Questions about StG44 Ktsn

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Re: Questions about StG44 Ktsn

Post by kfbr392 » 18 Mar 2021 21:38

thank you for these excellent posts.
here is a well made youtube clip about the Sturmzug in KStN 131V of 01.11.44:

screenshots from the clip:
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Re: Questions about StG44 Ktsn

Post by sboyd2kus » 19 Mar 2021 01:33

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Re: Questions about StG44 Ktsn

Post by Poot » 19 Mar 2021 06:33

One glaring problem that I see is that 'Gewehr' assumes the use of K98k rifles only. There were also G.41 and G.43 rifles that were semiautomatic and were chambered in the same caliber as all of the issued MGs, standardizing the type of ammunition carried. Those two types of rifles bridged the gap between a bolt-action rifle like the K98k and a select-fire rifle like the MKb-42/MP43/StG-44.

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