Marder III H or M Use in Italy

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Marder III H or M Use in Italy

Post by SLS » 17 Sep 2006 03:29

Trying to find where these were used in Italy and who by.
Particular reference to 15 and 90 Panzergrenadier units.

In fact any information on what other armour and Anti tank ability they had would also be useful.
Most of what I have read so far concerns their infantry actions with little note on what other equipment they used/ had available.

Help much appreciated


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A Suggestion

Post by musec » 18 Sep 2006 13:07

Hello Stephen,

I can't be of much direct help, but I'm windering if you wouldn't be more likely to get a response from the Panzers & Other Vehicles board on this site as I think it has more readers.



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