Soviets Purging Rich Peasants in Baltic Republics

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Soviets Purging Rich Peasants in Baltic Republics

Post by Globalization41 » 14 May 2004 01:56

Moscow, United Press, Merced (California)
Wednesday, April 30, 1941:
Twelve thousand German troops, equipped
with tanks and artillery, have arrived at Turku
on the southwest coast of Finland and have left
for Tampere, 90 miles to the north, the
newspaper Pravda reported today. ...
According to Pravda, which quoted reliable
sources, the German troops arrived at Turku in
four transports last Saturday and proceeded to
Tamperer Monday. ... Pravda's report
followed by only a few hours a decree by A.I.
foreign trade commissar, strictly
forbidding the transit through Russia of any
and all war material. The order specifically
enumerates munitions, aircraft parts,
accessories, machine tools for making
munitions, explosives, and strong poisons.
Transit of other goods will be strictly
regulated, the decree made it clear, and will be
permitted only by special authorization or in
accordance with trade agreements. ...
Vladimir Dekanozoff, Russian Ambassador to
Germany who is also foreign vice commissar,
arrived in Moscow yesterday, "presumably to
take part in May Day festivities" tomorrow.
... The newspaper Soviet Estonia, published at
Tallinn Estonia, said yesterday that "the
introduction of a passport system in the Baltic
republics was intended among other things to
purge persons not engaged in productive or
socially useful labor,
as well as to remove rich
peasant, criminal, and other anti-social

[Stay tuned for late breaking war bulletins.
... Globalization41.]

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Post by varjag » 20 May 2004 12:05

Always exciting to read 'the Zeitgeist' in your posts Global....Pravda (=Truth) was rarely known for reporting it - and I keep wondering about those 12000 Germans coming through Turku in April 1941? But I do believe the Soviet Estonia about the purge of socially non-productive elements - a typically Soviet euphemism for deporting innocents to the Gulag - who knows in what mass-grave the bones of those covered by that UP-telegram, rest today?

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Estonian Holocaust

Post by Globalization41 » 20 May 2004 20:39

I know what you mean Varjag. Sometimes I
think those poor souls should be incorporated
into the Holocaust so they could get a proper


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