Warships built in Ottoman shipyards during WW1

Discussions on the final era of the Ottoman Empire, from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 until the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
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Warships built in Ottoman shipyards during WW1

Post by Mait » 10 Apr 2007 07:18


I read Osprey´s Ottoman Army 1914 - 1918 by David Nicolle and on page 34 found some interesting statements concerning Ottoman warship building programs before and during WW1:

"[...]and the Ottoman yards at Samsun, Izmir, Beirut and Basra competed to see who could make the best small ships in the shortest time." - This paragraph is about the warships ordered from French and British naval yards.

"Construction of six small German-designed destroyers was believed to have been started in Istanbul during the war and although none are said to have been completed [by the end of WW1]"

Has any forum member got more data about the warships built by Turkish shipyards from 1908 to 1918?

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