführer 13.12.1913 in Ruma, Croatia Fate Unkown.

Bott, Hans SS-Oberscharführer 14.6.1913 in Brückenau On 13.2.1948, District Court Cracow sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment and ten years’ loss of public and civil rights and honours and confiscation of property.

Broch, Karl Reinhard SS-Unterscharführer 27.1.1904, Solingen-Ohlings After the war he was investigated in Frankfurt am Main. Outcome unknown.

Brose, Anton SS-Unterscharführer 25.09.1909 in Braunberg Fate Unknown.

Buch, Hermann Bathasar SS-Scharführer 30.12.1896 in Niederhöhstadt 22.1.1948, District Court Cracow sentenced him to six years imprisonment, five years’ loss of public and civil rights and confiscation of property. Served his term in Poland.

Busch, Hubert SS-Oberscharführer 2.07.1914 Reußmarkt, Rom. Fate Unknown.

Carstensen, Lorenz Christian SS-Sturmscharführer 25.5.1892 in Wallsbüll, Died 7.5.1952, in prison in Szczecin.
Clausen, Wilhelm Edmund SS-Oberscharführer 18.9.1898 Hamburg-Altona Extradited to Poland; died 6.12.1948, during pre-trial proceedings.

Delmotte, Hans SS-Obersturmführer 15.12.1917 in Lüttich Committed suicide in 1945.


Peter J. Hertel

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Post by Schmauser » 24 May 2002 22:16

Thank you Peter, I'll add them to the list :)

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auschwitz personnel

Post by dylan » 25 May 2002 20:56


unknown ss ;konig :dr. hans wilhelm koenig born 13/5/1912 ss untersturmfuhrer


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