Latvia unveils Holocaust memorial

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Latvia unveils Holocaust memorial

Post by Marcus » 30 Nov 2002 00:49

A memorial has been unveiled in Latvia in memory of 25,000 Jews murdered by German Nazis and Latvian police during World War II.
The monument is the first of its kind in the country to acknowledge the involvement of the local population in the massacre, in a forest near the capital Riga in 1941.
Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga said it was "a day of mourning for all of Latvia because this crime happened on our soil and our people took part in it".
Most of the killers came from the local Latvian police force and Latvian guards from Riga's Jewish ghetto.
Some 77,000 Jews from Latvia, and another 30,000 to 40,000 sent by cattle truck from across Europe, were murdered in Latvia as part of Hitler's programme to exterminate European Jewry.
The massacre in Rumbula forest took place in November and December, 1941.
Until recently, the Latvian authorities avoided acknowledging the atrocities that took place during the war, especially the role played by local collaborators.
Of Latvia's 95,000 pre-war Jewish population, barely 4,000 survived the Holocaust


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Post by Toivo » 30 Nov 2002 19:28

Perhaps I'm mistaken but in Estonia there should be atleast two such.
One at KZ Klooga and another at anti-tank trench (massacre place for communists, jews and other victims of Nazis) in Tartu. But they could be placed there during our time in SU, so...
But maybe someone else who knows can refresh my memory.


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