Warcrimes in Estonia 1940-49

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Post by Kunnar Kesküla » 07 Dec 2002 16:29

Under "legs boiled" i want to say that "foots were boiled". I don't want to say that german side not boiled people alive but i'm never heard about that. But in Kuressaare NKVD do that.
And after that when the bodys were found, so many young boys going to army as volunteers. This was only way for revenge.
And what feeling had young boy if he just found his mother, father or brother body which was cutted, boiled and so... And if he was in war and commander give him order to shoot down people and he knows that maybe this man killed his relatives...
This is cruel but i guess that we never can be a judge in this case.
in this time was a "wartime rules". Sad but true


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warcrimes in estonia

Post by Eistir » 18 Dec 2002 17:47

Hi! Unfortunately I dont have all my books here ,so I cant give any info now.But the list is long and I will talk with you guys later. Sorry about that strange english of mine.

Kunnar Kesküla
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Post by Kunnar Kesküla » 11 Jan 2003 09:46

witness wrote:Hi Kunnar Kesküla
Not that I doubt your information about the event in Kuressaare
( I' ve never read about it ) but could you give some more details such as
when this massacre took place , approximate number of victims, who were they etc.What did you refer to when wrote "legs boiled '' ?
This mass murder was on 1941. In Kuressaare was by this terrible way killed 100 people. On our island ca 200 people. And that is numbers about
bodys which was founded. In Tallinn was killed 55 people.
On 14th june 1941 about 1000 from our island were send to Siberia to concentration camps. Even babys and very old people. If ca 235 persons from our island arrive to one camp in Siberia, was founded that the camp is pretty full to take so many people more and about 50 person was shoot down immediately.
This one year under soviet occupation was a nightmare for baltic states, unfortunately this nightmare continue for 50 years.
In this forum someone had couarge to say that most part of world must be happy that they have'nt russian occupation. He was right! German camps were bad and terrible but russian methods were 3 times worse!
And we can't forget that history is wrote by winners. Soviets blame german side a lot in crimes whisch they do by himself. A lot of methods of torture are in reality taken over from russian side.

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