Serb Town Torched by Nazis in Reprisal for Guerilla Attacks

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Serb Town Torched by Nazis in Reprisal for Guerilla Attacks

Post by Globalization41 » 31 Mar 2004 15:33

Belgrade, Yugoslavia, By Telephone to The
New York Times,
Sunday, August 17, 1941:
One of the most serious clashes between Serbian
Chetniks and German occupying forces occurred
yesterday in the Serbian town of Gola, where,
according to a German communique, Serbian
"Communists" attacked a convoy, killing several
German soldiers. ... An immediate investigation,
according to the communique, established that
the inhabitants of the town had been aware of
the preparations for the attack
and had been in
position to warn the authorities. ... Since this
was not done the German High Command, as
a reprisal, ordered the burning of the entire
As the fire spread, frequent explosions
of ammunition were noted, "proving the
inhabitants' complicity with the bandits." The
attackers, quickly rounded up, were
immediately executed,
the communique

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Post by Nucleicacidman » 02 Apr 2004 19:24

It was torched in reprisal for the killing of Hinrici. ( I can't spell his name). He was evidently a top official in the SS.

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Post by JUF » 06 Jun 2004 09:38

If my memory serves me correctly, and this being the same town; the first German tourists visited this town in the 60's. They passed through and asked the locals of the event in 1941. The couple was slain, sending a clear message Germans were no longer welcome in the reigon.


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