Late Breaking War Bulletins, April 1941

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Late Breaking War Bulletins, April 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 01 Jul 2004 21:25

Panzers Enter Belgrade;
British Retreat in Greece;
Rommel Reaches Egypt

British Freighter Ena de Larrinaga
Torpedoed near Brazil

Encircled British Defenders at
Tobruk Turn Back Axis Assault

Yugoslavia Switches War Capital
to Sarajevo

Who's Next on Hitler's
Blitz List, Turkey or Russia?

German Forces Advancing Across
Yugoslav Frontier into Greece

Pravda Defends Neutrality Pact
with Japan

U.S. Protests Oil Seizure by Japanese;
Baseball Season Opens in Washington

Japanese Press Comments on
Neutrality Pact with Russia

400 German Warplanes Firebomb

Battle of Greece Raging with
Increasing Intensity

Germans Hammering British-Greek
Lines in Unending Waves

London Gets "All Clear" on Hitler's
Birthday after Night of Heavy Bombing;
Stalin Changes Train Schedule to Party
with Japanese Foreign Minister; Hitler
Celebrates 52nd Birthday with War
Chiefs while Following Balkans Blitzkrieg
on Maps; British Fighting Their Way to
Evacuation Points in South Greece

German Blitzkrieg in Greece Nears
Catastrophic Conclusion for British

Britain Begins Beer Rationing; German
Blitz Near Athens; 16,644-ton British
Armed Liner Torpedoed & Sunk;
Battleship Prince of Wales Commissioned;
Istanbul Begins Evacuations

German Blitz Stalled at Thermopylae
Pass, 80 Miles North of Athens

German Bombers Scorch Plymouth;
Colleges See Peace Rallies

Germans Resume Advance on Athens

Fall of Athens only a Matter of
Hours; France to Withdraw from
League of Nations

General Rommel Awarded Italian
Military Medal for Valor; Six British
Generals Captured by German
Motorcycle Patrol in Libya Arrive in
Italy; British Repulse Strong Axis
Attack at Tobruk; Germans Seize
Island of Lemnos Near Dardanelles;
Turks Praise Greek Heroism

Five U.S. Correspondents
Missing in Action

C.B.S. Corespondent Arriving
in Budapest Reports on Recent
Belgrade Bombing; Refugee Ship
Docks at Brooklyn Pier with 816
Escapees from European War

Luftwaffe, R.A.F. Trade Blows

Nazi Artillery Salvos From
French Coast Crash on Dover

Yanks Announce "Star-Spangled
Banner" Will Now Open all Games;
Moscow Magazine Calls for Peace;
Johnny Rigney Reclassified 1-A

Canadian Volunteers for
Overseas War Duty Lagging

German Conquerors March into
Athens under Brilliant Sunshine

Churchill Acknowledges
Grave Losses In Greece

British Forces in Greece Flee
Nazi Blitz

R.A.F. Blasts Hamburg with New,
Improved Bombs; Axis Forces Cross
Egyptian Frontier at Several Points;
U-Boats Sink Five More Merchant Ships

U. of Tennessee Football Coach
Robert Neyland Recalled to Army

Soviets Purging Rich Peasants
in Baltic Republics

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