Late Breaking War Bulletins, July 1941

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Late Breaking War Bulletins, July 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 02 Jul 2004 02:09

Stalin Gives Rare Radio Broadcast

Soviets Execute 1,500 Ukrainian
Political Prisoners

Guerrilla Warfare Impedes
German Blitz in Russia

U.S. Occupation of Iceland Gets
Negative Reaction from Axis; Ted
Williams Blisters Roundtripper in
Home 9th to Win All Star Game;
German Blitzkrieg Encounters
Stubborn Russian Counterattacks

R.A.F. Firebombs German Industrial
City of Aachen

Civilians Engaged in War Will Not Be
Recognized as Military; Germans Report
Successful Conclusion of Greatest Battle
of Encirclement in World History; Masses
of Burned out Soviet Tanks Cause Traffic
Jams for Advancing German Army

Police Round up Suspects in
Casablanca; Britain, Soviets Agree
to Mutual War Assistance

Germans Halfway to Moscow, Final
Victory only Question of Time;
Japan Gears Homeland for Total War

Gen. Marshall Advises Congress
to Extend Active Duty Terms;
Germans Besiege Estonia; French
Jews Apply for Exemptions from
Job Banishments

British Bombers Blast Bremen;
U.S. Troops Adjust to Occupation
Duty in Iceland

Nazis Reveal Liberation of U.S.
Violinist from Soviet Prison

Why Did Hitler Invade Russia? Germans
Segregate Soviet P.O.W. Commissars

Churchill Takes Test Cruise in New
Tank; British Launch "V for Victory"
Propaganda Campaign; Japanese
Detain British Ship and Confiscate
Cargo; Russian Bombers Blast
Rumanian Oil Refineries; Russians Set
Vast "Sea of Fire" to Bar Finnish
Advance Toward Leningrad; Soviets
Report Intense Fighting Continues on
Central Front

French Report Anti-British
Demonstrations Sweeping Syria

Japanese May Soon Occupy Military
Bases in French Southern Indo-China;
Lefty Grove Wins 300th

Elite Japanese Army Occupies Saigon;
Germans Report Furious Russian
Counterattacks on Eastern Front
Repulsed with Bloody Losses

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