Review: Island of Fire

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Review: Island of Fire

Post by sniper1shot » 14 May 2007 02:25

Title: Island of Fire
Authour: Jason Mark
Publisher: Leaping Horseman Books
ISBN: 0-9751076-3-1 (Hardcover)
0-9751076-4-X (Softcover)
Stars: 5
(out of 5)

Well, there is not too much I can say other than this is one excellant book. Though not a definative book on Stalingrad is sure does give a good compilation of what went on between both the German and Soviets in one sector of the city for the whole duration of the battle.
You are able to follow along with the map that comes with the book. It shows all the houses, factories, sheds, gullies and the numbers that both the German and Soviets gave them. When the books says "the Germans counter-attacked house 84 to straighten the sector", you know exactly where they are and can see why they needed to attack that certain house.
Island of Fire does mainly cover the Pioneer units that were sent there and what became of the men involved, whether wounded, killed or missing.
The 2 main units that the book follows are the German 305th Inf Div and the Soviet 138th Rifle Div. though other units are mentioned and talked about. After each day the book states the casualties for both units.
The maps in the book are a "blow up" of the larger map and the photos are all new to me. Very easy to follow along the battle and see the fronts for both units.
Book is broken down into 9 chapters with each chapter covering certain days. Book goes from 04 Nov- 02 Feb with annexes at the end on Who won Iron Crosses in the Pioneer units, fates of key members in the book, etc etc.
Highly Recommended.

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Re: Review: Island of Fire

Post by Cult Icon » 04 Jan 2015 06:01

is this book to be re-printed?

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Re: Review: Island of Fire

Post by hucks216 » 04 Jan 2015 15:26

You are probably best off asking the author directly via his website. As far as I know it isn't going to be re-printed but then again neither was Death Of The Leaping Horseman but the author was able to strike up a deal with Stackpole.

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Re: Review: Island of Fire

Post by Leaping Horseman Scott » 21 Feb 2015 21:28

I emailled the author recently about this book and he told me that there were no plans to republish in the next 12 months after that I don't know.

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