Late Breaking War Bulletins, June 1941

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Late Breaking War Bulletins, June 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 02 Jul 2004 00:54

Hostilities Cease Throughout Iraq;
Crete Falls to Nazis

Churchill Gives Pep Talk at Allied
Meeting in London; Germans Rumored
Massing 80 Divisions on Soviet Frontier
as Hitler May Be Casting Eager Eyes
on Ukraine; U.S. Releases Official
Report of Robin Moor Sinking

Nazi-Soviet Tension Increasing
Hourly; Abnormal Military Activity
Reported; German Dive Bombers
Gathering in Rumania

Germans Deny Invasion of Russia
Has Begun

Finland Orders General Mobilization;
Anitaircraft Guns Suddenly Appear on
Tops of High Buildings

F.D.R. Accuses Germany of Acting as
"International Outlaw"; N.K.V.D. Guarding
Soviet Borders Against Invasion

R.A.F. Raid Precedes British
Preparations to Storm Damascus

U.S. Army to Add 80 Bands; R.A.F.
Raids Ruhr-Rhineland; Refugee Ship
Set to Sail from Spain to New York;
Japanese Attention Focuses on
Russo-German Tension; R.A.F.
Strafes German Supply Trucks in
North Africa; Italian Garrison in
Ethiopia Fights off British Surprise
Attack; Japanese Planes Bomb
Capital of Shensi Province

British Admit Loss of 1008 Ships
in War so far

Damascus Falls to British; P.I. Rapidly
Upgrading Defenses

French Civil Service Reminds Jews
to Register

Nazi Germany Begins Long-
Rumored Invasion of Soviet Russia

Molotoff Predicts USSR Will Crush
Nazi Invaders

Italy Declares War on Soviet Union;
Japan Sees European War Developing
into World War

Rumania Declares Holy War Against
Yoke of Bolshevim

Beirut Bombed by British Planes;
French Evacuate Damascus, Suffer
Heavy Losses

U.S. Isolationists, Interventionists
Debate Outbreak of Nazi-Soviet War;
Italians Retreating in Western Ethiopia;
All Quite on Libyan Front

Hungary Declares War on Soviet Union

Russians Repulse Panzers Near Minsk

R.A.F Bombs France, Germany;
Luftwaffe Targets Southampton

German Panzers Pass Minsk

U-Boats Raiding British Convoys in
North Atlantic Sink Two Tankers and
Nine Freighters

Former President Hoover Bitterly
Condemns Stalinist Russia

Nazis Pressured Swedes for Troop
Transit Prior to Soviet War

Minsk Falls as German Tanks Close
Pincers Southwest of Smolensk

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