Late Breaking War Bulletins, Oct. through Dec. 1941

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Late Breaking War Bulletins, Oct. through Dec. 1941

Post by Globalization41 » 02 Jul 2004 06:26

Nazis Answer Serb Threats to Hostages
with Dive Bombers

Finns Reject British Warning

Gestapo Chief Heydrich Cracks Down
on Czech Jews; British Begin Collecting
Evidence of German Crimes for
Possible Postwar Punishment; British
Subs Torpedo 11 Italian Ships
Supplying Axis Forces in Libya; Dust
Storm Halts Raiding in North Africa;
Germans Occupy Harbors Near Crimea
Peninsula; Recruiting Effort for British
Army Launched in Palestine; House of
Representatives Votes Down
Amendment Prohibiting Aid to Russia;
British Capture French Ship Carrying
Locomotives and Sugar to North Africa

German Infantrymen Begin Storming
Outer Defenses of Moscow; Foreign
Embassies Evacuating Russian Capital;
Stalin to Remain and Direct Defense of
Seat of World Communism; Intense
Fighting in Sector West of Moscow;
Both Sides Suffer Heavy Losses;
Odessa Ablaze

Tojo to Replace Konoye in Japan;
U.S. Officials Remain Calm

Atmosphere of War Hangs over Tokyo;
General Tojo Declares U.S. & British
Exploitation of Asiatics Must Be Purged;
Japanese Need Oil Supplies of Dutch
Indies Says Article in Italian Oil Review;
Russians Recapture Rostov

War Clouds Cover Orient;
Japan's Task all over Map

Britain & Canada Declare War on
Finland, Hungary, & Rumania

Finns Told War with Soviet Union
Must Continue

British War Declaration on Finland
Distresses Swedes

Hitler and Hirohito Telegraph
Congratulations to Finns on Finland's
Independence Day

Germans Repel Counterattacks on
Eastern Front

Russians Fiercely Contest Donets Basin

Russians Attempting Encirclement of
Germans Near Taganrog

White House Bulletin Says Japanese
Planes Attacking Hawaii; Heavy Smoke
Pours Skyward from Pearl Harbor

F.B.I. Begins Roundup of Japanese in
New York City

Resolution of Palestine War Conference
in N.Y.C. Calls for Development of
Palestine as National Homeland for

Winter Halts German Drive on Moscow

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