Kriegsmarine in the Mediterranean 1942

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Post by Andreas » 18 Dec 2005 23:28

The Italian sub at Salerno story has been split out to:

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Post by emir pasha » 05 Jan 2006 22:07

were there any F-Lighters and S-boats in the aegean and eastern mediterranean ?

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Post by Davide Pastore » 08 Jul 2006 19:17

New blood for a dead thread:
Davide Pastore wrote:3) 12x "Motozattere da 51t" [51t barges] - These ones I couldn't identify
I've made a bit of researches in the Italian Navy archives, and found the original papers about these crafts. Unfortunately they are written in Italian, hence they are translations, so the exact original German term is a metter of guess:

1) according to an Italian letter of 12 May 1942, quoting the OKW letter 55797/42 of 4 May 1942 (no trace of the original! Has anyone here access to German archives?) Germany promised to give:

- 1a) one "assault boat company" with 81x boats
(I think this is a Sturmboot-Kompanie, with 81x Sturmboot 39)

- 1b) one "pionier company" with 12x "51t heavy rafts", sent disassembled by rail
(type ?)

- 1c) one "tool assembly platoon" tasked with reassembling the above (1b) crafts
(it is specified that the platoon needs a 7t crane, and that it needs two days to assemble each raft).

- 1d) 200x "assault motor boats" without crews
(they seem additional Sturmboote, for Italian use)

- 1e) 170x (later 150x) "inflatable landing rafts", with outboard engine, without crews
(capacity 6 men each. Type ?)

- 1f) 100x "inflatable landing rafts", with paddles
(capacity 12-15 men or 1t load. Type ?)

2) according to a letter of 6 June 1942, the list of equipment (this time "needed" and not "promised") is now as above plus:

- 2a) one "Siebel company" with 12x Siebel rafts
(length 24m, width 14m, immersion 1.10m bow, 1.18m stern, speed 9kts max, 6kts cruise, load platforms are 2x 18x6m plus 1x 4x6m, load 50t, armed with 88 guns)

- 2b) 50x "large inflatable landing rafts", with outboard engine
(capacity 25 men or 2t load. Type ?)

3) according to a letter of 15 July 1942, the list of "promised" equipment includes all the above (1) and (2), except that the mysterious twelve 51t crafts are replaced by:

- 3a) 6x "large landing craft for engineers"
(length 19m, width 6m, immersion 0.86m bow, 0.92m stern, speed 9kts max, 7-8kts cruise, load platform is 14.4x3.2m, load 40t with flat sea, 24t with rough sea. Are they PiLb40 / Großes Landungsboot 40 / Pionierlandungsboot40 / PiLaBo40 ?)

- 3b) 6x "small landing craft for assault engineers"
(lenght 15m, width 4.7m, immersion 0.72m bow, 0.62m stern, speed 9kts max, 7-8kts cruise, load platform 11.9x2.65m, load 20t with flat sea, 10t with rough sea, or 45 men. Are they PiLb39 / Kleines Landungsboot 39 / Pionierlandungsboot39 / PiLaBo39 ?)

Comments and technical data are welcome!


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