Recipients of German Cross in Gold AND Silver?

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Recipients of German Cross in Gold AND Silver?

Post by USAF1986 » 25 Oct 2002 00:55

Does anyone know of any other recipients of the German Cross in Gold AND Silver?


Sonderführer (Kapitänleutnant) Otto Krüger
• German Cross in Gold: 7 November 1944, Sonderführer (Kapitänleutnant), Chief of Net Barrier Flotilla South.
• German Cross in Silver: 26 October 1944, Sonderführer (Kapitänleutnant), Chief of Net Barrier Flotilla (South?...not listed in Scheibert)

Konteradmiral z.V. Dr. jur. Paul Meixner
• German Cross in Gold: 11 February 1943, Sonderführer (Kapitän zur See), Chief of the German Naval Command North Africa.
• German Cross in Silver: 6 June 1942, Korvettenkapitän z.V., Chief of the German Sea Transport Center North Africa.

Generalleutnant z.V. Bodo Zimmermann
• German Cross in Gold: 25 September 1944, Oberst i.G. z.V., General Staff of Commander-in-Chief West.
• German Cross in Silver: 15 February 1943, Oberst i.G. z.V., Operations Officer (Ia), General Staff of Commander-in-Chief West.

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Globocnik and Rauff

Post by Michael Miller » 25 Oct 2002 04:07

Hi, Shawn.

Two SS officers received both grades of the Deutsches Kreuz (their biosketches follow). They just happened to be two of the most infamous representatives of that organization.

Best wishes,
~ Mike Miller
Axis Biographical Research

Odilo Lotario Globocnik
und Generalleutnant der Polizei /
Staatssekretär / M.d.R. / Gauleiter a.D.

Born: 21. April 1904 in Trieste.
Suicide: 31. May 1945, by cyanide at Moesslacher-Alm in the Karavanken Alps, Kärnten (Carinthia) soon after his capture by a British patrol.

NSDAP-Nr.: 442 939
(Joined Austrian NSDAP, 1922; Joined German NSDAP, 1. March 1931)
SS-Nr.: 292 776
(First joined, 1. September 1934; dismissed, 1939; readmitted, November 1939)

SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei: 9. November 1942
Generalmajor der Polizei: 9. September 1941
SS-Brigadeführer: 9. November 1939
SS-Untersturmführer d.R. (W-SS): November 1939
SS-Unterscharführer d.R. (W-SS): 1939
SS-Standartenführer: 12. March 1938
SS-Untersturmführer: 9. November 1937

Attended Volksschule in Trieste. Attended Militäroberrealschule and Kadettenkorps: 1914 - 1918. Became an Austrian citizen: 1918. Attended Staatsgewerbeschule in Klagenfürt, obtaining his Matura (Abitur). Member of the Kärntner Heimatdienst: 1919 - 10. October 1920. Entered Austrian NSDAP organization in Kärnten (Carinthia): 1922. Joined NSDAP: 1. March 1931. Joined SS: 1. September 1932. Gauwalter and Gaupropagandaleiter of the NS-Betriebszellenorganisation (NSBO / Nazi Factory Cell Organization) in Kärnten: . Stellvertreter Gauleiter of Kärnten: 1933 -. Stellvertreter Gauleiter in Wien: (Jan 1933). Incarcerated several times by Austrian authorities for Nazi political activities: 1933 - 1934. Arrested by Austrian n authorities (for the 1933 murder of a Jewish jeweler): mid-1935; sentenced to 1 year in prison; released: 1936. Stabsleiter of the Landesleitung of the Austrian NSDAP: 1936 - . Liaison between Austrian Nazi Party and NSDAP HQ at the Braun Haus, München: 1936 - March 1938. Assigned to SS-Oberabschnitt “Österreich”: 9. November 1937 - 12. March 1938. Organizational Leader for Questions of the [Austrian Nazi] Movement: 10. March 1938 - . Attached to Staff of SS-Oberabschnitt “Donau”: 12. March 1938 - 1. February 1939. Stabsleiter to Gauleiter Hubert Klausner, the Landesleiter of the NSDAP in Austria: 13. March 1938 - . Staatssekretär in the cabinet of Dr. Artur Seyss-Inquart (and after): 15. March 1938 - early-July 1943. Gauleiter of Wien (dismissed due to illegal speculation in foreign currency): 22. May 1938 - 30. January 1939 . Member of the Reichstag: 24. May 1938 - 8. May 1945. Member of the Lebensborn Society: . Assigned to Persönlicher Stab, Reichsführer-SS: 1. February 1939 - . Training with SS-Standarte “Der Führer” (?): 1939. Reserve NCO in SS-Standarte “Germania”: September 1939 - October 1939. SS und Polizeiführer "Lublin", Generalgouvernement: 3. November 1939 - 16. August 1943. Beauftragter der Reichsführer-SS für die Errichtung der SS und Polizei Stützpunkte im neuen Ostraum (Representative of the Reichsführer SS for the Erection of SS and Polizei Bases in the newly annexed Eastern areas): 17. July 1941 - 30. March 1942. Promoted Hauptbereichsleiter of the NSDAP: 9. November 1941. Distriktstandortführer (District Garrison Leader) of the NSDAP in Lublin: 194_ - . Member of the Reichstag: (30. January 1942) - 8. May 1945. Geschäftsführer (Managing Director) of Ostindustrie GmbH in Lublin (company set up to oversee Jewish labor in ghettos of Generalgouvernement for manufacture of goods for SS; much of profit going to Globocnik and his staff): March 1943 - September 1943 . Staatssekretär (by order of Reichsführer-SS [Himmler]): 4. July 1943 - 1945. Höhere SS und Polizeiführer "Adriatisches Küstenland" (HQ: Trieste, Schloß Emmersdorf): 13. September 1943 - 8. May 1945 (in hiding with Gauleiter Dr. jur. Friedrich Rainer until their capture by a British patrol on 26. May 1945).

Decorations & Awards:
~ Deutsches Kreuz in Gold: 7. February 1945 as SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei, Höhere SS und Polizeiführer “Adriatisches Küstenland”
~ Deutsches Kreuz in Silber: 20. January 1945 as SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei, Höhere SS und Polizeiführer “Adriatisches Küstenland” (based on recommendation submitted by Gauleiter / SS- Obergruppenführer Dr. jur. Friedrich Rainer, 18. December 1944)
1939 Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse: 1944
1939 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse: November 1940
Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern: 1942
Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern
Bandenkampfabzeichen in Silber: 17. September 1944
Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938
Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. März 1938
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen: 30. January 1939
Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen: 15. May 1944
Ehrenzeichen für Deutsche Volkspflege II. Stufe
Dienstauszeichnungen der NSDAP in Silber und Bronze
Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen in Bronze
SA-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
Ehrendegen des RF SS
Totenkopfring der SS
Ehrenwinkel für Altekämpfer
Kärntner Kreuz für Tapferkeit (Carinthian Cross of Bravery): ca. 1920
Crown of King Zvonimir First Class with Star and Swords (Croatia):
14. November 1944
Order of Merit (Hungary) First & Second Class

* Son of the K.u.K. Rittmeister Franz Globocnik and his wife, Anna, née Hagl. His grandfather, a high school professor in Laibach and great grandfather, a physician in Neumarktl wrote the family name as “Globotschnig”.
* Religion: Catholic, then left the church and declared himself “gottgläubig”.
* Married on 22. October 1944 to BDM-Gauführerin Lore Peterschinegg (died 1974) at SS-Junkerschule Klagenfürt (one son, born in British internment camp, January 1946).
* Given responsibility for carrying out “Aktion Reinhardt”, the extermination of Polish Jewry via the death camps of Belzec, Treblinka, and Sobibor in 1942 / 1943. Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels made sinister mention of Globoncik in his diary entry for 27. March 1942:

“Starting with Lublin, the deportation of Jews from the Generalgouvernement to the East has been set in train. It is a pretty barbarous business- one would not wish to go into details. Not much will remain of the Jews. I should think that about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated and about 40 per cent can be used for forced labor. The former Gauleiter of Wien [Globocnik], who is in charge of the operation, is carrying it out with a good deal of circumspection, and his methods do not seem to be attracting much publicity.”

* Height: 5 ft., 9 in. (176 cm).
* Globocnik received the German Cross in Silver as a result of the following recommendation by his old Austrian Nazi Party friend and colleague, Gauleiter and SS-Obergruppenführer Dr. jur. Friedrich Rainer (date: 18. December 1944)(translation courtesy of Guenter Thalhaeuser):

I hereby apply for the award of the German Cross in Silver for SS Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Odilo
G l o b o c n i k, Höherer SS und Polizeiführer in the zone of operations “Adriatisches Küstenland” [Adriatic Coast].

Upon receipt of the Führer Directive concerning the construction of defensive positions, Party Comrade Globocnik was appointed as my Executive Representative for the overall organization of all construction activities. Globocnik has performed his duties with exceptional perseverance, greatest political skill and aunique diligence in following my numerous increasing demands for greater efforts concerning the conduct of construction, which the present high level of activity reflects.

He has conquered all difficulties with the zeal of a revolutionary National Socialist and leads all of my colleagues in deserving the highest merit for his efforts. (His) Deployment has taken place under combat conditions. During his many visits to construction areas in close proximity to the front, Globocnik has closely escaped repeated strafing and bombing attacks. He has fulfilled his operational duties with a special courage and disregard for his personal safety, even in view of the (Partisan) band situation.

I have observed on repeated occasions that the performance and personal contribution of Party Comrade Globocnik throughout the construction of defensive positions in upper Italy has earned enthusiastic recognition by the Supreme Commander Southwest. In addition to his role as Executive Representative, Globocnik also performs assignments for senior SS and Police authorities in such an enthusiastic manner that observers are filled with wonder. His construction responsibilities are carried out within a party cadre that includes 4,300 political officers who mobilize a daily workforce of approximately 120,000 local inhabitants.

I hereby apply for the award of the German Cross in Silver for Party Comrade Globocnik and request if possible that all award proceedings be completed by year end.

Signed R a i n e r

Walther Hermann Julius Rauff

SS-Standartenführer / Korvettenkapitän d.R.:

Born: 19. June 1906 in Cöthen.

Died: 14. May 1984 in Santiago, Chile (cancer and heart failure).

NSDAP-Nr.: 5 216 415
SS-Nr.: 290 947 (Joined 20. April 1938)


SS-Hauptsturmführer: 20. April 1938
SS-Sturmbannführer: 20. April 1939
SS-Obersturmbannführer: 30. January 1941
Kapitänleutnant d.R.: 1. April 1941
SS-Standartenführer: 21. June 1944

Führer, SS/SD Einsatzkommando Tunis: 1942 - May 1943. Kommandeur derSicherheitspolizei und des Sicherheitsdienstes (KdS) in Milano (Mainland), Italy: 1943 - 1944. Kommandeur of Sicherheitspolizei Gruppe “Oberitalien-West” (subordinate to Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei “Gardasee-Verona” [SS-Gruppenführer Dr. Wilhelm Harster]): 1944 - April 1945.

Chef, Amtsgruppe II D (Technik / Technical Matters) in RSHA: (1. Jan. 1941) - 1942.

SS-Hauptsturmführer in SD-Hauptamt: (1938)

Reichsmarine/Kriegsmarine Service:

Discharged from active service: 12. Apr. 1941.

Promoted Korvettenkapitan d.R.: 1. Apr. 1941.

Kdr. 38.Minensuch-Flotille (Mine Sweeper Flotilla): Jul. 1940 - Apr. 1941.

As Kapitänleutnant, Commander, Minesweeper M146 in 1. Minesweeper Flotilla,
Pillau: (1935)

Oberleutnant zur See in Sperrabteilung (Mine Division), Inspection for Torpedo and
Mine Affairs: 1930 (per 1930 Reichsmarine Rangliste)

Naval class of 1926.

Postwar Capture and Escape:
Surrendered to U.S. authorities in Milano, 30. April 1945. Interned for 20 months in a U.S. camp at Rimini, then escaped at end of 1946, fleeing to Rome. With assistance of certain Vatican officials, successfully moved on to Syria, and in October 1949 to Ecuador with his family. Moved to Chile, 1958. West Germany sought his extradition on charges of “crimes against humanity”. Chilean authorities arrested him at Punta Arenas on 4. December 1962, but extradition was barred by the Chilean Supreme Court on 26. April 1963 as his crimes were deemed “outside the Chilean statute of limitations”. Simon Wiesenthal appealed to Chile for Rauff’s extradition, 4. September 1972. Lived in prosperity as cannery owner in Punta Arenas, Chile as of 1975. In response to later requests for Rauff’s extradition to West Germany, Chile refused to expel him on 1. February 1984. 1984:II:8:1).}

Decorations & Awards:
Deutsches Kreuz in Gold: 7. Feb. 1945 as SS-Standartenführer & Kommandeur of Gruppe Oberitalien West under Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des Sicherheitsdienstes (BdS) Italien
Deutsches Kreuz in Silber: 20. May 1943 as SS-Obersturmbannführer and Leiter des Sicherheitsdienstes AOK A;
1939 Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse: 1941
1939 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse: 1941
Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern: 20. April 1944
Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern: 194_
Ärmelband "Afrika"
Deutsche Olympia-Ehrenzeichen II. Klasse: 1936
Ehrendegen des RF SS
Totenkopfring der SS

* Married with two children.

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Post by USAF1986 » 25 Oct 2002 06:18


Thanks, much appreciated! Globocnik...of course, I totally forgot about him! The name Rauff really rings a bell. Is he the officer in this picture from the well-known series of photos taken of the German surrender in Milan (I believe in a hotel)? You can see an "AFRIKA" cuff title on his coat sleeve.


BTW, the "double recipients" might be a great addition to Marcus' German Cross in Gold page to complement the foreign recipients list. I mean, there can't be too many of them!
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Post by USAF1986 » 26 Oct 2002 02:10

Yes, that's him! I checked Andrew Mollo's book and it states Rauff called upon his men to surrender "in their stronghold in the Hotel Regina" on 30 April 1945. They surrendered to the U.S. IV Corps commanded by Major General Willis D. Crittenberger. Presumably, Rauff and his men were in their "stronghold" as Italian partisans had been openly fighting in Milan before the Americans arrived.

Interesting link to the U.S. IV Corps intelligence report describing the scene in the hotel during Rauff’s surrender:


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Post by USAF1986 » 26 Oct 2002 02:21


BTW, the 5 January 1928 Rangliste der Deutschen Reichsmarine shows Rauff as a member of the Naval Class of 1924. As of this Rangliste, he was a Fähnrich zur See with date of rank 1 April 1926 and assigned (probably for training) to the pre-dreadnought battleship “Elsaß” based at Kiel.


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