Jia Ling River Battle

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Jia Ling River Battle

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In March 1935, Central Red Army in Sichuan decided to launch a campaign of Jialing River to match the central army fighting in border of Si Chuan,Guizhou, Yunnan. Guo Min Party Shuan Army Deng Xihou 28 corps and 29th corps Tian Songyao total 52 groups, defended about 300 km south of the Jialing River to the West Bank, attempts to rely on the dangerous terrain, strangling the Red Army's westward development pathway. Xu xiangqian 4th Army commander, political commissar Chen Chang decided to focus on the main Affairs Division is divided into first and second echelon two, Multi-site implementation options garrison weak defense and key breakthrough, and then to the flanks and develop in depth and occupied the Jialing River. Fujiang between vast areas, and seek to annihilate the enemy in large campaign.


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