British invasion of Greece in 1944, what happened?

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British invasion of Greece in 1944, what happened?

Post by Rumsfeld » 01 Jul 2006 05:38

What was the name of the british operation to invade Greece after German troops had withdrawn from the balkans in late 1944? Were there any battles? The Red army had moved into Yugoslavia and Bulgaria at that time, did the two armies meet up?

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Post by Steve » 06 Jul 2006 12:15

The code name "Manna" was used but whether this referred to the whole undertaking or part I do not know. There may have been some clashes between the German 41st Division and the British 2nd Airborne Brigade at Patras which was liberated on October 4. The aim of the British forces was to prevent E.L.A.S. taking over Greece and the E.L.A.S. forces were defeated in their effort to take over Athens in early 1945. Stalin seems to have abided by the agreement he made with Churchill and Soviet troops did not enter Greece and the British seem to have stayed out of northern Greece. Under the terms of the Varkiza agreement E.L.A.S. was broken up and the Communist party agreed to operate legally.

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Post by Pips » 10 Jul 2006 23:00

And Crete? Any information on how Crete was liberated? Can anyone recommend any books on the subject of the liberation of the Aegean- if there are any?

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