Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Discussions on all (non-biographical) aspects of the Luftwaffe air units and general discussions on the Luftwaffe.
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Re: Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Post by FreemanOrrin1942 » 12 Jul 2019 01:53

Thank you Andrew I will check them out.

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Re: Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Post by Felix C » 12 Jul 2019 19:53

Is this one recommended?
Achtung - Torpedos los! Der strategische und operative Einsatz des Kampfgeschwaders 26 - Loewengeschwader -; das Torpedogeschwader der deutschen Luftwaffe im Zweiten Weltkrieg

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Re: Recommended reading on the Luftwaffe

Post by HR715 » 23 Feb 2020 18:26

The Luftwaffe dovetails into my primary or main interest in the Kriegsmarine, I would certainly claim no expertise on the subject.
The Classic Aviation series, excellent - tend to take from them what I need at a given moment rather than a cover to cover read.
Middlebrook for an author on Bomber Command and the air war relating to it, second to none as is Theo Botiens NJG Diaries and the current reprint by Red Kite Books.
The next two on Atlantic ops very good, in many ways depends on what shakes your tree. :)
The After the Battle Blitz triology and their Battle of Britain book does good coverage of the 1939-45 air attacks.
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