Heroic Defense of the Adzhimushkai Quarry in 1942

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Post by weiss » 04 Mar 2006 09:16

The only reason I don't believe the Germans used poison gas in this incident is because of the complete lack of proof or confirmation from German sources or records. I agree that if, for whatever reason, they decided to use poison gas they would want to keep it secret. However, the Germans meticulously documented many of their worst war crimes, so for them not to document the use of poison gas in this incident just seems to far fetched. It just goes against the nazi regime's beurocratic nature!

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When Germans eventually conquered this cave fortress in mid-October, they would've seen a huge pile of defenders' corpses and realized that, however they were technologically and tactically superior, they couldn't crash Soviet citizen's steely will to resist the invasion and to defend their motherland, and that they couldn't win the war if they couldn't kill the last defender of the Soviet Union.

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Maybe, K.S., but hadn't the Germans just experienced nearly a month-long siege of Sevastopol at the other end of Crimea in which the Soviet defenders largely fought to the last trench, the last fort and nearly the last man? If they wanted proof of what you just said, then Sevastopol would have been an even better lesson for them. Unfortunately, A.H. never learned that lesson, and his better generals in Russia didn't learn it until fall 1943 at the earliest.

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Post by Kim Sung » 30 Mar 2006 14:40

I've found out which Soviet units fought this 5 month long heroic battle.

Cadets of Yaroslval Aviation Academy, Cadets of Voronezh Radio Specialist Acdemy, the 83rd Marine Brigade and the 95 NKVD Border Guard Detachment led by Colonel Yagunov, senior battalion commissar Parakhin, lieutenant-colonel Burmin, colonel Ermakov, senior lieutenant Povazhniy and battalion commissar Karpekhin fought to the end. To my surprise, none of them was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union after the war.

Considering that 20,000~40,000 people hold on in this cave city, at least half of these heroes were not soldiers but Kerch civilians(mainly women and children). I would like to pay my respect to those brave women and children who fought to the last minute and the last second against the Nazi murderers.

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Post by Epaminondas » 30 Mar 2006 19:14

On a related note, Belgians claimed that the germans used gas on Eben Emel in 1940 for a few years, until extensive research showed it was just smoke grenades, and various chemical fires light accidently by HEs etc.

Just because there were fires, or smoke clouds that killed doesn't mean chemical weapons were employed.

And if they were employed, it woudl seem a simple matter to poke around the quarry and find some evidence; alot of chemical weapons could probably still be be detected in trace amounts in a cave/mine system...

Just because the survivors think gas was used, doesn't mean it was.

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Post by Kim Sung » 01 Apr 2006 12:43

Larry D. wrote:This story is largely unknown outside Russia and the area of the former Soviet Union
Like the heroic battle in the Brest fortress, this unbelievable story had remained almost unknown and intentionally ignored during Stalin's reign in the Soviet Union. I suppose the reason this legend was ignored was that Stalin wanted to conceal his favorite Lev Mekhlis' tactical failure in the defense of the Crimean peninsula.

It was Lev Mekhlis who caused the disaster of Crimea and the tragedy of Adzhimushkay. For him, the battle was a matter of morale. He believed that trenches sapped the spirit of aggression, so none was ever dug. This fatal mistake allowed swift and unmolested German advance to Kerch, giving no enough time for evacuation of Soviet troops and civilians. There was no Dunkirk for the Soviets in Crimea.

Heroic sacrifice of 20,000~40,000 brave men and women was completely ignored to conceal Stalin's folly. It was not until 1967 that a memorial museum was built in commemoration of those heroes and heroines.

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Post by Kim Sung » 05 May 2006 15:15

The followings are automatic translations of Vladimir Vladimirovich Kunin's 'Derailed from the Skies'(Владимир Владимирович Кунин :: Сошедшие с небес), which tells about a pure and tragic love in the epic Battle of the Adzhimushkay Quarry in 1942.

They loved each other in that dark quarry but couldn't see the sky again..... forever.....

Сошедшие с небес


Part 1
Ah, these black eyes me captivated!

It is not possible to forget them in any way - they burn before me...

Ah, these black eyes... Who will fall in love with you,

That will lose forever both heart and rest... -

it flowed from the worn out old plate...

The darkness is populated by the obscure mute sounds. And among them - a whisper - hasty, that is torn away, feverish, as if the delirium:

- ya I love you... God is my, as I love you!

-- I 4... And 4 you I love, solnyshko my...

- Tishe, rodnen'kiy... Is quieter, dear... Are quieter, Serezhen'ka.

- Puskay... What to now fear?

- Gospodi! Well why so it is late? But where you earlier was?

- ya was always with you, Mashenka. You simply did not know about this. And 4 he did not know...

- ya I love you... 4 so you I love!..

Weak yellow light from somewhere began to appear. It snatched out from the desperate dark deformed rock walls, the moaning injured - they lay on the angles of the narrow cave, hacked in the piling up of the rocks.

Someone bore kerosene lamp, low it screamed out:

- Saninstruktor! Medical instructor! Masha! Where you? There in Tenyakova again hemorrhage. You where, Masha?..

- to Pit'... To drink... To drink... - they moan of all dark it is angular.

Bandages in the weak light of kerosene lamp become white.

- Masha!

- to Idu!

To Masha eighteen years. It slender, dirty and torn. It rose from the elbows, caught sanitary bag, it ironed on face of the lying twenty-year Junior Lieutenant:

- Polezhi, Serezhen'ka. I soon will return. Stay, loved...

Serezha - pilot. This is evident on the pursuits of the worried to death field shirt. On it trousers with one trouser leg. The foot, on which there is no trouser leg, is rolled up by dirty bandages with the zaskoruzlymi spots of the drying blood. Quite near lies the German automaton of "shmaysser".

Weapon here lies near each injured. All half-naked - heat, it is oppressive, perspiration pours face, corrodes eyes.

- to Pit'... To drink... To drink...

And as if lulling those lying, from somewhere will sail prewar, sweet:

... There was day autumnal, and leaves sadly fell off,

In the last asters the grief is crystal vein,

You inconsolable spilled tears - you did not love,

And with me you said goodbye...

On the half word was broken the tango, and someone's insinuating female voice with the weak German accent and the characteristic radiokhripottsoy it said:

- Germanskoye command turns himself to you with the noble humane proposal: you must leave the cave and be returned. For this to you they guarantee life and freedom...

Masha with the candle-end of spark plug returned. Again it descended to the elbows before Sergey:

- Vot with you and light exists... Now only to survive.

- to Nam is known about you everything, - he spoke soft female voice with the the German of aktsentom. - we know, that you perish from the thirst and the hunger, each day you becomes increasingly less; to us it is known, of the remainders of what military parts your underground garrison consists; we know, who you commands...

- Ne listen to, do not listen to... - hurriedly zasheptala Masha.

- ya I do not listen to. I look at you, Mashenka my... My Mashenka.

Someone near proshelestel:

- Vodichki... of glotochek...

- to Netu thus far vodichki, lapushka. - Masha it ran up to ranenomu. - suffer. Can, to the night... But yesterday it did succeed, you do remember?

- to Ne to live to me until the night...

- you Dozhivesh', that you! We all will live. It is compulsory!

But female voice with German accent from somewhere he spoke:

- My overlapped the sole source of water - well at the main entrance into the stone quarry. Twenty-four hour observation is established after it. Any of you will not be succeeded in reaching from there at least the drop of water...

Flick, and again man hysterical voice suffering began to sing:

Ah, these black eyes me captivated...

In the depth of cave noise of fight arose, the cries was heard:

- it Net! No! No! I will not give!!! You do not laugh!..

- Popalsya, reptile!

- you Pustite! I will not return! I will not return!.. Do not have you such rights!..

Three light wounded held old man- medical orderly and pulled out in it from the hands metallic jar - a kind of the small can. The smoky ragged Lieutenant Colonel appeared from the darkness, he looked to the old man- medical orderly by heavy eye.

- Zanachka in gada! - in hysterics shouted one injured, and the second cried sobbing: - it hid... It hid, bastard!..

- to Razdat' water injured, - hoarse ordered Lieutenant Colonel, licking the dried up, cracked lips, and it left into the darkness.

- you Pustite menya!!! - old man- medical orderly wildly yelled and he rushed.

Jar departed from its hands, it fell - water spread on the earth, after leaving only moist track.

Old man bent, gripped I be empty to bank, zakhokhotal it broke into a run. It rushed along the semi-dark underground corridors, pushed apart people, swung by jar and first sang, not that it sobbed:

- "Shiroka the country my is native,

much in it forests, pour on and rivers!.."

In the cleft, which leads from the cave outside, the sub-machine gunner shouted to it "Stoy!", but old man derailed from the mind rushed by past it and ran out to the dazzling, flooded by sunlight, burnt out by the unbearable heat the area, on edge of which stood the well.

The corpses of Russian soldiers, riddled by the machine gun bursts of bucket and canister, lay around the well. Three machine-gun points of Germans held under the sight area, well and output from the stone quarry.

Germans saw the departed with the jar unhappy mad and raised eyes to the officer. That gave sign to one machine-gun crew. The short burst rattled. Old man it tossed up on to run, it fell. With the sheet metal knock it were rolled on the stones of its bank...

And then the turns of two additional machine guns were heard. They lashed on the jar, and bank it rushed about as living, and where it not flew away, the machine gun burst everywhere overtook it.

Officer began to laugh and encouragingly winked to machine gunners. And fire ceased. Officer put on peak cap and went to the large radio-van, installed on the heavy truck. On the roof of van two loudspeakers deafeningly spoke in soft female voice with the weak German accent:

- My we are turned to the sense of your commanders - you do not ruin thoughtlessly people. You will end resistance, will end attacks and attacks, which to nothing, except losses, lead cannot...

Before to rise on the short stairs into the rear door of radio-van, the officer buttoned tunic to all buttons and wiped boots by the beam of grass. It saw in the rear wheel several faded flowers, tore away them and built nemudryashchiy buketik. And only after this opened the door of van...

- to Pit', sestritsa, - wheezed injured young fellow.

- Ts- with... You do hear, children? It flows, flows... - sears sailor with the the reckless of glazami. - they hide from us... You do hear? Water flows...

And by here completely normal loud voice, already in to delirium, capriciously it spoke:

- Mama, well you give to me tea! Is how much possible! I await, await...

- to Pit'... To drink... To drink...

The tired sun tenderly with the sea said goodbye... -

it thundered outside.

And the injured sailor again lost senses from the thirst raised himself on the elbow:

- you Slysh', bratok... Water flows... Zhurchit somewhere, sterva...

- Tochno! - suddenly spoke Sergey and he attempted to arise.

Masha with the horror understood that this psychosis, this hallucination will now envelop all. It rushed to Sergey, forced him against the earth by entire its body, it yelled:

- to Molchat'!!! To all to lie, not to move! There is no water whatever! It does not exist. Nowhere it flows... Do not think about it. On which you want think, only not about the water! Because there is no water...

All zatikhli. Masha let go Sergey, she arose and as if in zabyt'i it repeated:

- Potomu that there is no water... But I will now bring it to you.

It took out from the pocket of field shirt comb and small mirror. Fitted mirror on the rock protrusion, there stuck the candle-end of spark plug. It removed the dirty, perspired side-cap, on the soldier habit pushed it under the belt and it began to thoroughly comb hair its long hair. It looked intently at the small mirror, wet with saliva crumpled platochek, rubbed off face from soot, many day mud, it smartened up...

- Mashka, you that? What - injured with the fright followed for Mashey. - the Mashas, you end from toboy?! ! You what udumala?!

- to Ne serpent, Masha... - hoarse said Sergey and, after being held for the wall, rose to the feet. It set aside to the side the unbending shot through foot, it were inclined, took in the hands "shmaysser". - 4 you anywhere not forest.

- to Ne I can, I not can more, Serezhen'ka... - sorrowfully spoke Masha, it shone herself by the candle-end of spark plug and groped the arc of bucket.

- you Poterpite, rebyatki. I now will return.

With the bucket in the hand Masha went to the output from the cave, from where the mute tango rushed only. Dragging injured foot, with the automatic weapon in the hands, after it Sergey hobbled.

- Komandir! - istoshno it yelled injured matros. - commander! Mashka after the water went! Mashka after the water... However, yes you will stop its someone! Commander!..

Masha and Sergey were already at the output from the cave.

- Stoy, dura! - shouted sub-machine gunner, who was on duty in vkhoda. - entirely it went balmy?!

Several men ran from the depth of cave:

- to Ostanovit'! Not to let out! They will kill, Mashenka!..

But in entire appearance of Mashas there were this determination, such internal force, that the sub-machine gunner involuntarily stood aside.

- ya will cover it... I I will cover... 4 to its no one not of otdam! - Sergey wheezed, creeping out from the cave with the automatic weapon in the hands.

It left opened, without being concealed, under the white slepyashcheye sun, which poured the worried to death earth. It zazhmurilas' from the unbearable light, it leaned on the cliff and coughed.

Next to it, in one trouser leg, barefoot, with the inflexible injured foot absurdly set aside to the side, stood Sergey with "shmaysserom thrown up to the manufacture".

Three German machine-gun crews from three different points brought together their stems to one purpose. Sergey and Masha proved to be by the prisoners in the sighting notch...

Inside the radio-van German officer sat next to the elderly beautiful woman in the military form. The microphone stood before it. Leaves with the announcer text lay. Twisted itself on the record player only plate - known prewar Russian tango...

Woman smelled buketik, she cast looks to the officer with the tired coquetry. Officer looked at it with the tenderness and the hope...

Very young German machine gunner was lost, face was covered with perspiration. Finger lay on the trigger button of machine gun, but soldier did not shoot. He awaited command.

Did not shoot the second machine gunner. With the curiosity and by surprise he examined slender girl with the long hair, with the side-cap after the belt, with the bucket in the hand.

The third concentrated its ironic attention in the cripple in one trouser leg, with the automatic weapon in the hands. On what it does hope? It barely stands on the feet and is forced to be forced by back against cliff.

But the here ragged girl straightened field shirt under the soldier belt and moved to the well. Ridiculously dragging foot, pokovylyal together with it fellow in one trouser leg. It was evidently, as they went around those killed, they approached a well.

From the cleft of cliff the people napryazhenno followed each step of Mashas and Sergey.

Were not let out them from the framework of sight three German machine guns.

Masha lowered bucket into the well. It was audibly, as it tumbled against the water... Sergey stood to it by back, overlapping it from the average machine-gun point. Its automaton was aimed directly at the German calculation.

Masha began to draw out rope with the bucket from the well. But to take out the bucket, high tide, in it simply did not be sufficient forces. It helplessly was examined to Sergey:

- Pomogi... - and podala to it the end of the rope.

Holding in one hand automaton, Sergey helped Masha to take out bucket with the water of the well. Was placed it on the felling and... it fell!

It fell from the fact that accidentally it stepped to the injured foot with entire weight of its tormented body. It fell uncomfortably, absurdly, after beginning to tear the upward bandaged foot without the trouser leg...

And to Germans this seemed by terribly ridiculous! They exchanged glances and laughed loud - this foolish Russian fellow with his stupid automaton so was ridiculous! But not one machine gun of three so let out Sergey and Masha from its sight. They followed them step by step, until Masha bore complete bucket to the input cleft, and Sergey, with difficulty pulling injured foot, it went back and it covered by its its automaton...

Young Germans after their machine guns laughed loud.

From the loudspeakers against the background only the mute tango is the female voice, not deprived of certain artistic taste, he spoke with the weak German accent:

- Germanskoye command gives to you two hours for output and delivering the weapon. The firing and explosions on the surface will be renewed after two hours. Then we will release gases, and you will die all without the exception. This is last warning.

But tango flew into the hot sky, it wrapped the area pited by funnels, it descended to the felling of well, it soared above the bodies of dead Russian soldiers, it forced to jingle the riddled banks, buckets, canisters, which so not were reported to the dying from the thirst people...

Sergey was demobilized after seven years.

He was very good by himself - captain, pilot, hung by combat orders and medals, in the new (on occasion of transfer to the reserves) officer form.

And Masha was excellent. In a strict dark costumer - only longish straight skirt, little jacket with the arms and the short order lath, and on the head the small amusing cap of "meningitka".

But between Masha and Sergey their son - six year old Vovka. Through the arm in Vovki will hang present flying plane-table on the thin belt. And Vovka is dressed up holiday: it is immediately evident on Vovke that last years Sergey and Masha served in Germany.

In semicircular palisadnichke with the poplars before the two-story provincial administration of civil air fleet Masha said Vovke:

- Otda1- kA to dad plane-table, son.

Vovka removed from itself plane-table, lengthened to its father.

- to Nu, I went... - Sergey nodded.

- Prover' documents.

Serezha opened plane-table.

- Demobilizatsionnoye predpisaniye? - asked Masha.

- Est', - answered Serezha, being dug in the plane-table.

- Uchetnaya card?

- to Est'...

They both nevertheless a little were disturbed. New life began.

- Spravka from the police?

- Vot it.

- Napravleniye of gorvoyenkoma?

- Zdes'.

- Pap, and on the commercial airplane to me will be with you letat'? - asked Vovka.

- Na civil - zaprosto! - promised to it Sergey.

- Letnaya book?

Sergey rummaged in the plane-table, he raised to Masha the lost eyes.

however, - to T'fu, the fool of staraya! - it scolded itself ona. - flying book in my bag! Hold.

- Slava to god! Well, 4 poshel? - asked again Sergey.

- Ni of down, - smiled Masha.

-- K feature, - put Vovka.

Sergey was directed to the doors of provincial administration GVF, and Masha with The the vovkoy sedate they sat on the bench in the front garden and were set to this door.

- to Netu i have for you work, captain, - told Sergey the large thick person of years of forty, who sat at the table.

To him it was hot, the white perspired jacket was unbuttoned, after the shirochennoy back on the chair of visel dark-blue regular tunic.

- To is as this net?! - it were agitated Sergey. - 4 destroyer!

- Potomu no. Neither dive-bombers nor destroyers we take. It would be transport worker or heavy bomber, they would take. But destroyers we do not take... - to Tolstoy to man very it was nauseating from this conversation.

Sergey shook in stout person under the nose by his flying book:

to -- U me one hundred seventeen combat missions! Six hundred fifty it is hour film!..

- to Ne amuse me, captain, - it got tired it said tolstyak. - in our GVF copilots on five thousand it was hour they have, and aircraft commanders that are more. So that zasun' your film you do know where?

- No me military registration and enlistment office directed! Here is it, direction... 4 pilots! Pilot, you hear, paper soul?!

- Ne shout. To us tenth-grade student to more easily learn to fly in the passenger machine, than you to retrain.

- Da 4 from forty second similar passed, which to you did not dream!

- Odin, that li? - inquired the stout person.

- Chego "one"?

- Odin, I do ask, that whether, it did pass? Or still who was next?

Sergey in the desperation was gripped for the head.

- Ne panic, captain. Be arranged, settle in. Go on the autumn. To October let us open the six months old courses of ground-based traffic control service.

Sergey raised head, looked to the stout person with the hatred.

- Ty well, then mother your into the soul, me - destroyer, combat pilot - into ground-based sluzhbu?! - he was bent through the table, he raked up stout person for the perspired jacket, by jerk raised it from stula. - were dug round in their kabinetikakh, boughs! Where you was in forty third, in forty fourth, in forty fifth?!

Stout person proved to be to polgolovy higher than Sergey.

He placed his palm on face of Sergey and by short, powerful motion discarded it from itself. Sergey flew over through entire office, he were struck by back of the head against the wall and collapsed to the floor.

Stout person took out because of the back of chair two sticks, it leaned on them and, swinging, it left because of the table, squeaking by two prostheses. It not had both feet.

On the back of the chair of visel regular dark-blue tunic with the lonely gold asterisk of hero with the shabby moire tape.

Stout person approached lying Sergey, he very quietly poked with his stick into the stomach and said:

- Ladno to you... Arise, not psikhuy. Give let us have a talk quietly...

In the outskirts of city in the depth of the large neukhozhennogo court - two-story wooden small house.

In the court Masha and Sergey hung up on the ropes of the things, which were deteriorated in the trunks for the distant road. There were here and German rug, and overcoat, white medical dressing gowns and cap, field shirt, short fur American flight jacket, children's wadded small pad. But the corona of this parade of things was wall German plush carpet with the sad yellow-brown deer on the bright green lawn under the blood-red rays of the setting sun...

On the neck Masha has the bond of clothespins. Sergey in the next to the skin shirt, in galife, barefoot. Without ceasing to help Masha to shake out and to hang up things, Sergey quietly and sadly said:

- ...vy, he speaks, destroyers, lethal factor always singly. Privykli, he speaks, each minute to risk by its skin, and you like from this not to already break... But to us, he speaks, your risky pieces - to the lamp. To us, he speaks, it is necessary that the passengers would be living- healthy and load in the safety... To us in the civil aviation cannot be risked. Excuse, he speaks...

- Serezha, go into the night school, end the tenth class. For next year into the provincial pedagogical you will enter... To me in bol'nichke to the new year somewhat to add they promised... I will go on polstavki into the polyclinic, I will take several daily duties additionally. Let us extend without ceremony!..

- Nu that you stir?! Where I will go into the tenth class, if 4 into ninth- that never it learned!..

- Vo foolish... - it did astonish Masha. - who you for the language pulls? But you go immediately into the tenth. As demobilized - any examinations. You clever person!..

From to house to the porch, hardly moving feet in the enormous Serezhinykh fur-lined boots, left Vovka in one short football shirt and shorts. On the head it has paternal interphone headset with the connecting boot-tree for the radio communication.

- Papa! - the plows Of vovka it did shake overhead the gold Serezhinymi of pogonami. - to you pursuits no longer were necessary, it is possible, 4 them to itself I will take?

- Beri. - Sergey waved by hand.

- to Ne touch papiny pursuits, - strictly said Masha. - you not grew even to the captain. 4 to you others I will give.

It removed from its overcoat the narrow pursuits of the Junior Lieutenant of medical service and by linen clothespins fastened they to the shoulder straps Of vovkinoy football shirt.

- Oy... - It contemptuously lengthened Vovka. - Medical... They are necessary to me!

- Vot 4 you I will now tear out for these of slova! - Sergey exploded.

- Chto you, what you, Serezhen'ka! - it frightened Masha it forced Vovku against sebe. - the very same small still... However, well from where to him know- that everything?

In this second, desperately signaling, into the court flew polutorka. Dashingly unrolled zatormozila next to the porch. Because of the control came out Nyus'ka - neighbor of Mashas and Sergey.

To nyus'ke - tridtsatnik. It person is lonely, is merry and very attractive for entire man population. But still Nyus'ka of men is independent - true shoferyuga in the local motor park.

- ey, neighbors! Assume cot two-sleeping! Waking on the trunks of drykhnut'! - Nyus'ka it discarded the lateral board of truck.

There stood wide bed with the nickel-plated arcs of backs, lots of bright shishechek and high-quality spring grid.

- Davay, Serega, climb into the body, give it to us, and we here with The the mashkoy will accept...

- Nyusen'ka, to zolottse is my! Yes to us with you the century not of rasschitat'sya! - Masha exclaimed.

-- A you nothing for it and must. Perhaps what to sleep on by it to pokrepche, when khakhalya come will be to me. And all matters!

Sergey jumped into the body, looked around bed, said Nyus'ke:

-- A of what it to wholly drag? Such beds like collapsible.

- Tochno! - it agreed Nyus'ka. - this when it from the store, then collapsible. But when from the dump, yes the grid of five days in solyarke from the rust they soaked, then welders in the motor park with it were occupied, oposlya the house-painter of its marafetil, and in gal'vanotsekhe here this khrenovinu they nickel-plated, so it became completely not collapsible. Give! Be taken from that to edge, Mary! Thus, it is good, good... To polegon'ku. Hold, Serega. The Mashas, intercept for the back... Vovka! Vovka, sukin you is tomcat! However, you where this into the cab into some shorts the dirty seat climbed?! God is my! Yes you lay to the child of anything under zadnitsu, if you to it to the pants did not earn!.. Release, release, Serezhen'ka! We hold, hold... You now to us jump. You to us here be required.

... Bed stood on the earth. Masha took away Vovku into the house to slip over it pants, and it was audible, as they argued there.

Sergey with The the nyus'koy they sat to the spring grid to smoke. Nyus'ka rocked on the grid, it said to Sergey:

- Na to this koyechke another pair Of vovikov can be found. This, of course, if it is good to look.

to -- U you, probably cot is not worse. What you itself will not look?

- to Mne of one not to extend. But you - two. To you it is good.

- Vyshla is marry.

but - Tak indeed as, Serezhen'ka, marry to leave, when 4 even "hiding place" to its it did not have? Propal without the news in the beginning of forty second and with the ends...

The flock of in a draw dogs ran along the street. The small red of twig glanced into the court, and entire flock stopped.

- Kysh of otsyuda! - shouted on them nyus'ka, and dogs as if by the wind of sdulo. - toss, toss, wretches... But suddenly it will return?

- Kto? - did not understand Sergey.

- to Nu motor...

- A-A- A... Of course not, Nyusya, now already hardly.

Nyus'ka trampled cigarette-butt, spat out, it arose from the krovatnoy grid.

- No 4 all zh of it I will wait. 31, Mary! You where? Go to drag cot!

Masha jumped out to the porch together with The the vovkoy, dressed in shtanishki. She tore away from the rope plush carpet with the deer and threw on it to Nyus'kiny arms.

this -- A to you from us. Is correct, Serezha?

- Konechno, - for the first time smiled Sergey.

- Oy-oy-oy! What aunt Of nyusya is beautiful!!! As princess! Here this da! - in the enthusiasm yelled Vovka.

To nyus'ku gift like and did not gladden:

- Oshaleli? Yes this carpet on the "arm" of thousand stands. Thus far Serega without the work, it to there drive in - three months to be held it is possible.

- Nichego. We and without the "arm" will manage, - said Masha.

- Da that, 4 to itself work I will not find that li? - yelled Sergey.

Sergey and the four additional hired peasants dragged meat flourishes from the body of product truck into the basement accomodation of gourmet.

Hands and faces in the meat sanies, on the heads by hood bags are thrown on, perspiration pours eyes. To flourish on the arms - and downward on the rock steps of narrow stairs into the basement, by the weights... Storekeeper will weigh, he will write down into tetradochku. On the H-beam - hooks. Although it is low, to hang is necessary two together, three together. Heavy, enormous flourishes...

And again upward, to the truck. But the meat still of polkuzova.

Then izmochalennye, with the begun to fall eyes, washed in podsobke in iron shell, they awaited calculation.

Entered storekeeper, silently otslyunil to each on krasnen'koy thirty rubles, he low said to the starshomu:

- to Tam, where always, it left to you. Then only return container.

And it left not poproshchavshis'.

Near, on the vacant land canine wedding went for a walk. Starshoy pokopalsya under the stunted bush, reached from there soldier haversack. It spread on the earth of gazetki, untied bag and took out from there kilograms fifteen damp beef liver. Accurately it divided into five parts and it again pushed in its portion into the haversack.

Homeless dogs here thickened, raised snouts, they began to nervously become accustomed to the smell.

All dismantled its portions into the previously prepared cloth bags. Only one portion - Sergey - continued to lie on gazetke.

Starshoy it showed Sergey - take away, it is said, but that from the place did not move. It stood and dully looked to itself under the feet at the liver.

- Tebe to live, - indifferently shook by the arms of starshoy, and send all four to the different sides. Hypnotized by smell, froze hungry homeless urban dogs...

Lay damp beef liver on the earth, on podstelennoy gazetke. Stood above it the former captain, the former fighter pilot, who passed to his twenty seven years fire, water and copper pipes. And features he knows that it was created in it now in the head...

And suddenly in the desperation and the fury - to spread by foot on this cursed liver!.. Flew upward bloody oshmetki, they tumbled meters in fifteen, and immediately homeless canine svora was bound above them in the fatal fight...

Houses in the evening sat, they reaped. Vovka was capricious, he did not want to drink milk. Sergey darkly pecked potatoes by fork.

- Menya even on polstavki in the polyclinic took by procedural sister. So that we live, children!.. Vovik, do not turn nose. Finish drinking milk, if you please! Serezha, add oils of lenten into kartoshechku, and 4 another frame I cut, khochesh'? - shchebetala Masha, thoroughly hiding fatigue.

Sergey took out red thirty rubles, assumed on the table.

- this Vot yes! Here this da!!! - was surprised Vovka.

Masha visited from behind, she embraced Sergey, it began to kiss him into the top:

- Akh you zh our extractor! You zh our breadwinner!

Without the knock the door was opened, glanced Nyus'ka in the crede de chine dress, head - in tightly nakruchennykh bigudyakh.

- ey, neighbors! Vovka zadrykhnet, rise to me. In me new khakhal' was declared. From the police. It swears, that single.

- Spasibo, Nyusya. Of serezha it got tired, yes even 4 I unimportantly itself feel...

- Da you throw! Rise! Pechenochki I will heat to excess... 4 today this liver in one khanygi it purchased - you will lick fingers!

- Vot liver I love, - solidly said Vovka.

- Marsh into the bed! So that you it would not see in the minute 4, - quietly ordered it Sergey.

-- V following time, Nyusen'ka. - Masha alarming looked to Sergey.

-- V any time of day and night, - it proposed Nyus'ka. - to mix us not boytes' - nevertheless to it from the very first nothing will break off.

Nyusya shut after itself door, and it was audible, as it began to stamp the feet to itself to the second floor.

At night they lay at the darkness, after being forced against each other. They did not fall.

After the curtain of nozzles swept in the sleep Vovka.

Above gramophone played "Rio -Ritu", laughed Nyus'ka, man voice growled indiscriminately.

- Kazhduyu night one and the same sleep... - Sergey blindy spoke, looking into potolok. - I taxi to the start, along the gases and to the takeoff! Machine runs, it runs through the strip and is not torn off... Well in no way to not take off! 4 already revolutions - to the limit, knob to itself - to the refusal, already strip ends, while 4 all take off I cannot!.. And prosypayus'. - Sergey darted by nose, he smiled: - strip ends, and 4 all...

Masha stopped up to it mouth by hand, even more strongly she pressed, it whispered:

- Gospodi... Happiness- that what, that you in me there is in the light.

Old man- carter in the torn medical dressing gown with the black presses it brought on the cart to Masha firewood.

- Vot from the trade-union committee of drovishki isolated to sotrudnichkam, - he said it Mashe. - head physician they ordered a very first voyage to you to make.

- Spasibo, seeds Petrovich. Tea you do want?

- to Ne, Masha, that tea... To me today two more mine passages made must be - to nervopatologu and Sinke- matron. You mulberry unload skoren'ko, and 4 after papiroskami I run off. 4 b you it helped, but shooting through tortured, cursed!..

And old man went from the court hardly, foot for the foot.

It rolled down from its verkhotury Of nyus'ka in the sarafan and the slippers to bosu foot. It began to help Sergey and Masha to unload cart.

Masha gave firewood from the cart, Nyus'ka with Sergey they dragged into the stack for the shed. Nyus'ka raskoketnichalas' with Sergey, to Saviour no! First, as if inadvertently, it will press, then will catch by thigh, then hotly will breathe to it into the person. And increasingly with the chuckle - small, which agitates, voice with the the khripottsoy. Itself made burning hot, yes even it must be confessed, and Sergey from the equilibrium derived...

Masha all made form, as if nothing it notes, and it then asked Sergey as if nothing were the matter:

- Serezhen'ka, druzhochek my, look Vovika. It, probably again through the road to Saltikovs of usvistel. Not polenis', rodnen'kiy, run off. But 4 here with drovishkami itself I will be dismantled.

- Aga! Now I will drag... Moment! - Sergey ran out from the court.

However, Vovka at this time prespokoynen'ko sat on the garret of house, it played with the thick lazy tomcat.

Masha took from the cart whip, she visited the stack, it hailed Nyus'ku:

- Nyus'! Go here, what I will say interesting!

Excited Nyus'ka came running for the stack:

- Chego? What such, the Mashas?

Masha was examined - who does not see, and from in all to spread she extended Nyus'ku by whip - one time, another, the third... Nyus'ka from the unexpected contingency and the pain began to squeal, it swept and fell down on drovishki.

Masha arose above it with the whip in the hand, applied finger to the lips:

- to Ne squeal as pig on the rope. People will hear, it will then conscientiously be the very. In you, Nyusen'ka, peasants can be as much as desired, while in me only one - to me him protected must be. So that you already do not exact. And do not decide more before his nose by tail to turn. Ponyala? - low and kindly sentenced Masha.

Nyus'ka very quietly of podvyvala, shut head with hands. Masha thoughtful put in order on it sarafan, covered naked Nyus'kiny of foot.

- Ponyala, 4 you I do ask?

- Ponyala... - proikala Of nyus'ka.

- Nu here and khorosho. - Masha it rolled up cabby knut. - you will then visit me, 4 you one grow prettier by ointment I will grease, and everything will heal. The main thing, Nyusen'ka so that this in your head would remain, and to zadnitsu 4 to you I will fly up. Still better it will then be.

As if the puppy, that was put out from the canine kennel, at all this ispuganno and potryasenno looked Vovka from the auditory garret window...

* * *
In the evening Masha plotted son to sleep. It repaired pillows, only she wanted to begin to move curtain, as Vovka took it as the hand, it attracted to itself and quietly whispered:

- Ma... But you for which so aunt To nyusyu?

Masha understood that Vovka everything saw. She did not know how to answer.

- Eto so that it to dad not podlizyvalas', da? - asked Vovka.

Masha affirmatively nodded, guilty she looked to Vovku.

- ya to no one podlizyvat'sya not I will be never, - said Vovka.

- Pravil'no, - it kissed never its Masha. -, to no one!

- Ty only to dad about the aunt Nyusyu do not tell, - asked Vovka.

of -- I you is agreeable?

- Ladno. You know, mA, and to me nevertheless aunt To nyusyu pitifully.

- Konechno, - it did whisper Masha. - A to me, you do think, it is not pitiful it?

On the oil base Sergey worked with the young very strong fellow. Naked on the belt, in the tarpaulin gloves, which are oozed by oil, smeared so that on the persons were visible only the proteins of eyes and teeth, they rolled in dvukhsotlitrovye barrels with the the solyarkoy to the high overpass.

The hands shake from the superhuman stress, feet bend themselves, the soles of boots slide in the kerosinovo- oil puddles.

But on overpass two of others recant barrels into the trucks, shout to Sergey and his partner:

- Davay, peasants, are merrier! Do not detain!..

They rolled in upward barrel, and several seconds, until they follow the following, - small leisure. Young of parnyaga even sings foolish:

4 demobilized soldier, arrived home with the victory,

Now organizationally in the week of times I have dinner...

-- A as is correct to sing - you do remember?

- Konechno!

4 demobilized soldier, arrived home with the victory,

Now organizationally I work as it follows...

- Vot and do not mutilate song. Then have dinner each day you will be.

- Ekhma, Serega! If for the songs they would pay, 4 the mouth not of zakryval! - it began to laugh paren'. - give, they took!..

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Part 2
And crawled upward new dvukhsotlitrovaya barrel...

And again night. He will sleep after his curtain Of vovka.

Sergey into some cowards reclines, he reclines on the bed. Masha attentively will inspect and feels its injured foot. Uneven white scar intersects left elbow, departs to the deformed gastrocnemius muscle.

- Skol'ko of years he did not feel, but today...

but - Chto you do want? Such loads... - Masha says.

- Mozhno to think that in me there... - Sergey razdrazhenno it poked with finger into the ceiling, into the sky, - there were loads less!

- to Te there were for you customary. Lies, razmassiruyu...

It was audibly, as after the wall creaked the wooden stairs, which leads into Nyus'kino reign, careful steps on the steps was heard: heavy - man, lungs - Nyus'kiny. And the mute voices from the stairs:

- to Nu early also, Nyus'...

- the Samoye time. Go, go.

- to Nu, Nyus'...

- Vot you are married - then although by spoon gulp.

-- A 4 to you that I interpret - give let us be painted!

- to Mne for you of no necessity. I the rules of road motion do not disrupt.

- Vot fool.

- to Ne become stupid you. Remove hands!

- to Nu, Nyus'...

- ya to whom did say?

Sergey began to laugh. Masha angry rolled up by head, presented finger to the lips. Sergey embraced it, he attracted to himself, it began to kiss, to undo on it domestic khalatik...

In five meters overhead the clear square of dark-blue sky.

From there hook with the freely dangling four steel slings gets down into the darkness of hold. At the ends of the slings also hooks, only a little less. They must be hooked on the iron openings of container, to jump from it and to shout into the dark-blue celestial square: "it is good!" Then already from the deck invisible brigade leader begins to bawl to the crane driver:

- Vira by little!

Large hook will crawl upward, the provisshiye slings it is carefully stretched, 1.5-ton container easily will rock and will float upward, for second overlapping dark-blue sky above the heads of bilge unloading command.

With this Sergey deals. He recently jumped from the container to the wet iron floor of hold, he shouted "it was good!" and became to help remaining three "to podvazhivat'" pry bars sequential container in the place of that swum away into the sky...

On the unloading moorage sits Vovka and gnaws boiled ear of corn. Simultaneously Vovka follows the work of mooring brigade. Each unloaded container Of vovka notes by the piece of chalk on the asphalt. Container - line, container - line...

Mooring brigade disengages slings, turns crane beam, is lowered hook with the slings into the hold of enormous dry-cargo barge.

Vovka calculated lines on the asphalt, it yelled, being turned to the entire mooring brigade:

- Ot twenty to take away eleven, this is how much?

- to Devyat', Vovka! Devyat'! - reached to it as the answer.

- Oy, even as much... - was distressed Vovka.

Sergey hooked the hooks of slings on the openings and only he was going to jump from the container, as he saw, that in the angle of hold its two partners forced open container and remove from there the bundles of women's blouses.

- Vy that, svolochi?! - it yelled.

The third - years of forty five, entire in intricate nakolkakh, smirked, it played a little by a pry steel bar in the sinewy paw:

- Tikho, warrior. You not at the front. Only pikni. - by foot he discarded to the side the pinch bar of Sergey dragged along on the floor and almost good-naturedly he added: - law - taiga, bear - owner. Did understand, syavka uneducated?

And then in the ears of Sergey was suddenly sounded the short piece of the motive of old prewar tango "black eyes"...

- you Vresh', reptile, - low said Sergey. - you will lie!..

It jumped downward, instantly it were thrown to the side, and in the same second short scrap iron whistled in it overhead and was inserted into zastroplennyy the container confronting...

Brigade leader, who stood above at the edge of hold, so did not wait for command from below and it yelled into the hold:

- Chego there you are conveyed, draw striped? You pay will be for the simple of crane!

It was inclined, it glanced into bilge sumerechnost', and the first, which to it rushed into the eyes, these are the scattered bundles with the bright women's blouses. Then he saw, that one of the bilge command sits in the container, being doused and choking by the blood, but three interlaced in the most severe fight not to the life, but to death...

- Khloptsy!!! Whips To seregu of ubivayut!.. - istoshno yelled brigade leader and first he jumped downward to the container, which stood in the hold.

Entire mooring brigade dashed on the ladder to the barge. Jumped Frightened Vovka. In one hand the nedoyedennyy maize ear, while into another - effaced is small...

In the evening Sergey and Vovka sat in the tea. In Sergey the head was tied up, eye swam in, upper lip was swollen to the monstrous sizes. Hand is bandaged, only ends is finger torchat.

Sits blind it akkordeonist next to the buffet steadfast on the small elevation. It in the civil trousers and the old military tunic with two medals and the yellow nashivochkoy - by sign "heavy injury". On the elbows is accurately spread sukonochka, in order not to rub by tool trousers.

Those nightmarish years have long ago passed.

In the misty morning of gasli lamps...

My guitarist played by the hand of tired,

And it sang 4 from the sunset to the dawn:

"3x, grow bolder yes merrier

Leus canto is free and easy,

I want 4 to be no one's,

Were borne 4 free!.." -

sang blind it akkordeonist.

- Papa, why uncle does sing "it were borne 4 free"? The very same man, - said Vovka.

- to Vse we are man... For so long and no longer. You eat, son.

- Oy! - It were gladdened Vovka. - Mom!

Sergey raised eyes to the entrance door. In the aperture Masha stood.

- Mama! Go to us! We zdes'! - shouted Vovka to entire tea.

Masha saw them, waved by hand and she began to scold himself between tables. It approached, it alarming viewed Sergey and said only merrier than it is necessary:

- Vot you where, tramps my of dorogiye! - it sat down at the table.

- Oy, mom! That we have in the port of bylo!.. - the beginnings Of vovka. - which was!

- ya everything I know, - rapidly spoke Masha and ironed the bandaged hand of muzha. - Nyusya it arrived into the hospital, it described. And they let go me from the duty.

- E1- that from where izvestno? - Sergey asked.

- Ot of the friend of its. The very same in the police works.

- Vot this da! - astonished Vovka.

To the tea drove up "the Muscovite -401" with the manual control. From it enormous stout person from provincial GVF came out on the prostheses. He reached from the machine his sticks, aluminum can and pokovylyal to the doors of tea. There was he in the old flying leather jacket.

In the doors it encountered with two muzhichkami. Those saw stout person on the prostheses, were pulled, yielded road to it.

- Zdraviya we desire, the comrade of polkovnik! - poprivetstvoval one of them.

- to Nu what 4 now Colonel? The same as you - civil person.

- Ne say! Do not say, Ivan Ivanovich!

- Vot this other matter. You do not hurry?

- Ivan Ivanovich! Comrade is Colonel... How it is possible? On which a question!..

Ivan Ivanovich reached from the pocket the purse:

- Vot to t.eb.e of denezhka, here is can. Descend- kA, let to me pivka decant. But 4 you I will here wait, in fresh air.

- Net voprosov! - peasant dashingly stated, can caught and together with the friend returned to the tea.

Ivan Ivanovich smoked papirosku and he began through the window to scrutinize people after the tables.

He saw, as its messengers tyuey protolkalis' to the buffet counter and, tycha by fingers to the side of street, probably was explained to barman, whose these are can and for whom this beer...

Then its view was detained on blind akkordeoniste.

Then he saw Masha, Vovku, learned Sergey and no longer were torn off from them eyes. He saw, as Masha something affectionately told Sergey, as it covered container with the vodka by its palm; as Sergey suddenly it were gripped for the head, as arms began to shake in it; as Masha ironed its, something of sear to it, and small Vovka ispuganno looked first at the mother, then to the father...

Ivan Ivanovich in the complete form sat in the office of most important provincial leader and razdrazhenno he said:

- Khorosho, Misha, give to count! Give, Misha, let us study simple arithmetic, if you it does not reach...

- Ivan Ivanovich! It reaches me, can, even it is more than nuzhno! - leader mish provincial was to the pair younger Ivan Ivanovich's years.

- it Net. Once you brush off, which means, he does not reach, - obstinate said Ivan ivanovich. - we will count: from seventeen years they at the front. What them they did there teach? To shoot, to bomb, to explode, to be dug round, "hurray!", "For The native land of!"... As it is assumed. In forty fifth, if it, of course, did live until ninth May, to this how much boy? Twenty one. And to what it did learn in four years of war? But to the same - to shoot, to bomb, to explode, to be dug round - it is only better than in forty first. Therefore war it won. Consider, Misha, it - conqueror! This is special psychology. In it already orders to the navel. To it itself of features not brother! Today to it twenty five, twenty six years... It already officer. Senior Lieutenant, captain... But here we to the "citizen" copied these captains. "all forces to the peaceful building!" But they in the peaceful building neither ear nor snout. They to war know how and pain not horseradish, therefore as to the war we took them from the school desk! And they walk on the peaceful life in the confusion: to shoot not necessary, to explode does not be required, to be dug round not from whom... But at the meetings "hurray!" to shout yes from the presidiuies "for the native land!" to call - this not each is given. Here special talent is required.

- Vy whom this in the form of imeyete? - bristled up the owner of office.

- Ty, Misha, fur on the withers do not raise. You think, as soak to such children. But that they feature- those how are occupied. They gad on the flea market, in tea portki they sit through. But they have wife, children...

- Ivan Ivanovich! We all warred. And 4, as to you it is known, not into the cam it whistled. But 4 in four postwar years region on the feet was placed! Industry restored, home construction activity raised above prewar level!..

- Odin, that li? - with the interest asked Ivan Ivanovich. He loved by this question of people to the earth to place.

- Chto "odin"? - did not understand Misha.

- Promyshlennost' was restored, region on the feet was placed... One, I do ask, that whether? Or even around you people were?

- you Izvinite, Ivan Ivanovich... - it confused Misha. - stupid habit appeared after lately.

- Deystvitel'no stupid, - it did agree Ivan ivanovich. - A you do remember, Misha, in the fortieth you in my aero club were occupied?

- to Nu that you, Ivan Ivanovich! Perhaps similar you will forget!

Ivan Ivanovich it leaned to the sticks, it arose, squeaking by the prostheses:

- Tak of what... leshego, before the war was aero club, but now is not! Indeed we could there although with tens of demobilized flyers attach, not to mention remaining benefit... Maybe, you to this matter simply time do not have? Thus he would say me, 4 to Sasha pokryshkin into Moscow it rang. To me personally this is - once to spit, if you such occupied...

There was a sunny morning of weekend.

In the room, after decomposing on the table bandages, peroxide, iodine, cotton, pincers, Masha silently tied up Sergey.

One could see how through the wide thrown open window in the court in the water column Of nyus'ka rinsed linen. To it assisted Vovka into some shorts.

They together wrung out heavy linen, and Nyus'ka hung up it to the drying.

Masha carefully removed by pincers from the head of Sergey last soaked off by peroxide gauze salfetochku in the brown spots of the drying blood.

-- A if you did kill?

- Menya already killed. Two times do not occur.

-- V of our with you life entire byvayet. - Masha looked around wound, she said: - I will make nakleyechku, and through the pair of days you will be able again to join the battle for the socialist property.

- Nado will be, and I will enter.

- Davay, give...

-- A you that do propose? To stand and to look?

- Durak and ears are cold! Already if fate gave new life to us, then begin it in a new way, from zero!

- ya began.

- Vresh'! - furiously spoke Masha, without ceasing to process the wound Of sergeya. - you will lie. All these your daily rabotenki - there week, there week, there another fortnight, toward the end of the day - calculation available - this is new life?! This Der'mo, but not life - to drag over from the place to the place that the fact that others are produced!

- Kto- that it must drag over.

- Dolzhen! The one who another nothing can. Then let it loads. Let this make well, noticeably, best of all, and even very they will respect it for this! But the one who is capable to larger...

- ya - military pilot, discharged in the reserve! 4 others nothing I know how!..

- to Ne yell! And do not arrange to me hysterics. 4 to you how often it did propose to go to learn? You do not want into the institute, go into the auto-school! Convey passengers on the bus. Only yesterday Nyus'ka indicated that two bus routes covered; the drivers not of khvatayet!.. - now Masha washed to it injured hand.

- to Nu, it is correct! I must sit at to one desk with the youngsters! But house the lessons of uchit'!.. - Sergey shuddered, his face was distorted from the pain: - well is painful, Mashka! Where you to iodine so many flow, features you poberi?!

- Eto you "the features of poberi"! - it snapped Masha. - look to itself - young, healthy, beautiful...

Sergey mowed eyes into the mirror, saw fingal under the eye, split lip and began to laugh:

- Ochen' is beautiful! It is simple picture by oil...

From the court was heard Nyus'kin the cry:

- Masha! They arrived at you!

Masha looked into the window and saw in the court old lady with the knot and shityu korzinochkoy.

- Idu! - Masha hurriedly bandaged the hand of husband.

- Kto of tam? - asked Sergey.

- Ponyatiya I do not have, - answered Masha and she jumped out from the room.

It crossed court and ran up to the old lady:

- Vy to me?

-- K to you, detochka, to you, Mashen'ka. - old lady directly it shone radost'yu. - yes you in no way me learned! However, 4...

- Gospodi! - it splashed the hands Of masha. - Schur's ram! You whether this?! As you miraculously appear! As you to learn, if you only in the month after hospital then bloomed?! It is simple miracles!

Masha kissed old woman, she yelled to entire court:

- Nichego I do not know, in me guests! Serezha, take away Vovku and umatyvayte where you want! Output is output! Nyusya! Drag table under yablon'ku, now devishnik let us arrange!.. This my most dear patient - Schur's ram! I.e., she the now healthiest!

- Vot, 4 to you presents brought, - rapidly said the ram Of shura. - mulberry eggs, maslitse is more domestic, and krendel'kov it baked with the poppy...

- Gulyaem, devushki! - it shouted Masha - all matters to poboku!

In the urban park there was small shooting range. Next - beer stall.

Sergey dragged from the stall some box, piled to it vovku and now learned it to shoot the wind gun. Several adolescents crowded in the counter of shooting range.

The one-armed invalid of years of fifty repaired by shooting range.

- Prizhmur' left glazik, prizhmur', - he said the invalid Of vovke. - I aim accurately into seredku... this ruzh'ishko in me on to center it beats, - it explained it already Sergeyu. - F-f- fie... Dukhotishcha! Not to prodokhnut'... - invalid squatted to the chair, which stands on other side of counter next to the wall, rumpled by dark palm unshaven litso. - i happen to have so - to air, you do see, it does not be sufficient to me, - it smiled it Sergeyu. - moreover, note, at the front to me it always was sufficient, but now...

Vovka finally shot and fell into the target.

- to Nu, fine person! Well, sniper... Well, bat'kina happiness... - affectionately praised Vovku invalid and he called up one of the adolescents: - to twist, and to twist... Run off into the stall to the aunt Lees, say, uncle Pete kruzhechku of kvass requests. They are NKO here...

One-armed placed the trifle between the guns and it here asked Sergey:

-- A can, and to you bring? That one, what two - all is united.

- Net, thanks, - answered it Sergey and it said Vovke: - something you painfully for long aim...

- you Ustanesh' even you will smear, - it did confirm invalid. - 4 here, for example, you do know, as it did get tired? Simply the forces there are none...

One-armed attempted deeply to sigh and it became soft on the chair.

Vovka shot and smeared. It guilty looked to the invalid and alarming pronounced, without tearing off from it the eyes:

- Papa... Pope!

Sergey turned himself to the one-armed. That sat, after leaning by back to the counter and the wall, eye in it they were half-open, from the corner of mouth it were pulled the slender stream of saliva...

"devishnik" in the court went full speed.

-- ... of address I do not know, surname I do not know, Mashenka yes Mashenka... - she said the ram Of shura. - 4 straight into the hospital. Did not consider, head hen, that output! It is good, on-duty doctor recognized. As it cast a look and says to me: "you recently on the surgery lay..." And your address gave to me.

- Eto is necessary, on poputkakh of seventy versts to spank - tea to drink! It is healthy you podlechili, the ram Of shura! - was surprised Nyus'ka.

-- A all she, Mashenka, - proudly said Schur's ram.

Masha looked for the hours, she rose because of the table:

- you Posidite without me minutes fifteen. 4 here one old man I split every four hours. 4 skoren'ko. - I were directed to the winches.

Nyus'ka shouted:

- Mash, and syringe, needles are there different?

to -- U it entire its. Already it costs - kipyatitsya. - I it is shrewd on the plate.

Schur's ram looked by it vosled. Poser'eznela, was examined and said Nyus'ke quietly, ispuganno and solemnly:

- to Pomnyu, it will enter into the chamber, vraz to be ill ceases! In all... It as saint. As if it to us from the skies descended!..

But in shooting range they stood militia "GAZ automobile" and "first aid". Doors into the shooting range were closed, and near them were assembled in the sorrowful silence several adolescents and weeping fatty in the dirty- white apron - salesgirl of the beer stall.

Inside, directly under the targets, on the stretchers lay the already covered body of dead one-armed invalid.

In the tiny accomodation of shooting range it was nowhere be turned: doctor and feldsher with the "fast", two militiamen (one in the civil) and the chairman of the organization of all shooting ranges.

Here stood Vovka, it is strong, it held father for the hand. Civil wrote the statements of Sergey:

-- ... well, I sent local young fellows to cause "fast" and you, it shut shooting range - whatever there is, and weapon - and began to await. And everything.

- Ni to the time of hospital did not take, - it was surprised the leader of tirov. - always as bayonet!

- Potomu it died, - growled out feldsher.

- Tak... - spoke civil and showed by pencil on circle with the untouched kvass, that stands on the counter among the wind guns: - A this whose?

- Ego. - Vovka showed the stretchers.

- to Pochemu here child?

- Eto my son, - rigidly answered Sergey.

- Idi to us to work, - it whispered Sergey the chief of all tirov. - the plan of small, quarterly rewards... Certainly, and very to be twisted necessary, and so - sit to itself, fire...

- ya in your life to be twisted I do not know how. But shooting to me thus nadoyela. - Sergey conducted by the edge of palm on the throat and he raised Vovku to the hands: - come on, son.

It smerkalos'. Schur's ram already left. In the water column Masha and Nyus'ka washed the dishes. Masha in the irritation spoke:

- On, you do see, it is troubled that to it into twenty seven years...

- to Nu it is correct! To koy of lyad to it with soplyakami three months in this auto-school to go around?! Yes 4 it here in the court in two weeks vyuchu!.. itself - said Nyus'ka.

And the old enormous neukhozhennyy court became training autodrome!

- Mama! - it shouted Vovka from the roof of saraya. - why you me here planted?!

- Po the technician of safety, - answered it Masha.

-- A that this takoye? - howled Vovka.

- Skoro itself you will see!

Masha carried out to the porch table with the sewing machine - were placed patches on Vovkiny pants.

On the court by goat skipped polutorka. Roar of motor, leap forward, silence... Engine smothered.

In the cab at the control Sergey wet from the stress sits. With number Of nyus'ka.

- Sqeplenie- that polegon'ku to release of nado!.. - it moans Nyus'ka. - give first.

Sergey starts engine, squeezes out cohesion, with the gnashing by jerk is included the first speed.

- Nezhney, it is tender! Add oborotiki... - it sentenced Nyus'ka. - to gas... To gas... To gas...

Having unexpectedly collected speed, machine vrezayetsya into the fence. Impact, crack, the ringing of the broken glass!

Machine is torn out by backward motion from the breach in the fence and stops. Sergey and Nyus'ka come out from the cab - they will bend front bumper, headlight is broken, is rumpled wing...

but - Kuda you do chase, devils doll?

however, - Sama she said: to "gas, to gas, to gas..."

Masha ran up, rapidly she said:

- My let us pay. We will pay for the repair, Nyusen'ka...

- to Eshche of chego! - it laughs loud Nyus'ka. - yes 4 in itself park only by eye to povedu...

In the motor park of two maintenance mechanics they early in the morning gave the machine Of nyus'ki into the order. Here stood Nyus'ka, clicked seeds.

The dirty-faced young fellow flew into the repair zone:

- Nyusya! Kuzmich makes demands on you!

Nyus'ka nodded to it, languidly it spoke:

- Mal'chiki, 4 on you I hope!

- Vse will be in the best form, - certified its "boys".

Nyus'ka went from the shop, preuvelichenno swinging by thighs. Assured it was, that by it they look after. So it was. One metal craftsman did not maintain:

- Za this ram - return everything, and it is small!

... The chief of motor park Vasiliy kuz'mich, representative man with the necktie, sat at the table and spoke:

- Postupil signal, that already several days you your machine only to the night into the park force. There is the opinion that you kalymish'. Thus?

- Kalymlyu, - obediently said Nyus'ka.

- Vresh'! - did not believe chief.

- Vru, - it agreed.

- Ty to me fool from itself not stroy! - chief was angered.

Nyus'ka skromnen'ko put in order skirt and affectionately spoke:

- Vasiliy Kuzmich, dusen'ka is my! It is possible to me another week after change by machine to popol'zovat'sya? 4 remontik in the house ventured. First to bring, then... But 4 indeed women lonely, to me soak to no one.

The chief of park cleared the throat and straightened the aquiline wings:

- Ob than speech, Nyusya! It would arrive at me immediately... - and decisively it were directed to Nyus'ke.

- Oy, someone goes... - intimately whispered sly Nyus'ka.

Chief is chilled on the spot, in the confusion repaired the wide knot of silk necktie.

- Priglasila somehow... Maybe, I still will prove useful.

- Vasiliy Kuzmich! Charm you my! Yes into any vremya! - said Nyus'ka and slipped for the door.

At night Sergey and Masha lay at their nickel-plated bed and were studied BY PDT - the "rules of the motion of transport". Masha held in the hand the slender booklet of "rules" and asked:

- Tormoznoy way with the speed of sixty kilometers an hour with the dry road surface?

- to Tridtsat' it is meter.

- Pravil'no. With the wet?

- tyuey Vosem'desyat.

- Verno... But your actions with the entrance on the T-shaped cross-road if necessary to complete left turning?

- to Propuskayu entire transport, which moves in both directions along the main road, and only after this I accomplish left povorot. - I Sergey it completely unequivocally embraced Masha.

- Stop, stop, feet! Tsuryuk! - it did repel it yego. - A signs?

In the feet on the back of the bed of visela the table of road signs. Masha put out slightly foot from under the blanket, poked with the big toe into one sign:

- Eto which does designate?

- Ogranicheniye of overall sizes on the height to five it is meter.

Masha was compared with the book, she said by the tone of the teacher:

- Verno. But here this?

Sergey also put out foot from under the blanket, pressed by his large of soles machine leg to the table:

- Kakoy? Something 4 I will not dismantle... - and again it attempted to embrace Masha.

That was already ready to answer it kindness, but curtain moved aside at this time, seemed the sleepy muzzle Of vovki:

- Papa... Well the same "passage by all I see the transport of zapreshchen", - muttered Vovka and here it fell asleep...

On the steps of porch sat domestic "examination commission" - Nyusya, Masha and Vovka.

Between specially arranged churbakami on the court noticeably drove on the "GAZ automobile" Sergey. He dashingly was entered in the sharp turns, he dropped in backwards into the narrow "gates", it were turned almost at one place. And all this it made so deftly and confidently, that was caused the storm of admiration in its "examiners".

Finally it softly stopped the machine before the porch itself, it came out from the cab and bowed.

"commission" arose and began applauding, and Masha gratefully kissed Nyusyu. proud Nyus'ka it showed Sergey thumb it poked with hand into the angle of court - allegedly, place machine there there.

Glad Sergey villages in cab, included rear speed and he rapidly went backwards in The the nyus'koy indicated direction. Reversing control to the left, he completely forgot, that from the right side from it stood the water column.

Terrible crash was heard, it tore away column from the pedestal, and into air struck the ten-meter fountain of water.

Sergey jumped out from the cab, and into one instant on it remained not one dry places.

- Voda! - unexpectedly yelled Masha and she rushed to Sergey.

It flew into the being collapsed waterfall, it were forced against it, whispering, as if in zabyt'i: "water... Water... "

After being embraced, they stood in this flow, the clothing of their prilipla to the bodies, and suddenly, as if by whip on the persons, through noise of water burst open short musical phrase, the scrap of old prewar tango "ah, these black eyes...".

They oshelomlenno looked to each other, in the fright they transferred view on those laughing loud To nyus'ku and Vovku and understood that neither Nyus'ka nor Vovka, fortunately heard this terrible melody... it it was only it, and they even more closely were forced against each other.

Tight water jet beat above houses.

- Vot this da! - joyfully shouted Vovka.

In the first bus voyage Sergey helped Vovka.

They both were very stressed and even rarely quietly they quarrelled. Vovka sat next to the driver armchair of father and prompted to it:

- to Nu, "Poltava", dad! "Poltava"! Impede! You that, do not see, people of stoyat?.. - hissed Vovka by sklochnym voice.

People on the stoppages entered and left. Sleepy lady conductor with the prewar conductor bag on the stomach and the cylinders of tickets on the immense breast lazily gathered pay, once in poludreme, were torn off tickets and perfectly still it filled up to the following stoppage.

- the Sleduyushchaya "Aleksandrovsk". You do remember, dad? Well, dad!

- Da you be disentangled! I know itself.

-- A of what you then the street of the victims of the revolution of proskochil? - poisonously asked Vovka.

Bus rolled along the city. The first time at the back of Sergey sat the passengers - his townspeople. It opened with it and shut the doors of bus, conveyed they on the different human necessities, and the strange sensation of complicity to their matters, life, misfortunes and happiness haughty filled its soul...

- Pap! We with the mom agreed! You zabyl? - it whispered Vovka. - immediately after the area of victory...

- Tochno! - Sergey began to displace from the route into the alley.

In the salon of bus the passengers became agitated:

- ey, you where did go?

- Kazhdyy day route changes!

- Poslushayte, but to me it is not entirely here necessary!..

Lady conductor awoke, udivlenno she looked into the window, it shouted through entire salon:

- Serezh! What after stoppage?

Vovka was pressed, it from below glanced at Sergey into the person.

- Gorbol'nitsa, - it loudly answered Sergey. - stoppage on the requirement.

of -- I it is correct! It is long ago necessary it was necessary here the stoppage of sdelat'! - some aunt with the bags said and she began to protiskivat'sya to the output.

Sergey stopped bus opposite the hospital, let out aunt and briefly gudnul.

Masha in the white dressing gown jumped out from the doors of receiving rest, she tore away from herself cap and it became to makhat' it in herself overhead.

The bus again of gudnul went further, returning to the official route. Passengers calmed down and they began to discuss the merits of a change in the route...

- Pap, and that similar "stoppage on trebovaniyu"? - asked Vovka.

- to Nu, this when to someone of ochen'-ochen' it is necessary to stop and it requires...

-- A who treboval? - astonished Vovka and was examined to the passengers.

- to Nu, you nakhal! - it was surprised Sergey. - you required, 4 and stopped.

Vovka of zakhikhikal, pressing mouth by ladoshkami...

To the nyus'kinomu Lieutenant of the police there were years thirty five on the dark-blue militia tunic - rather short lath of front rewards. They called by its Grishey.

They stood with Sergey in the court. They smoked, awaited Masha and Nyus'ku.

- Ochukhalsya after that case into portu? - asked Grisha.

- Zazhilo as on the dog. But with those that?

- tyuey Sidyat. Where they will disappear? Dashingly you there one udelal...

- Nu, and they to me threw about be healthy.

- Tozhe is correct. We could without ceremony sew. This public...

From the kitchen window in the first floor was put out rasfufyrennaya Nyus'ka. Threateningly, it thriftily asked Grigoriy:

- Bilety did take?

- Vot. To vsekh. - it showed it four tickets.

Nyus'ka dived back into the kitchen, quietly laughing, it said to Masha:

- Tretiy of times to the ides this cinema to look. One time with our electrician it was necessary to descend. For the headlight, you do remember? For the second time with the body worker, when Serega into the apple tree was incised. Now - the third...

- Bednaya you my, - it did sympathize it masha. - what you so do tear slightly?

- to Grishke about this you will not say... It jealous to the horror!

They left to the porch. Nyus'ka on the move began to yell to Grishu:

- Ty of what this in the form it were shut?

- to Ne to have time to me after cinema to change clothes. I be on duty on the department from twenty four it is hour. Excuse, Nyu-sen'ka.

Masha viewed military trousers and old leather flight jacket of Sergey and said to it:

however, -- S of your first pay let us also purchase to you civil suit.

- Stoy, children, - it said Nyus'ka of zadumchivo. - you will wait, citizens. Grishen'ka! Sit, the sun my, on bench. We now... Well- kA, rise to me to the second.

Nyus'ka the first went to itself upward, taking away Masha and Sergey.

Its room was where more settled and ukhozhennoy, than the room of Mashas and Sergey. There were here both gramophone with the plates and cabinet specular, and table toilet. The bed has on the wall of visel the gift of Mashas - plush German carpet with the sad deer.

One wall continuously of zaveshana by the photographs of film actors and relatives. But in the center, in the varnish frame, the large (probably, increased with the small) photograph Of nyus'ki and its husband. Nyus'ka on the photo - entirely girl, with the stressed stared eyes, yes even its husband - young young fellow, by something elusively similar to Sergey, also sits sprung.

Nyus'ka threw open cabinet, it said to Sergey:

- Razdevaysya!

- Chto?!

- Skidavay, I speak, jacket with the pants, - explained Nyus'ka and reached from the cabinet the large roll, muffled into clean prostynyu. - Skidavay, skidavay, not combat. Me such you will frighten in no way...

Sergey exchanged glances with Masha, he began neuverenno to undress. Nyus'ka took out from the sheet man's gray suit into the wide strip, it said to Masha:

- Muzha of my. It in this suit only one time with me in forty first into ZAGS - CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE descended, and all. What, it does ask itself, coast? They are NKO here, fit. Like you with respect to figure identical were...

Sergey already stood in the cowards and the jacket. Confusing, it took from The nyus'kinykh hands trousers, their allotment to itself, buttoned, and Nyus'ka of already podala itself to it coat. Sergey pushed through hands into the sleeves, and suit proved to be to him at exactly the right time.

- Nu- kA, turn... - Nyus'ka is unexpectedly hoarse.

Sergey buttoned coat, turned himself. Nyus'ka looked to it by mad eyes and suddenly it began to wail, as if on the burials:

- Pashen'ka!.. Pavlik is my!.. Oy, mummies are my, however, yes that this?!

Almost in the unconsciousness it povalilas' to the elbows, it clenched the feet of Sergey, it began to sob into the voice:

- Oy, prosti me, Pashen'ka! Oy, prosti me, rodnen'kiy... Where you lie now, Pavlik you my only?! Already 4 whether you it did not await, 4 you it did not remember... Oh, prosti me, ram bad. Pa-wen6ka-A- A!

Masha rushed to Nyus'ke, embraced her for the arms, it shouted to Sergey:

- Vody!

Sergey was thrown to the water bottle, he poured into the container of water, podal to Masha. In Nyus'ki shook the hands, teeth knocked. Masha forced its head against her breast, she gave to drink by water, it ironed, calmed...

Sergey began to feverishly drag coat from himself. Nyus'ka saw this, choking by sobbings, it rolled up by head, it waved by the hands:

- it Net! No... No...

- Chto, Nyusen'ka? - attempted to understand its Masha.

- to Pust'... let in the suit... From me with Pavlik. In its memory. From Pavlik and me...

Sergey left to the porch in the gray suit into the wide strip.

Grisha made a form, that nothing it heard nor changes in any noted. Only it pushed up to the edge of bench, being inferior by a number the place for Sergey.

Sergey sat down. Grisha gave a cough and lengthened to him cigarettes. Sergey smoked, he nervously tightened himself several times. It was audibly, as above sobbed Nyus'ka.

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Part 3
Grisha hushed, blindy it spoke, after being set into the earth:

- Skazhi by it, let for me marry it leave...

Now Sergey drove on his bus without any Vovkinykh prompts, yes even without Vovki itself.

Old thick lady conductor at the rear door so dozed, so entered and left passengers...

So were repeated round to the hospital, short signal, and appearance of Mashas on the threshold of receiving department.

Opposite the hospital already usually crowded the people in the expectation of bus (although the stoppage was there not designated), and only someone rarely asked:

- ey, where this we did roll up?

Passengers, here answered it:

- Tak now in gorbol'nitsy a stoppage made.

Masha makhala to Sergey by white cap, and bus left, returning to the route indicated.

Sometimes on the street it encountered Nyus'koy and its truck. In the cab of "GAZ automobile" next to The the nyus'koy frequently sat Vovka and something vozbuzhdenno it told to it, swinging by hands.

After noting the bus of Sergey on the stoppage, Nyus'ka here drove up close, overlapped by its truck all the motion and it shouted:

- to Nu as it?

- Poryadok, - it answered Sergey. - storage battery, villain, charging does not assume, so 4 the whole day engine I do not suppress...

- Nado with our Kuz'michom to have a talk, - ozabochenno it answered Nyus'ka. - in it on the storage of these storage batteries - as in the fool of low-grade tobacco!..

Rear machines desperately signaled Nyus'ke - the signals were still resolved at that time, - but Nyus'ka turned to this of no attention.

- Ty of its kormila? - asked Sergey about Vovku.

- to Nu and as zhe?! - it were offended Nyus'ka. - we with it in our dining room had dinner!

- Oy, dad! 4 two second s"el! - reported Vovka.

- Molodets! - praised its Sergey and he drove off from the stoppage.

But Nyus'ka with The the vovkoy followed by their way...

Nyus'kiny of Patron Saint's day tightened themselves far beyond midnight.

The plate twisted itself on the gramophone, and the chief of motor park Vasiliy kuz'mich danced with Nyus'koy of tango in the small to the enclosure between the bed and specular cabinet.

Gloomy Grisha sat on narrow divanchike, he tried not to look at that, as Vasiliy kuz'mich it hugged Nyus'ku, but Nyus'ka fired by eyes into Grishinu side, preuvelichenno it laughed loud and flirted with Vasiliy kuz'mich recklessly.

On Grishe there was civil suit. White jacket is Apache with the collar released to the coat. From under the lapel of coat overhung soldier rewards - order of the glory of the third degree, Medal for Valor even two-three medal for the taking of different European it was municipal. Probably, Lieutenant Grisha he became only in the police.

Sergey and Masha, after being embraced, sat in the table. Masha placed head on the arm to Sergey, blissful were shut eyes, and it kissed it into the soaking of ear and moved aside the strand Of mashinykh hair interfere witing it.

It then saw suffering Grishu and something it whispered to Masha. That immediately opened eyes, was estimated the created situation and it yelled:

- to Vse, all, everything! We end dances, also, for the table! Everything for the table!..

Victoriously smirking, Vasiliy kuz'mich rummaged among the plates, he began to wind gramophone. It complacently asked Sergey:

- Akkumulyator did approach?

- Akkumulyator - zver'! - answered Sergey.

- the Bol'shoye thanks to you, Vasiliy kuz'mich, - it added Masha. - you greatly Serezhu rescued. You sit down yourselves, if you please. And for the celebrant!..

- Seychas, muzychku let us only consider... - Vasiliy kuz'mich said.

He released plate, and from the gramophone began to pour famous, prewar - "ah, these black eyes...".

Masha in the horror jumped, she stopped up ears by hands, umolyayushche looked to Sergey. That rushed to the gramophone, it pulled off from it plate, assumed on the very top of cabinet.

- Ty of chego? - it did astonish Vasiliy kuz'mich. - you do not love?

Sergey did not answer, he returned for the table. Masha quietly said:

- you Prostite us, if you please...

Nyus'ka alarming threw on them view and proposed:

- to Pust' Vasiliy kuz'mich will say toast. He the most respected guest. My very- very chief chief! And 4 it I terrifically love!

It showed ponikshemu Grishe language and burst out laughing.

Flattered Vasiliy kuz'mich arose:

- to Nu certainly, firstly, for our dear celebrant! For our Nyusen'ku! For the best driver of my auto-enterprise! For its happiness, health and so on. And certainly, for all those being present! Because we everything together, and between us no similar: chief - not chief, it warred - did not war... We now all are equal! And glory those, Lord, that on the fifth postwar year this matter was erased. But that, I do remember that it was obtained? On one side you - the front line soldiers, while on another - we all (it it showed yourselves and Nyus'ku), who to you rear ensured. And it turned out that we like as the second type... It is bad. 4 I do not dispute, there were at the front exploits... Certainly, they were. Certainly... But if we are dismantled it is deeper - risk was far from always, truth? They are agreeable?

Grisha and Sergey exchanged glances. Masha listened to, after lowering head to the hands. Nyus'ka udivlenno looked at Vasiliy kuz'micha. But that it bore:

- Ili you do think, we did not know how did live officers? They knew... Or, you will excuse, after that the girls of order did obtain?

Face Grishi It was poured By the blood. It began to be raised.

- Sidi, - low ordered it Masha.

Nyus'ka in the fright opened mouth. Sergey pressed under the table machine hand. But Vasiliy kuz'mich entire this did not completely sincerely note:

- My in the rear four years sat on the hungry ration, undressed, taken off shoes... But where everything did go? To front, to front, to front... To you it was well - you in the army they dressed, fed...

- Molca-A- A -at6!!! - Masha to spread it struck by cam the table.

Wineglasses dispersed to the sides, bottles overturned.

- Ty to us, sukin son, did envy, that us in the army they did feed odevali? - it did ask Masha. - A that that us in the army they did kill, you did forget? Forgot, reptile?! But I remember! 4 all corpses, until now, I remember! They you, drunk bastard, to protect dispatch! Where they? Where they, 4 you ask?!

Vasiliy kuz'mich rasteryanno descended to the chair.

- Vstat'! - gave an order to it Masha.

Vasiliy kuz'mich immediately jumped.

-- I memorize, filth, slush average man's, if we you still one time its unclean fall will open...

No longer remembering itself, Masha nasharila on the table bottle, took it as the neck, but Nyus'ka placed by her hand on the arm and said:

- you Slysh', Kuzmich... You would go hence. But the you now one hundred surgeons according to drawings will not collect, der'mo canine!..

By deep night, in the desperate dark, Masha and Sergey sat on the porch, having been tightly forced against each other. Masha muffled up into the downy shawl, old leather flight jacket was thrown on on the arms of Sergey.

- Tebya not of znobit? - Sergey quietly asked.

- to Chutochku...

- Prizhmis' to me is stronger.

- Ty it did note that we perhaps only two together?

- Da. I know: without you - I am not. One 4 simply there do not exist...

of -- I I am not without you.

- Inogda it seems to me that generally we are not in the light. As if someone invented us, - whispered Sergey.

- Nas of two, - it said Masha. - A we already themselves invented Vovku.

- Ty of right. If not you...

of -- I if not you...

Masha quietly and happy began to laugh.

Sergey rolled on the bus to the stoppage in town soviet and noted that through the pavement to the insignificant "Muscovite", who stood meters in five, hobbles Ivan Ivanovich in his geveefovskoy form with the lonely gold asterisk of hero on the regular tunic.

Ivan Ivanovich also saw Sergey and podkovylyal to the driver door of bus. Sergey at this time admitted and were let out passengers.

- Zdorovo, captain, - poprivetstvoval Ivan Ivanovich.

- Zdraviya I desire, - answered Sergey and he smiled.

- Kak wife, boy?

- Spasibo. It is normal.

-- A you do live?

- To of est'?.. - did not understand Sergey.

- to Nu, the address is what in you?

-- A... Kozakova, thirteen. Apartment is one.

Sergey looked into the extension mirror, it ascertained that in the salon all settle, and were shut entrance passenger doors.

- you Izvinite, Ivan Ivanovich. Graph is rigid, - he said.

- Poyezzhay, go, captain.

Bus left. Ivan Ivanovich approached the "Muscovite", reached old thick navigational plane-table and placed it for the convenience on the cowling of machine. It took out from the plane-table large oil cloth notebook and wrote down into it: "Kozakova, 13, kV. 1".

* * *
- Gorbol'nitsa! - declared old thick lady conductor.

Sergey smiled: now the hospital of visela has the official table of stoppage with the number of his bus route. Under the table crowded the people...

As soon as bus entirely it approached the stoppage, legalized by the force of love, Masha broke into a run from the hospital doors to the machine. She, as always, tore away from the head white cap and swung by it.

Masha ran easily and gaily, entirely as girl, and Sergey could not lead from it enthusiastic eyes. He opened driver door, svesilsya downward:

- Day to kiss...

Masha clenched by its hands for the neck, itself kissed.

- Ty into how many zakanchivayesh'? - it asked.

-- V of eighteen nol'-nol'.

- Ochen' it is good! It means, 4 it did not be mistaken. 4 so Nyus'ke said. They here dropped in to me... It took away Vovku into some state farm, kilometers for forty. And it will bring it to you directly into the garage, toward the end of your work. Because it then not had one free second. It is today to seven invited in guests to The grishinym parents.

- Vot this da! - spoke Sergey with The vovkinoy intonation.

- Vot precisely, - said Masha.

- Smotriny, that whether?

- Cto- that like... But you take Vovku, and, without hurrying, you come here after me. I will be freed only toward eight in the evening. Thus far you will return machine, until you are washed, until you dobredete... It is shorter, I await you to eight!

- Ponyal, - said Sergey and bus from the place touched.

* * *
Above the passage bus garage of viseli hours. Sergey stood under them.

In six fifteen rolled Nyus'ka on its "GAZ automobile".

- Serega! In your park the shower of rabotayet? - it shouted from the cab.

- Konechno. Now itself to the ides to wash you I only await.

- Togda order! Wash out here this plague thoroughly! It there in the state farm with the entire hogfarm made friends. Now it bears from it, as of nuzhnika! - I of nyus'ka it landed from its cab monstrously dirty Vovku.

Sergey smelled Vovku, were shut eyes and it yelled with the horror: - Oy!..

- "Posledniy of noneshniy of denechek I go for a walk with you 4, friends!.." - is ripe Nyus'ka, it unrolled and left in the cloud of dust.

In the shower cabin naked Vovka and Sergey two together stood hearth by one jet, and Sergey rubbed off Vovku by soap washcloth, and Vovka was twirled in its hands, it slipped and everything attempted to describe:

- ...i there was there such of porosenochek... Well, dad! However, listen to! It they called Tikhon...

- Porosenochka?

- it Net! Uncle from the farm... And he speaks: "you want, take to itself porosenochka..."

-- A of porosenochek speaks...

- to Nu, dad! You laugh and do not give to me to tell!

Chisten'kiye and sleek, father with the son approached the hospital exactly to eight, about which announced the hours at the hospital entrance. Not there was Masha.

-- A where of mama? - asked Vovka.

Sergey shook by arms, povel Vovku into the receiving rest.

Elderly nurses's aide washed glazed tile floor.

- Zdravstvuyte, the aunt Of klava, - it did say Sergey. - Masha did not leave?

- Tak she... this... - nurses's aide did not know, as skazat'. - was unwell smallness... At the procedural it lies. In by it there doctor....

Sergey broke into a run upward along the stairs. Vovka dashed after it.

Walking patients in the gray flannelette dressing gowns crowded in procedural.

- Vraz fell as mowed, - said one sick another.

- Gospodi, save and show mercy!..

- Kuda your Lord of smotrit? - man in the dressing gown said evil and kal'sonakh. - any junk lives and does not grieve, and not horseradish to him it is done, and this woman safeguard it cannot!..

Sergey pushed asunder patients, jerked the door of procedural. The nurse jumped out towards it, she enclosed the road by herself:

- Kuda?! On top of that without the dressing gown!..

Through its arm Sergey saw the Masha lying on the white oil cloth trestle-bed, the doctor sitting near it.

Masha also saw Sergey, weakly she smiled to it.

Nurse ejected Sergey, was shut the door of procedural, it yelled:

however, - Nu- kA, patients, this minute on the chambers! Found to themselves cinema!..

Patients began to reluctantly disperse.

- Chto from Mashey? - ispuganno asked Sergey.

- Doktor now will leave and will say to you. But there do not climb! Patients! 4 to whom it said "on the chambers"?!

Doctor left the procedural. It were greeted with Sergey for the hand, it said to the nurse:

- Idi sit with it.

It ironed Vovku on the head. It led it and Sergey to the window, it squatted to the window-sill.

- Chto with it, Anatoliy Nikolayevich?

- Vse will be well... - doctor smushchenno looked to Vovku, he said to Sergey low: - Beremenna it. But in the initial period everyone occurs. Complete reconstruction of organism goes. Here and... We it a pair of ukol'chikov made. Let it stay, it will rest. I think, the minutes through forty it will be able to arise.

Nurses's aide from the receiving rest came running, she brought two white dressing gowns. It gave one to Sergey, another to Vovku threw on.

- this Vot correctly, - it said vrach. - sit, Serezha. Everything will be good. Do not be nervous. But I will go I will be ordered so that to you santransport would give, to to house to arrive.

Sergey and Vovka sat in the dressing gowns in procedural office, they did not reduce eyes from the door. Corridor was already empty, patients dispersed on the chambers. Only in the very end of the corridor lamp on the table of on-duty sister shone.

- Chto this "beremenna", papa? - asked Vovka.

- Eto means that the mom will have to bear rebenochka.

- this Vot yes... - it did sadly lengthen Vovka. - A as we it will name?

- Nu from where of 4 znayu? - razdrazhenno answered Sergey. - who is borne - boy or girl...

He nervously looked for the hours. Forty minutes have already long ago passed.

- Papa...

- Pomolchi, Vovik.

- Nu, dad... I want to say...

- Da you hush, features you poberi!

Painful pause is hanging.

- Ty me you do not love, - quietly said Vovka.

- to Lyublyu.

- it Net. You love mom, but I am not.

of -- I you I love only otherwise.

- ya I do not want otherwise. I want so.

however, - Tak does not occur. Of prosti me, pozhaluysta. - Sergey attempted to embrace Vovku, but that moved aside:

- to Ne to proshchu.

- to Nu, there will be to you, Vovik...

- ya you never not to proshchu, - squinted Vovka the evil eyes, complete of tears.

Somehow from the second-half of day rain went.

Nyusya, Grish, Masha, Sergey and Vovka sat at one large table on the general kitchen and pili tea with the jam.

And saw Vovka through small dozhdichek, as to them into the court entered small gray "Muscovite".

- Dyad'ka some strayed, - said boy.

They looked everything into the window. Sergey learned machine, threw old leather jacket on the arms:

- tyuere is no Da... it did not stray.

It left into the court to the "Muscovite". In it sat Ivan Ivanovich, also in the old flying leather jacket.

- it Privet, kapitan! - it were greeted Ivan ivanovich. - was free?

- Den' I work, day I go for a walk. Let's go, Ivan Ivanovich, tea to drink with the jam.

-- S by pleasure. But then. But now give into one place let us take a trip. Climb up into my "columbine".

- Nadolgo?

- Na hour or so, not are more.

- Masha! - it yelled Sergey. - I soon will return!

* * *
When "Muscovite" rolled up from the out-of-town highway to the road, rain ceased. They entirely a little passed on proselochku, and suddenly unexpectedly before them was stretched the large flat field, at edge of which stood the neglected one-storeyed structures. Only one was two-story. Second floor - as if booth build ot: instead of the walls from all four sides - window frames with bindings and remainders of glass.

- KaPe of byvshiy? - surmised Sergey.

- Tochno, - confirmed Ivan Ivanovich and stopped "Muscovite".

He with difficulty came out from the machine, it leaned to the sticks. Sergey also left and remained to stand in the machine.

- Prinimay aero club, captain, - said Ivan Ivanovich.

Sergey answered nothing, he looked at the airfield been overgrown with weeds.

So they stood on the different sides of gray "Muscovite" with the invalid manual control - two former military pilots in the identical shabby army flying leather jackets...

That this it was in the excellent day - discovery, aero club!

The sun stood in the zenith, brass band sparkled by pipes, played famous aviation march "increasingly above, and it is above, and it is above...".

Above the control center - KP - were raised the flags; striped cone (indicator of wind) is exactly filled with air; in the ukhozhennom airport field stood the trainer aircraft: "An-2" for training the parachutists, one "Yak-12" even three piloting "Yak-18".

One "yak" stood entirely next to KP.

In the thoroughly podnovlennykh structures of different aeroklubovskikh services were erected automobiles - "winters", "victories", the "Muscovite" of Ivan Ivanovich, ten of buses, which brought from the city to the holiday of spectators.

On the edge of landing area - platform from the svezhevystrugannykh boards. But on them well dressed guests. Man are two hundred. But certainly, in front of all... Masha from The the vovkoy, Lyus'ka with Grishey and its old parents, Schur's ram and doctor Anatoliy Nikolayevich, hospital old man- carter and old thick bus lady conductor, the port brigade leader of loaders and entire his mooring brigade with the children and the wives, metal craftsmen from The nyus'kinogo motor park and workers from the oil base, and before a very first number settle adolescents from the urban park, from the shooting range...

In KP were gathered - Ivan Ivanovich with the gold asterisk of hero on the bright coat, his friend Of misha - most important provincial leader, Lieutenant Colonel - military commissar of city, several pilots OF GVF and men seven demobilized servicemen - now the instructors of aero club.

They all stood around Sergey. It was in the gray civil suit into the wide strip, and the war decorations of the former fighter pilot flowed and sparkled from under the lapels of its coat.

- Nu, give, captain, begin holiday, - said Ivan Ivanovich.

- Slushayus'! - answered Sergey and he were directed to the "yak", that stood next to KP.

One of the instructors in the flying suit there awaited it. It held in the hands interphone headset and parachute for Sergey.

Sergey approached the aircraft, took in instructor interphone headset.

-- A I heard, that you perished, - said instructor.

- Vran'e! - Sergey put on interphone headset.

- Budto you all then they killed in this stone quarry...

- Kak you see; not vsekh. - Sergey turned himself to it by back.

The instructor of podal to it from behind parachute, threw on the straps of harness on the arms:

- No about you they precisely indicated that...

- Malo whether that of skazhut! - Sergey repaired orders under lyamkami. - less turn attention to such rumors.

And it began to button the lower carbines of system.

- tyuey Trepalis', that ourselves they saw as you...

- Da of plyun' you! What only not natreplyut! - Sergey began to laugh and buttoned the breast carbine of parachute.

It ascended the wing, moved aside the transparent cockpit canopy. It were detained for second, it looked to the side of Mashas and Vovki, it waved to them by hand. And villages into the pilot's armchair.

- Stranno, - it said instruktor. - is very strange...

- Vot here you rights, - it smiled Sergey. - actually, is very strange. 4 itself sometimes I cannot believe in all this...

It encircled by eyes landing area, flags, orchestra, people it very closely saw Masha and Vovku.

Began to roar the engine of "yak". Sergey shut overhead lamp, moved back window fold, put out hand, requesting clearance for takeoffs.

Starter waved by cellulose flag.

- ya I love tebya!!! - yelled Sergey Masha, trying to overcome noise of motor, the march of orchestra and the applause of spectators.

And Masha heard! She lengthened to it hands, it jumped from its place Of vovka...

Aircraft broke into a run through the field, with each instant increasing speed. Here it has already been detached away from the earth, and suddenly it went by spark plug upward, into the dark-blue southern sky...

There it overturned through the wing, it dived from the enormous height and passed by the low-level flight above the quite aeroklubovskim field.

- Vot this da! - it yelled in delight among Vovka. - is here this yes!!!

But aircraft with Sergey already again swiftly rushed upward, directly towards the sun...

- ya I love tebya!.. - rushed from the height and was dissolved in the solar haze...

Seven years ago so in the zenith stood the sun...

Ah, these black eyes me captivated!

It is not possible to forget them in any way - they burn before

by me... -

it flew into the very blue of sky.

... Holding in one hand automaton, Sergey helped Masha to take out bucket with the water of the well. Was placed it on the felling and... it fell. It fell from the fact that it were forgotten and stepped to the injured foot. It fell uncomfortably, absurdly...

And "to emtsam this seemed by terribly ridiculous!

They exchanged glances and laughed loud, but not one machine gun of three so let out Sergey and Masha from the framework of its sight.

Machine guns followed them step by step, until Masha bore rescue water to the rock cleft, and Sergey pulled injured foot, went back and covered by his its automaton...

Of rzhali German machine gunners - already very ridiculously hobbled this Russian in one half of pants!..

To their laughter left the officer the radio-van. Several seconds he with the smile followed a strange pair - lame twenty-year boy and a slender zamurzannoy eighteen-year old girl with the bucket of water in the weak hand.

Then officer loudly said to his:

- Konchayte this booth!

And all three machine guns at once began to rattle.

Dead girl fell, stretching hands to the lame boy...

But it, that already torn to pieces and lifeless, nevertheless had time to harvest to the trigger of automaton. But its bullets dashed only into the burning pitiless sun...

They lay entirely next - Masha and Sergey...

Only bucket with the water for some reason did not overturn. It stood, that with great care lowered by Masha into the last instant of its small life.

Three machine guns undertook to shoot this bucket!

In the deafening machine-gun crash appear and disappear improbably vysvetlennye by the sun or by the light of the cancelled fates the excellent pictures of the already known to us life:

... captain serezh, Masha in the cap and Vovka with the plane-table before control GVF...

Short machine gun burst! The sun stands in the zenith...

... Sergey with Masha in the nickel-plated bed with shishechkami, in the feet - Vovka. It tells something, it swings by hands...

Bute pitiless machine guns...

... Serezha by the rear board of truck inserts itself into the apple tree. Fall, fall apples...

Turn, turn!..

... bus, the stoppage of love, Masha on the steps of hospital...

Machine gun crashes! Terrible tango will sail on the incandescent sky!..

... roars the engine of sports airplane, Sergey shouts: "I love you!", and Masha stretches to it hands from the platform, laughs loud small Vovka...

Short machine gun burst and...

... departs silvery "yak" to the sky towards that sun and it is dissolved in its eternal heat and light.

And from there, from the boundless height, from the dazzling solar rays, it rushes, overlapping everything:

- ya I love you!..

- ya I love you!..

- ya I love you!..
The End

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Post by AMVAS » 14 May 2006 17:43

A new books about Adzhimushkaj was published here

http://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/26 ... tner=amvas

The Kerch catastrophe, 1942.
Sorry, it's in Russian, but seems to be the most detailed Russian research work.

P.S. Sorry, my previous message was not on this subject and was deleted

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Post by Kim Sung » 15 May 2006 02:26

Thank you for a prescious infomation! I'll buy this book~

Керченская катастрофа 1942


http://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/26 ... tner=amvas
1942 год был одним из самых тяжелых и трагичных за всю войну. Неудачные попытки овладеть стратегической инициативой, предпринятые командованием Красной армии, привели к огромным человеческим жертвам, неоправданным потерям материальных ресурсов. Едва ли не самой катастрофичной в этом плане оказалась Крымская операция. Несогласованные действия командования, недостаточная подготовка операции, незнание противника привели к тому, что переход в контрнаступление обернулся сокрушительным разгромом. Вынужденные отступать из-под Керчи, советские войска оказались в тяжелейшем положении: переправиться на материк успевали далеко не все. Значительное число подразделений осталось в Крыму. Для них крымская катастрофа 1942 года растянулась на долгое время. Убежищем для брошенных частей стали многочисленные крымские каменоломни. Там, под землей, оставался островок советской жизни. И, несмотря на одержанную армией Манштейна победу, война в Крыму продолжалась.

1942 was one of the heavy and the tragic years during the war. The unsuccessful attempts to get strategic initiative, undertaken by the Red Army command, led to the enormous human victims, the unjustified losses of material resources. The Crimean operation proved to be most catastrophic in this plan. The uncoordinated actions of command, insufficient preparation for operation, ignorance of enemy led to the fact that the passage into the counterattack was wrapped up by crushing defeat. Forced to step back from under Kerch', Soviet troops proved to be in the heaviest position: to cross to the continent far from all managed. The significant number of subdivisions remained in the Crimea. For them the Crimean catastrophe of 1942 was extended to the long period. Numerous Crimean stone quarries became refuge for the deserted parts. There, underground, the islet of Soviet life remained. And, in spite of victory gained by Manstein's army, the war in the Crimea continued.

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Post by Zebedee » 06 Jun 2006 15:36

While accepting that there was something in the air which triggered a response which the eyewitness accounts called a 'gas' attack, was any of our knowledgeable German experts able to locate any evidence from the German side which would support or explain the accounts?

edit: something which I missed at first - is Vladimir Vladimirovich Kunin's Derailed from the Skies, erm, a fictionalised account? And, if so, why has it been so heavily quoted in a forum devoted to historical fact? Apologies if I have misunderstood, but I am very confused about those large tracts of text.

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Post by Kim Sung » 06 Jun 2006 15:54

Zebedee wrote:edit: something which I missed at first - is Vladimir Vladimirovich Kunin's Derailed from the Skies, erm, a fictionalised account? And, if so, why has it been so heavily quoted in a forum devoted to historical fact? Apologies if I have misunderstood, but I am very confused about those large tracts of text.
It's a fiction based on the accounts of survivors. I don't think a fiction is totally meaningless if we try to imagine how 20,000~40,000 Soviet civilians and soldiers felt in such a hopeless situation 64 years ago. The above fictionalized account describes despair and love for dying comrades and friends in a scale unprecedented in the human history. Anyway, sorry if I confused you with the fiction which is not totally groundless.

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Post by Zebedee » 06 Jun 2006 16:05

Kim Sung wrote: It's a fiction based on the accounts of survivors. I don't think a fiction is totally meaningless if we try to imagine how 20,000~40,000 Soviet civilians and soldiers felt in such a hopeless situation more 64 years ago. The above fictionalized account describes despair and love for dying comrades and friends in a scale unprecedented in the human history. Anyway, sorry if I confused you with the fiction which is not totally groundless.
Thank you for the clarification Kim Sung. It is good to know when something posted on a forum devoted to historical issues is in fact fiction - it avoids confusing poor souls like myself :)

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Post by Kim Sung » 09 Jun 2006 00:47

It seems that the popular belief that the Germans didn't use poison (or choking) gas in battles during WW2 is a myth.


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