Late Breaking War Bulletins, September 1941

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Late Breaking War Bulletins, September 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 02 Jul 2004 05:04

F.D.R. Broadcasts Labor Day
Speech on European War's Second
Anniversary, Calls for United Effort
to Crush Hitler's Violent Attempt to
Rule the World, Slams Appeasers
and Nazi Sympathizers

Japanese Army Spokesman
Warns Allied Economic Freeze May
Force Long, Drawn out Conflict

1.500 Jewish Businesses
"Aryanized" in Paris

Soviets Order Volga-German
Population Exiled to Siberia

German U-Boats Sink 28
Merchantmen of 40-Ship Convoy
in Week-Long Offensive Against
British in North Atlantic

Finns Report Leningrad Ablaze

Phone-Activated Bombs Rip
Zagreb Exchange

Allies Hint at Occupation of Teheran

Soviets Report Stubborn Battles
from Black Sea to Baltic;
German Pincers Endanger Kiev

Britain, Trans-Jordan Affirm
Unity of War Views

Nazi Noose Tightens About
Leningrad; Britain Proposes Vatican
Be Illuminated to Avoid Accidental
Bombing; 300,000 Russians Trapped
in Kiev Pocket; British Recognize
Iran's New Constitutional Monarchy;
Japan to Release New Tune, "Song
of the Tripartite Pact"

Paris Police Press House-to-House
Searches for Hidden Arsenals; German
Conquerors Warn Parisians Liable to
Be Shot as Hostages Unless Attacks
on German Soldiers Cease

Formation of Free French
Government Announced in UK

Berlin Issues New Restrictions for
Jews; Increasingly Militant Anti-Nazi
Demonstrations Reported in Occupied
Countries; Czechs Blowup German
Troop Train in Mountain Tunnel

Lively Artillery Fire Reported
at Besieged Tobruk

Stalking U-Boats Torpedo
and Shell Numerous Ships

Fierce New Battles Reported on
China's Northern Hunan Front;
German Thrust Toward Kharkov
Takes on Serious Appearance

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