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Peter J. Hertel
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Post by Peter J. Hertel » 16 Feb 2004 23:15

Hi all,

How about this?

Allgemeines Heeresamt
Status : 15.8.1943

1.) Stab Allgemeines Heeresamt (AHA/Stab)

Gruppe Ia Obstlt.d.Gen.St Riklaus
Ia I Obstlt.d.Gen.St Karl Pridun
Ia II Obstlt.d.Gen.St Willig
Ia III Major Thomas
Ia IV Obstlt.d.Gen.St Bolko von der Heyde
Ia V Ob.St. Intendant Todt
Ia VI Oberst Meyer
Ia VII Obstlt.d.Gen.St Schwindt
Ia VIII Obstlt.d.Gen.St Robert Bernardis

Gruppe Ib Oberst Reichardt
Ib I Obstlt.Weyershäuser
Ib II Obstlt. Danuecker
Ib III Hptm.(W) Fließbach
Ib IV Hptm. Auner
Ib V Oberst Schmidt
Ib VI Hptm. Silomon
Ib Ro Baurat Adam

Gruppe Ic Oberst Nürnberg
Ic I Oberst Nürnberg
Ic II Zeichner Ferge
Ic III Hptm. Bartholomäns
Druckerei Gruppe Ic
Angestellte : Keller
Angestellte : von Selle

I'll send more at later date.



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Post by Alecci » 17 Feb 2004 06:02

Peter J. Hertel:

That is EXACTLY what I am looking for! If you have further such info or if you could expand on it, you have really made this quite new year a good one! I'm extremely grateful.

With kind regards
Alecci Lioncross

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Peter J. Hertel
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Post by Peter J. Hertel » 17 Feb 2004 22:01

Hello Alecci,

Not a problem. Only glad that I could help you out. I have lots more, it will take some time, so I'll post bits at a time like now, a continuation from my first post.
  • Z.A.St. Oberst Brednow

    Mitarbeiter : Obstlt. Beckmann
    Obstlt. Erckert
    Obstlt. Karnath
    Hptm. Koch
    Obstlt. Köhler
    Obstlt. Mehlhausen
    Obstlt. Rummert
    Rittm. Schwerdtfeger
    Obstlt.von Sydow
    Maj. Tömlich
    Obstlt. Ullmann
    Hptm. Wolff

    Gruppe I d :

    Gruppe Id I Obstlt.(H) von der Lancken
    Id II Amtsrat Bur

    Ref. IIa : Obstlt von der Lancken (at the same time Adj.)

    Ref. IVa : Amtsrat Zesften

    Registratur AHA Stab : Amtsrat Grom (Registr.Leiter)

    Amtskanzlei A :

    Leiter : Min.Registr. Berger

    Dienststellenleiter AHA/V
    Oberst von Fichte

    Org. : Hptm. Weichert

    Gruppe St A N :

    Gruppenleiter : Oberst von Fichte
    Org : Hptm. Weichert

    Ref I Oblt. Kristof
    Ref. II a Hptm. Tänzer

    K. St. R.
    Ref. III Techn. Ob.Amtm. Biesinger
    Ref. III a —

    F. St. R.
    Ref. II b Amtsrat Bur

    A.R. Hauptband Schlüffel
    Ref. IV Techn. Ob.Insp.Krüger

    Gruppe H Dv :

    Gruppenleiter : Oberst Dr. Hendricks

    Ref. I Neuaufstellungen : Major Riemann

    Kriegssoll und Vorschriften

    Leiter und Ref. V : Obstlt. Schederecker
    Ref. III : Hptm. Goebel
    Ref. II : Verw. Amtm. Steinhardt
    Mitarbeiter : Ob. Zahlm. Bauer

    Schlüssel z. Kriegssoll
    Ref. II : Verw. Amtm. Steinhardt

    Nachdruck u. Deckblätter
    Ref. VI: Amtsrat Zeyß
    Mitarbeiter : Ob.Zahlm.Hellwig
    Angestellter Klein

    Ref. VII (Neudruck): Kr. Verw.Insp. Kramer

    Sonderstab Tropen

    Gen.Lt. Kirchhelm
    Oberst Poppe
    Maj. u. Adj. : Huttelmayer

    General z.b.V. IV (Gen.z.b.V. IV)

    Dienststellenleiter : Gen.Lt. Schirmer
    Stellvertr. Dienststellenleiter (I) : Oblt. Klose
    Hptm. Brod (Ia)
    Oblt. Wetzel (Ib)
    Hptm. Lang (Ic)
    Hptm.Schwichtenberg (I Pi)
    Obstlt. Kirwitzer (II)
    Hptm. Sollors (IIa)
    Oblt. Paul (IIb)
    Hptm. Wildgrube (III)
    Hptm. Prost (IIIIb)
    Hptm.Stietzel (IIId)
    St.Zahlm. Weber (IV)
    Ob.Zahlm. Hohmann (IVb)
    Ob.Zahlm. Baumbach (IVc)
    Ob.Zahlm. Liedloff (IVz)
    Hptm.Witte (V)
    Oberstführerin Cleve
    St.Arzt (Berb. Beauftr.d.S In) Dr. Finger
    Rittm. von Keplinger (ung.Verb.Offz.)
    Hptm. Garcia-Alted (Span.Verb.Offz.)

    Sonderstäbe A und B

    A : Gen.Maj. von Hanstein
    Obstlt. Freiherr von Rheinbaden
    Maj. Dr. Kniep
    Maj. Dr. Ing. Schlichting
    Techn.Ob.Insp (Ch) Greifenberg
    Techn.Ob.Insp. (R) Schlotterbeck

    B : Oberst von Asmuth

    M-G. - Inspizient : Oberst Butz

    Überprüfungsstäbe Werkzeugmaschinen I, II u. III

    I : Oberst Dipl.-Ing. Reppe
    Techn.Insp. (R) Drees

    II : Obstlt. Dipl.-Ing. Zechetner
    Techn.Insp. (R) Setzer

    III : Obstlt. Dipl-Ing. Rasch
    Techn.Insp. (R) Trepper

All the Best,


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Let's build - The OKW

Post by Andreas » 28 Nov 2006 12:04

In an effort to improve and expand the information on the site, we are launching this new "Let's Build" thread for OKW (already existing information on the OKW can be found here: http://www.axishistory.com/index.php?id=236).

The object is to pool our collective knowledge and to understand a bit more about the way OKW worked within the structure of the military command institutions, e.g. by adding information on the role the various offices within it held in the direction of the war, as well as by completing the biographical details already on the site, e.g. with information on appointments of OKW staff after their tenure in OKW.

No contribution is too small, no fact too obscure, things such as information on high award holders, biographical information, photographs, reference material, everything is welcome, just remember to mention the source of your information.

BTW, as always if you are interested in helping out with the site, for example by compiling material from the Let's Build threads for articles on the site, please send us a pm or email, thanks.

All the best

Andreas and Qvist

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My two cents...

Post by schlossadler » 30 Nov 2006 15:50

I know that this is a tad sloppy, but here is my info on OKW...There are a lot of gaps as far as Office heads goes....


Doug Batson


Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces/Der Oberst Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht (Obst Bfh d Wm)
- Adolf Hitler 01.09.39 - 30.04.45
- GrossAdm Karl Dönitz 30.04.45 - 08.05.45
Chief Armed Forces Adjutant to the Fuhrer/Chef-Adjutantur der Wehrmacht beim Führer (AdjF)
- Gen d. Inf. Rudolf Schmundt 28.01.38 - 01.10.44 (+Died of Wounds at Rastenburg)
- Gen d. Inf. Wilhelm Burgdorf 12.10.44 -
- Oberstleutnant Gerhard Engel 27.03.38 - 01.10.43
- Oberstleutnant Heinrich Borgmann 26.09.43 - 31.03.45
- Oberstleutnant Erik von Amsberg 21.07.44 - 24.10.44 (acting)
- Major Willi Johannmeyer 01.04.45 - 08.05.45
- Oberst Nicolaus v. Below 00.00.1937 - 29.04.45
- Alwin-Broder Albrecht 6.38 - 6.38
- KontAdm Karl-Jesko von Puttkamer 01.10.39 - 30.04.45
Chief of the Armed Forces High Command/Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht (Chef OKW)
- GenObst Werner von Blomberg 01.06.35 - 26.01.38
- GFM Wilehlm Keitel 04.02.38 - 13.05.45
- GenObst Alfred Jodl 13.05.45 - 23.05.45
National Socialist Guidance Staff of the OKW/Chef Nationalsozialistischer Fuhrungsstab des OKW (NSF/OKW)
Established in December 1943, this agency was to ensure uniform political indoctrination in
the armed forces, in cooperation with the Party Chancellery.
- Gen d. Inf. Hermann Reinecke 01.01.44 - 15.03.45

Deputy Commander/Stellv. Chef Nationalsozialistischer Führungsstab des OKW
- KA Erich Alfred Breuning 28.10.44 - 08.05.45

Interior Group/Amtsgruppe Inland (Ag I)
Formally a branch (Abt) of the General Armed Forces Office (AWA) this was upgraded to a group (Ag) and transferred to the National Socialist Guidance Staff of the OKW during February 1944. It maintained a liaison between OKW and civilian agencies in Germany. It contained a domestic security branch (Ag J/1) and an ideological guidance branch (Ag J/2).
- ?
Domestic Security/Sicherung der Heimat (Ag J/1)
- ?
Ideological Guidance Branch/Politische Führung und Schulung (Ag J/2)
- ?
Party Liaison/Gruppe z.b.V. (Gr z.b.V.)
Formerly part of the General Armed Forces Office (AWA), this section was transferred to
the control of the National Socialist Guidance Staff of the OKW in 1944.
- ?
Inspector General of Motor Transport/Generalinspekteur für das Kraftfahrwesen (Gen Insp Kfw)
This office is immediately subordinate to Hitler and coordinates all matters regarding motor transport. He may issue orders to other OKW and OKH offices concerned with motor transport.
- ?

Armed Forces Central Office/ Wehrmachtzentralamt (WZA)

The officer in charge of this agency is responsible for central organizational matters, such as increasing or reducing the personnel of branches of the High Command. This office also includes the Armed Forces Central Group (Ag WZ).

15.07.1938 - 01.06.1943: GenMaj Paul Winter
01.06.1943 - 14.12.1943: GenMaj Walter Jost
14.12.1943 - 08.05.1945: GenLt Paul Winter

Armed Forces Central Group/Amtsgruppe WZ (Ag W Z)
- 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Oberst Grund

Gruppe I (Organization): 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Major Pfotenhauer
Gruppe Ia: 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Major Pfotenhauer
Gruppe Ib: Major von Botticher
Gruppe Ic: Amtsrat Hoffmann

Gruppe II (Personal): 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Obstlt/Oberst (Lw) Scheunemann
Gruppe IIa: 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Obstlt/Oberst (Lw) Scheunemann
Gruppe IIb: Hptm von Groote
Gruppe IIc: Amtsrat Hoffmann
Gruppe III (Orden, Auszeichnungen, Ehrungen, Allgemeines): 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Oberst von Eichborn

Gruppe IIIa: 01.08.1943 - 00.05.1945: Oberst von Eichborn
Gruppe IIIb: Major Conrads
Gruppe IIIc: Major Ertel
Gruppe IIId: Oblt Ebert

Chief of Armed Forces Motor Transport/Chef des Wehrmachtkraftfahrwesens (Chef WKW)

This officer was administrative head of all matters concerning motor transportation. At the same time held the position of Chief Motor Transport Officer in the Army General Staff and controls the Inspectorate of Motor Transport in the General Army Office.

- Gen d PzTr Friedrich Kuhn 23.02.43 - 15.02.44(+Killed in Berlin airraid)
- GL Richard Koll 25.2.44 - 08.05.45
Stellv. Chef des Wehrmachtkraftfahrwesens
- Obst Boehles 15.08.44 - 08.05.45
Chef des Wehrmachtkraftfahrwesens West
- GL Max Frhr Raitz von Frentz 01.11.42 - 15.01.44
Chef des Reisestabes
- GL Alfons Luczny (LW) 30.12.44 - 08.05.45

Chief of Armed Forces Transportation (Rail and Water)/Chef des Transportwesens der Wehrmacht (Chef Trspw d W.)

This officer was administrative head of all rail and water transportation and also was the Chief Army Transportation Officer in the Army General Staff.

- Gen d. Inf Rudolf Gercke 01.09.39 - 08.05.45
Field Transportation Branch/Feldtransportabteilung (F Abt)
- Obst i.G. Reinhard Petri 05.08.42 - 01.05.44
- GL Rudolf Gercke 15.01.40 - 08.05.45
Central Armed Froces Transportation Command/Wehrmacht Transportleiterung Mitte (W Trsp Ltg Mitte)
- GM Matthias Peters 01.10.42 - 20.04.45
Verkehrsabteilung (Verk Abt)
- ?
Chief of the Armed Forces Patrol Service/Chef des Wehrmachtstreifendienstes
(Chef W Str D)

This officer was head of all Armed Forces patrols and all welfare matters concerning troops away from their field units. The welfare function concerning troops in transit was formerly the responsibility of the General for Special Employment IV (Genz.b.V. IV) in the OKH.
- Gen d. Inf. Friedrich Siebert 01.10.43 - 08.05.45
Stellv. Chef des Wehrmachtsstreifendeinstes
- GL Helmuth Mentzel (LW) 01.03.44 - 09.05.45
Kdt Führ Hpt Qu
- GFM Erwin Rommel 01.09.39 - 05.02.40
- GL Kurt Thomas 15.02.40 - 01.09.42

- GL Theodor Scherer 04.03.41 - 25.09.41

Armed Forces Surgeon General/Chef des Wehrmachtsanitätswesens (Chef W San)
Subordinate to the Chief of the OKW and, in medical matters, to the Commissioner General of Medicine and Sanitation (General-Kommissar des Führers für das Sanitäts- und Gesund heitswesen). The Armed Forces Surgeon General formerly also held the positions of Chief Army Medical Inspector (HSanInsp) and Army Surgeon (HArzt).

- GenObStabsarzt Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Handloser

Stellv. Chef des Wehrmachtsanitätswesens
- Genarzt Dr. med. Paul Würfler 31.08.42 - 00.06.45

Chief of the Army Staff with Chief OKW/Chef des Heeresstabes beim Chef OKW (Chef H St b Chef OKW)
Chief Liaison Officer of the Army at Keitel's headquarters.
- Gen d. Inf. Walter Buhle 12.01.42 - 01.02.45

Bureau of Econonic Warfare/Sonderstab fur Handelskrieg und wirtschaftfliche Kampfmaßnahmen (Sd.Stb. HWK)

This was a small agency to represent the interests of the Armed Forces with other government agencies concerned with economic warfare and to coordinate global economic policies with Japan.

- VA Dr. phil. h.c. Otto Groos 25.06.40 - 30.06.44
- Adm. Wilhelm Canaris 01.07.44 - 23.07.44 (+ 09.04.45 Executed in Flossenbürg)
- VA Dr. phil. h.c. Otto Groos 16.10.44 - 03.05.45
Chef des Wehrmacht-Sanitätswesens Süd
- GenObStArzt Prof. Dr. med. Oskar Schröder (LW) 00.04.45 - 08.05.45
Chef des Sanitatswesens beim Wehrmachtsstab Nord
- GenStArzt Dr. med. Walther Asal 01.03.45 - 02.07.45

Inspector General for Prisoner of War Affairs/Generalinspekteur fur das Kriegsgefangenenwesen der Wehrmacht (Gen Insp Kriegsgef)

This personal appointee of Hitler was responsible for insuring the security of prisoner of war installations in Germany and the most effective employment of prisoner of war labor.
- Gen d. Inf Otto Roettig 1.7.43-12.44

Armed Forces Budget Branch/Wehrmachthaushaltsabteilung (W H)
- ?

Armed Forces Judge Advocate General/Wehrmachtrechtsabteilung (W R)
- GenObStRichter Dr. Rudolf Lehmann 1.9.39-8.5.45

Armed Forces Operations Staff/Wehrmachtführungsstab (W F St)
This was a joint general staff containing officers from all three branches. It was responsible for overall planning and strategy and advised and assisted Hitler in the planning and execution of military operations.

- GenObst Alfred Jodl 04.02.38 - 08.05.45

Deputy Commander/Stellv. Chef des Wehrmachtführungsstabes (Stellv. Chef WFSt)

This officer controls the main staff, which consists of sections concerned with operations, organization, intelligence, and supply. Each of these sections includes officers representing all three branches of the Armed Forces. (The intelligence section eventually absorbed the Abwehr and other operational portions of the old Foreign and Counterintelligence Office of the OKW, the bulk of which was taken over by the SS in the middle of 1944.)
- Gen d. Inf. Friedrich Schulz 01.10.37 -
- GM Bernhard Lossberg 01.04.38 - 01.01.42
- GM Walter Warlimont 31.12.41 - 06.09.44
- GM Horst Frhr. Treusch von Buttlar Brandenfels 06.09.44 - 30.11.44
- Gen d. Geb Tr. August Winter 01.12.44 - 23.04.45
Abteilung Landesverteidigung (National Defense) (Abt L)

- GM Walter Warlimont 01.10.38 - 31.12.41
- GM Erich Dethleffsen 23.03.45 - 30.04.45

Armed Forces Signal Communications Group/Amtsgruppe Wehrmachtnachtrichtenverbindungen (Ag WNV)

This group maintained the trunk communications between the high commands and was the nerve center of the top command echelons.
- Gen d. Nachr.Tr. Erich Fellgiebel 26.08.39 - 20.07.44 (+ executed 4 Sept 1944)
- GL Fritz Thiele 20.07.44 - 14.08.44 (+ executed 4 Sept 1944)
- Gen d. Nachr.Tr. Alfred Praun 14.08.44 - 08.05.45
Armed Forces Signal Communications Group/Amtsgruppe

Wehrmachtnachrichtenverbindungen (Ag WNV)
- GL Hans Juppe 01.10.37 - 15.08.42
- GL Willy Gimmler 17.08.44 - 00.06.45
Amtsgruppe I Einsatz u. Org.
Amtsgruppe II Drahtnachrichtenverbindung
Amtsgruppe III Funkwesen (Ag WNV/Fu)
- Obst Bayer
Amtsgruppe IV Gerät
Gruppe Chiffrierstelle
- GM Erich Kohlhauer 01.09.39 - 01.04.42
Registratur WNV
Kriegsfernmeldeabteilung (Ag WNV/KFA)
Gen zbV
- GM Hans Ludwig Muller 00.09.44 - 00.12.44

Armed Forces Historical Branch/Kriegsgeschichtliche Abteilung der Wehrmacht (W Kr Gesch)

Headed by the Führer's Official Military Historian. This officer also heads the Army Historical Branch (Kr Gesch Heer) and other historical agencies in the OKH. This branch records all military history which concerns the three branches of the Armed Forces as a whole.
- GM Walter Scherff 01.02.41 - 20.07.44
Stellv. Chef der Kriegsgeschichtlichen Abt.
- GL Erich Gudowius 01.09.39 - 31.03.42 (Retired 31.03.42)

Armed Forces Propaganda Branch/Abteilung für Wehrmachtpropaganda (W Pr)
Headed by the Chief of Propaganda Troops. This branch was responsible for all types of military propaganda except that which is fed to the troops by the National Socialists Guidance Staffs of the various high commands.

- GM Hasso von Wedel 01.04.39 - 25.04.45
Rundfunksprecher der Luftwaffe
- Gen d. Flieg. Erich Quade 01.01.42 - 31.10.44

Foriegn Intelligence Group & Security/Amtsgruppe Auslandnachtrichten u. Abwehr (Amt Ausl/Abw)

Military Intelligence. This group was absorbed by the SS in February 1944.
- Adm Wilhelm Canaris 13.06.38 - 13.02.44 (+ executed 09.04.45)

Foriegn Group/Amtsgruppe Ausland (Ag Ausl)

This includes the branch for Military Attaches of the OKH (Att. Abt d. OKH). It also is
concerned with acquisition of foriegn newspapers, rules on travel to foreign countries,
and relations of German military personnel with foreigners.

- VA Leopold Bürkner 15.06.38 - 23.05.45
Attache-Abteilung Heer im OKW/Wehrmachtfuhrungsstab
- Obst von Tippelkirch 05.09.44 - 08.5.45

Central Branch/Zentral Abt (Abw)
Administrative duties.
- GM Hans Oster 01.09.39 - 00.01.44 (Retired 31.03.44/Executed 09.04.45)
- Obst Georg Hansen 00.02.44 - 00.06.44
Espionage Branch/Abwehrabt. I
- GL Hans Piekenbrock 01.09.39 - 00.03.43
- Obst Georg Hansen 00.03.43 - 00.02.44
SabotageBranch/Abwehrabt. II
- GM Erwin Edler von Vivremont Lahousen 01.10.38 - 01.08.43
- Obst Wessel Frhr. von Freytag-Loringhoven 01.08.43 - 00.06.44
Counterespionage and Counterintelligence Branch/Abwehrabt. III
- GL Rudolf Bamler 24.05.38 - 01.03.39
- GL Franz Eccard von Bentivegni 01.03.39 - 15.09.43
- Obst Theodor Heinrich 15.09.43 - 20.9.43

General Armed Forces Office/Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt (AWA)
This office was composed of independent branches in the OKW; grouped together for administrative purposes.
- Gen d. Inf Hermann Reinecke 01.09.39 - 00.04.45
Deputy Commander/Stellv Chef Allgemeines Wehrmacht
- GM Kurt Linde 01.05.36 - 21.07.40 & 01.10.41 -08.05.45
General for Special Purposes/Gen. z.b.V.
- GL Wilhelm Drogand 01.04.45 - 01.05.45

General Armed Forces Branch/Allgemeine Abteilung (W Allg)
- Obstlt Friede

Armed Forces Administration Group/Amtsgruppe Wehrmachtverwaltung (Ag WV)
Responsible for the administration of all OKW agencies and OKW personnel and for certain fiscal matters.
- GenInt. Dr. Franz Biehler 00.00.44

Chief of Prisioners of War/Chef des Kriegsgefangenenwesens (Chef Kriegsgef.)
The administrative head of all matters relating both to German and to Allied prisoners
of war.
- GL Hans von Graevenitz 01.04.43 - 01.04.44
- GM Adolf Westhoff 01.04.44 - 00.05.45
Insp Kriegsgef unterstellt
- ?
General Branch/Allgemeine Abteilung (Kriegsgef. Allg.)
- ?
Organization Branch/Organisationsabteilung (Kriegsgef. Org.)
- ?

Inspectorate for Welfare and Pensions Agencies/Inspektion der Fürsorge und Versorgungsdienststellen im OKW (In FV)

Welfare and pension matters for all branches of the Armed Forces were controlled by this
agency. Until 1944 the Armed Forces Education Branch was a separate branch of the AWA.

- GLWilhelm Drogand 01.03.41 - 01.04.45

Armed Forces Welfare and Pensions Branch/ Wehrmachtversorgungsabteilung (W Vers)
- GL Hans von Graevenitz 01.08.38 - 01.4.43
Civilian Pensions Branch/Abteilung Reichsversicherung (Abt. Reichsvers)
- ?
Armed Forces Education Branch/Abteilung für Wehrmachtfachunterricht (W U)
- ?

Armed Forces Casaulty Branch/Abteilung für Wehrmachtverlustwesen (W V W)
- ?
Armed Forces Plenitpotentiary For Settlement/Bevollmächtigter des OKW für Siedlungsfragen (BW Sied)
Arranges for resettlement of Germans in annexed territories.
- ?
Hitler Youth Liaision/Vertreter der Wehrmacht beim Jugendführer des Deutschen Reiches (AWA/HJ)
Represents the interests of the Armed Forces in the Hitler Youth organization.
- ?

Military Science Branch/Abteilung Wissenschaft (W Wiss)
Studies developments of the physical sciences which affect the military.
- ?

Armed Forces Economics Office/Wehrwirtschaftsamt (Wi A)

This office was responsible for long-range military economic planning, the economic exploitation of occupied areas, and representing the interests of the Armed Forces with other government departments concerned with production, raw materials, labor, agriculture, and foriegn trade.

- Gen d. Inf. Georg Thomas 01.10.35 - 20.11.42

Armed Forces Economic Branch/Wehrwirtschaftliche Abteilung (W Wi)

Concerned with general planning matters and control of the subordinate regional agencies of the office.
- GL Dipl.-Volkswirt Wilhelm Becker (LW) 01.02.38 - 31.10.42
Chef des Feldwirtschafts-Amts
- GL Dipl.-Volkswirt Wilhellm Becker (LW) 01.11.42 - 18.09.44
- GL Otto Stapf 01.11.44 - 00.05.45
- GM Detlef Rudelsdorff 15.07.43
Reichskriegsgericht (RKG)
- Gen d. Art. Heitz
- Adm. Max Bastian 12.09.39 - 31.10.44
- Oberst Frhr. von Schleinitz

Rüstungswirtschaftliche Abteilung (W Rü)

This agency had been transferred to the control of the Ministry of Armament and War Production for the duration of the war.
- Obst Neef
- FK Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohklen 16.05.38 - 11.06.41
- Gen. d. Art Dr.-Ing. Kurt Waeger 17.11.42 - 26.01.45

Raw Materials Branch/Rohstoffabteilung (W Ro)

This agency had been transferred to the control of the Ministry of Armament and War Production.
- GM Ernst Becht 04.02.38 - 01.03.43
Lehrstab für wirtschaftliche Ausbildung (W Le)
- GM Hans Nagel 01.01.38 - 01.09.39
Cental Raw Materials Branch/Rohstoffstammabteilung (Ro St A)
- ?
Armed Forces Tire Center/Wehrmachtreifenstelle (W R St)
- ?
Central Petroleum Branch/Mineralölstammabteilung (Min St A)
- ?
Economic Experts Personnel Section/Stab für wehrwirtschaftliche Fachkräfte
(Stab W Fach)
- ?

Contracts and Price Control Branch/Vertrags- und Preisprüfwesen (Preispr)
- ?

- Dr. Rehdans
- GenStabsrichter Werner Lueben
- Reichskriegsanwalt Fritz Schuck 02.10.36 - 03.02.41
- GenRichter Hermann Eicher (LW) 1944/45
- GenRichter Dr. Franz Ernst (LW) 01.10.42 - 08.05.45
- Dr. Fischer
- Dr. Roeder
- Genrichter Dr. jur. Adolf Block 09.08.43 - 08.05.45
- Dombrowski
- Klein

- Senatpräsident Dr. jur. Wilhelm Sellmer (Kriegsmarine) 01.10.36 - 30.09.43
- Senatpräsident Otto Neumann
- Dr. iur. Friedrich (Fritz) Neuroth
- GenStabsrichter Dr. iur. Karl Schmauser
- Reichskriegsgerichtsrat Dr. iur. Max Flegel 01.10.36 - 30.09.42
- Biron
- GenRichter Dr. iur. Ernst Reuter
- Senatpräsident Dr. iur. Wilhelm Sellmer
- Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Ulrich Stock
- GenRichter Dr. iur.Joseph Seeboth (LW) 1.9.39 - 27.3.41
- GenRichter Dr. iur. Hans Ulrich Rottka (LW) 1.2.37 - 31.12.42
- Dr. iur. Kanter

Befehlshaber der Feldjägerkommandos I - III
Feldjägerkommando I
- Gen. d Flieger Ernst Müller (LW) 01.09.44 - 20.03.45
- GL Friedrich Stahl 1.4.45 - 00.05.45
- Gen. d. Art Willi Moser 05.02.45 - 08.05.45
Feldjägerkommando II
- Gen. d. Inf. Karl von Oven 17.05.44 - 00.03.45
Feldjagerkommando III
- Gen. d. Inf. Hans Karl von Scheele 02.01.44 - 01.11.44
- Gen. d. Inf Martin Grase 01.11.44 - 08.05.45
- Gen. d. Flieger Wilhelm Speidel 14.03.45 - 08.05.45

Sonderbeauftragter des Führers zur Vereinheitlichung der Wehrmacht-Organisation,
- Gen.d.Art.Heinz Ziegler 24.2.44-24.10.44

Sonderbevollmächtigter Donau
- Generaladmiral Wilhelm Marschall

Sonderbeauftragter des Führers fur die Überprüfung des zweckmäßigen Kriegseinsatzes, Gen. d. Inf. von Unruh

As a result of the shortage of manpower on the Eastern Front, Special Staff Unruh was formed late April 1942. General Unruh was armed with the authority to order irrevocable transfers to the Eastern Front. He combed the rear areas as Hitler's personal representative. Unruh, whose visits generally met with dismay if not terror and who earned the nickname "General Heldenklau" (hero snatcher), had succeeded in paring down some of the rear echelon staffs; but after three or four months, had become apparent that the results, though worthwhile, would not be decisive.

- Gen. d. Inf. Walter von Unruh 26.04.42 -23.07.44
Vertreter der Luftwaffe
- GL Wilhelm Baur de Betaz 05.05.42 -31.10.42

Wehrwirtschaftl. Miltarbeiter bei I.G. Farben
- GenMaj Siegfried Mummenthey 01.09.1940 - 08.05.1945

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Post by Balsi » 14 Oct 2007 19:23

Ia for General Alfred Jacob In 5 - Inspekteur Festungen und Pioniere was from 1942 till ?? Major Arno Ludwig

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Post by Semenov » 16 Oct 2007 15:27

Dieter Zinke wrote - “Kommando der Freiwilligenverbände beim ChefHRüst u. BdE“:

I search infos about it.


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Re: Let's build - The OKW

Post by Bernd R » 19 Apr 2008 11:39

This is a "real" sticky and it was intended to have a serious and hopefully interesting research project.
May I ask you to re-read the introduction by Andreas and Qvist and the fine compilation by Schlossadler ?
Also take notice of the gaps which are still on the respective Factbook pages, please.

regards, Bernd :idea: :wink:

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Re: Befehlshaber des Erzatsheeres / Allgemeine Heeresamt

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 30 Apr 2008 07:21

Amtsgruppe V In / In 3 (Amtsgruppe “Pferdewesen“ / OKH)
built in summer 1940 with:
Veterinärinspektion (V In) and Abtlg. Reit- und Fahrwesen (In 3):
Generaloberstabsveterinär Prof. Dr. med. vet. Curt Schulze
Does anyone knows who was stellvetretender Chef des Stabs of AMtsgruppe V in? He was a Oberstabsveterinär and signed the Stellenbesetzungen for 1.2.45, his Unterschrift is attached!

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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Bernd R » 07 May 2008 06:07

The topics "Let's build - the OKW" and "Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres / Allgemeines Heeresamt" have been merged.

Bernd / Mod

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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 07 May 2008 08:42

Good idea, Bernd :idea:

Still seeking the name of the signature above :wink:


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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 07 May 2008 09:27

Damn, have the Chef des Stabes:

01.06.1934- 28.02.1944 Oberstveterinär Dr. Herter
01.03.1944- 00.05.1945 Oberstveterinär Dr. Gewinger

but not the Stellvertreter...


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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Svennie » 07 May 2008 18:30

In his excellent biography of Friedrich Fromm, Bernhard Kroener presents the following overview of the "entmachtung" (taking away of power) of the BdEuCHefd HRü between 1943 and 1945 on page 998:

Chef des Ausb. Wesens loses department "Erziehung und Ausbildung des Offiziernachwuchses" to the NSFA im OKW Dezember 1943
Heereswaffenamt becomes Wehrmachtwaffenamt OKW in February 1945
Amt Heeresbauwesen becomes part of Amtsgruppe C in SS-WVHA
Heeresverwaltungsamt becomes part of SS-WVHA in November 1944

Also the AHA is minimized for the benefit of the OKW
- General der Motorisierung merges with Chef Wehrmachtskraftfahrwesen in OKW February 43
- General z.b.V. IV (Heeresstreifendienst) merges with Chef d Wehrmachtstreifendienst OKW March 1944
- Gruppe Seelsorge goes over to AWA in OKW April 1943
- Panzertruppenabteilung (In 6) goes over to Gen.Insp.d.Pz.Tr. (Guderian, who ressorts directly under Hitler)
- Amtsgruppe Ersatz- und Heerwesen goes over to Wehrmachtsersatzamt in OKW (although in Personalunion led by Chef AHA between August 43 and Juli 44)
- Freiwilligenannahmestellen des Heeres merge with those of the W-SS in November 1944
- Chef Heeressanitatswesens becomes Chef Wehrmachtsanitatswesen in OKW August 1944
- Zentralabteilung dissolved in November 1944

Page 997 presents an organisation chart for the BdE u Chef H Rü for 1942.

Best regards

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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 11 May 2008 08:15

I think I will have to get the Fromm-Bio finally... :D


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Re: Let's build - OKW / Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres,AHA

Post by Svennie » 14 May 2008 18:08


taking into account that my real interest lies with Paul Hausser and I bought the Fromm biography to use as an example " how to write a good biography", I think it says enough that I read it with great pleasure (800+ pages!). Kroener managed to tell a compelling story, collected a magnificent set of sources and organized it into a convincing story. Additionally, he provides the reader with refreshing insights into the motives of a man associated with 20 July 1944 in generally bad ways.

Happy reading!

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