Feb. 1943 IJA occupation of Kouang Tcheou

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Jerry Asher
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Feb. 1943 IJA occupation of Kouang Tcheou

Post by Jerry Asher » 04 May 2007 05:08

In early Feb. 2 IJA Infantry Bn's in five transports was landed and took over the leased French territory on what it is today the Leizhou Peninsula (English and French references-render several spellings--Kwanchow Wan, among others). Does anyone know the ID's of the IJA units and the names of the five transports. All five ships apparently were IJA managed. (I have the naval OB if anyone is intrested and this was Operation "Yo" in IJN terms.
Many thanks in advance.

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Akira Takizawa
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Post by Akira Takizawa » 05 May 2007 16:22

23rd IMB (3 infantry battalions) departed from Taiwan on Feb. 6th and landed in Leizhou Peninsula on the 16th day. I don't know the names of transports.


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Post by Leonard » 13 May 2007 19:06

The territory is commonly known as Kwang-chow-wan at the time, and literally mean "Canton Bay".

From http://www.worldstatesmen.org/China_For ... onies.html

27 May 1898 French leased territory (subordinated to Tonkin in French Indochina)(Territoire de Kouang-Tchéou-Wan).

Jun 1940 - Feb 1943 Administration loyal to Free France.

Feb 1943 - Sep 1945 Occupied by Japan.

Feb 1943 Concession relinquished to the Japanese sponsored Chinese National Government by Vichy France (not recognized by the Free French or the Republic of China).

28 Feb 1946 Formally returned to China by France.

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