Turkish Gendarm Units in WW1

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Turkish Gendarm Units in WW1

Post by Tosun Saral » 07 Mar 2007 21:25

Gendarmerie Units that fought againts Russian at the East Front at the order of 17th Div.,9th AC, 3rd Army

During Turkish-Russian Front - Koprukoy-Azap River battles in Nov.1- Dec. 19 1914
Gendarm Regimet from the city of Erzurum : commander Maj. Rustu
Gendarm Battalion of the city of Bayburt from Couh Region: Commander Maj. Sikti
Gendarm Reg. of the city of Trabzon at Black sea: Commander:Capt. Ibrahim

Gerdarm Unit at the fights along Murat River at the order of 5th Expetionary Forces at North and South wings (Dec. 22 1914- Jan 18 1915)
Mobile Gendarm Div. of the city of Van (famous for Armenian Revolt) :commander:Lt. Col. Kazim (General of the Army Ozalp)( later President of Turkish National Parliament during Republic)
The div. inactivated in at June 26th 1915. Lt. Col Kazim attanded to 36th Div.

Gendarm Units at the Iraq Front:Oct 26 1914-Dec. 9th 1914 at Kurna battle at the order of 38th Div.commanded by Cavit Pahsa:
Gendarm Battalion at Nasiriye: commander : 2nd Lt.Rauf
" Ammare: " :Maj.Huseyin Avni

Gendarm unit attached to General Command at Iraq Front: Gendarm Reg. of bagdad

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