concentration camps administration

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concentration camps administration

Post by panzertruppe2001 » 14 Apr 2004 18:28

Somebody could explain me why the concentration and extermination camps are a part of Economy and Administration of the Allgemeine SS?
Economy and Administration did not seem to be a repressive office. In my opinion the KZ must be a part of the Gestapo or SD


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Post by Georg_S » 15 Apr 2004 05:47


To explain why KZ was under WVHA in a few sentences is impossible,
but to make it easy, the Prisoners of each camp was used as workers
in different industries. Almost every Subcamp (Aussenlager) was a
workdetachment from a maincamp and who was hired (mostly) of a
company to do a work, as example SS-Kommando Aussenlager Laura,
a subcamp to KL Buchenwald, but the inmates was working on buidling either the tunnelsystem for the V2 rockets or the rockets itself.

I can explain more if you want to.

But I can recommend a book : "Genocide as Business" (No Rev. BS)



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Post by David Thompson » 15 Apr 2004 14:57

panzertruppe2001 -- Georg is correct. The SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA) was formed and began to administer concentration camps at about the same time the inmates started to be used for slave labor. As the SS began to acquire its sprawling wartime industrial empire, the components of that empire had to be put on a business-like basis. At that point, concentration camps weren't just for punishment any more. Not only did the punishment have to pay for itself, it had to turn a profit.

The old system, which was run by thugs supervising other thugs, had become corrupt and needed economic reform. You can read about some of the problems with the system the WVHA replaced on the "Question About Dr. Konrad Morgen" thread at:

The concentration camps were never administered by the German Secret State Police (Geheime Staatspolizei - Gestapo) or the Security Service (Sicherheitsdienst - SD), although the Gestapo maintained small branch offices in some of the camps. In concept both the Gestapo and the SD were investigative agencies, not administrative agencies. The Gestapo was an investigative agency for the German state, and the SD was the investigative agency for the Nazi Party.

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