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Books on Cdn and Brit. Units in Italy

Post by stefan von ditner » 31 Oct 2006 19:23


IYou may find Dancock's "D-Day Dodgers" of interest. Or Galloway's "Some Died At Ortona".

If you have not already checked the Canadian Army's "CMHQ Reports" and "AHQ Reports" on Internet, you may wish to. I have used them exhaustively. Much of it will mirror Nicholson's book but there is some anecdotal items with regard to medal citations etc. that I found useful.

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Re: operation DIADEM

Post by Gaffer » 26 Dec 2020 13:14

As my Dad never told me anything about the WW2 I have been trying to trace him in WW2. All I know is he was in the Royal Engineers, Liverpool Regiment and he was in Rome . And that he swopped a Camera for a jar of Coffee with a German Officer. I am assuming that he was with the Bridge Building teams and after they had built the bridges, and secondary duties they looked after POW's. However, when he died [during the Wake, a family member asked me if he could see the German Officers Luger and the Italian Generals sword that he had. I did not know anything about this, only the coffee and Camera]. Anyway, I recently found this. During the Italian campaign by Allied forces in July 1944, the men of the 2nd Battalion King’s Liverpool regiment fought a brief but savage engagement at a small hill-top Tuscan village called San Leolino.
The regiment was pitched against the Hermann Goering Panzer-Parachute Regiment . Can anyone give me some more information please. Regards Gaffer

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