scheinflugplatz in holland

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scheinflugplatz in holland

Post by Nectar » 20 Apr 2007 23:36

does anyone have a list with scheinflugplatzen (or is it scheinfliegerhorst) in Holland, prefably with their respective locaties. I'm only aware of a few SF's in Holland. I know some weren't build, but which ones? Also if someone knows some literature about the subject i'm interested.


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Post by Luchtkastelen 40-45 » 29 Apr 2007 20:59

According to Luftwaffe definitions, a Fliegerhorst was a major operational airfield with all all services completely built out. Lesser equipped airfields were called Einsatzhafen or (Feld)Flugplatz. Officially most (if not all) German airfields in Holland would be of the Einsatzhafen or Flugplatz-category, since they were more or less provisional installations. However some of the larger airfields were so vastly built out, that they are usually referred to as Fliegerhorste.

The dummy airfields were called Scheinflugplatz. Most larger airfields had one (or two). In "En nooit was het stil..." by Gerrit Zwanenburg is a list, although not entirely complete and correct.

Bergen - SF12 Egmond-Binnen
Deelen - SF17 Harskamp
De Kooy - SF61 Groote Keeten + SF11 Middenmeer
Eindhoven - SF38 Dun
Gilze Rijen - SF37 Brakel (Alphen) + SF31 Ouddorp
Haamstede - ?? north of Haamstede
Leeuwarden - SF01 Stiens + SF1 Bozum
Katwijk - SF14 Vogelzang
Schellingwoude - SF13 Uitdam
Schiphol - SF16 Aalsmeer
Soesterberg - SF21 Woudenberg + SF18 Veldhuizen
Venlo - SF39 Schandelo
Vlissingen - ?? near Middelburg
Volkel - SF40 Voskamp
Waalhaven - SF19 Ockenburg

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