A note on denial

Discussions on the Holocaust and 20th Century War Crimes. Note that Holocaust denial is not allowed. Hosted by David Thompson.
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A note on denial

Post by Marcus » 19 Nov 2002 22:35

This is just a reminder that holocaust denial is not tolerated here, as you all should know by now.

Three main reasons for the decision not to allow holocaust denial here are:
1. Holocaust denial is an insult to those that suffered and died
2. Allowing holocaust denial will scare away many of the regular posters, both those that find it generally offensive and those that do not in any way wish to be connected with such nonsense. I've seen it happen in many forums, more deniers & neonazis begin frequenting the forum and less of those that are non-deniers or not interested in that discussion at all will frequent the forum, eventually bringing down the forum. We've even seen it begin to happen in this very forum at a time when I was too relaxed in enforcing the rules.
3. Allowing holocaust denial would make it (even) harder to make people understand that this is an apolitical forum, not a pro-nazi or denier forum.

The rules of this forum regarding holocaust denial also apply, for example, to the mass murders of Armenians during WWI, and the interwar famine in the Ukraine. It is permissible to question whether these and similar events were the result of a deliberate government policy, and legitimate questions may be raised about the veracity of individual witnesses or their motives, individual items of evidence, or matters of interpretation of policy, but it is not permissible to deny that the events occurred.

And as I've stated many times before, this decision is not open for discussion.


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