Teskilat-i Mahsusa, the Special Organization

Discussions on the final era of the Ottoman Empire, from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 until the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
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Teskilat-i Mahsusa, the Special Organization

Post by Peter H » 18 May 2007 06:52

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Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa was an intelligence organization that performed guerilla warfare, espionage, counter espionage, and propaganda operations and was manned by the army officers and dynamic young masses. Its operations were financed by the army budget and also by a special fund under the Harbiye Nezareti (Ministry of war).

The aim of the Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa was to disband the betrayal networks in the empire, to suppress and control the developing nationalist movements within non-Turkic communities, to sabotage designated targets outside the country beneficial to the Ottoman interests and to keep up and overcome the foreign secret services operating throughout the country.

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Some famous men of Teskilt-i Mahsusua:
Enver Pasa,

Maj.Süleyman Askeri, (2nd President)

Esref Kusçubasi, (1st President)

Rauf Orbay, (captain of Hamidiye battle ship, naval minister of Ottoman Empire, Ministerpresident of Ataturk)

Çerkes Ethem, (Rthem the Circassian: A NCO of Ottoman Turkish Army. During War of Independance he joined the National Forces of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Fought againts invading Greeks as guerilla leader. After the establishment of regular National Army he refused to serve in the army. Revolted to Mustafa Kemal. Defeated and escaped behind the Greek lines. he colloborated with the Greek.)

Abdulaziz El-Sinusi, (Brave Libyan who fought besides his Turkish Brothers)

Dr. Esat Isik Pasa,

Hüsamettin Ertürk,

Mehmet Akif Ersoy, (1873-1936)
( Turkish National Poet, MP and statesman. He wrote Turkish National Anthem and the famous poem for the Mytries of Çanakkale. He was an islamist. He refused the civil reforms of Ataturk and left Turkey for Egypt. Just before his death he wro to Ataturk that he wants to die in Turkey. He was taken to Turkey again.)

Some verses from Turkish National Anthem:

Do not ignore the ground on which you have walked,
It is not ordinary soil.
Reflect on the thousands of people who lie beneath
Without a shroud.
You are the son of a martyr –
Do not hurts your ancestor,
Do not give away this beautiful motherland,
Even if you have the whole world.

For The Martyrs Of Canakkale

Shot down, on their spotlessly clean foreheads they lie,
For the sake of Crescent what suns are setting, O God!
Hey Soldier! Who has fallen on the ground for this land!
It would be worth their while
For our ancestors to descend from heaven
And kiss your unsullied forehead!
How great you are; our religion is saved by your blood;
Only the lions of the Battle of Bedr were as glorious.
Who could dig the grave that won't be too small for you?
`Come', if I say, `Let's bury you into History!'
You won't be contained in it.
That book isn't large enough
For the epochs you played havoc with.
Only eternity can contain you.
Saying, `this is your tomstone'
If I could place the Kaaba on your head,
And listening to the divine inspiration of my soul
Write down your epitaph,
Then, if I could take the voult of heaven
As if it was a woollen cloak
And cover your bleeding tomb
With all the planets.
If I could build with April clouds
A dome over your tomb,
And extend the seven starred Pleiades from there;
You, enwrapped with your blood 'neath the chandelier
While lying there,
If I could bring the moon to your graveside
And make it attend on you as your keeper
Until daybreak,
And then, if I could fill your chandelier to the brim
With dawn;
If I could wrap round your wound
In the evenings with tulles of sunset,
Even then I could not say
I have done enough
To cherish your blessed memory.

Cezayirli Emir Ali, (A brave son of Algiers who fought by the side of his Turkish Brothers)

Afyonlu Ali Çetinkaya, (Best frienf of Ataturk., MP, statesman)

Ali Fethi Okyar, ( Best friend of Ataturk. His 1st Ministerpresident, Ambasador,)

Misirli Aziz Ali Bey (Egyptian Prince and General),

Nuri Killigil (step brother of Enver Pasha, industrialist),

Maj. Fuat Bulca (Best friend of Ataturk. Organizer of the Turkish Civil and Military Air Forces ),

Lt. Islam Bey (Son of Fuat Pasha),

Maj. Mustafa Kemal Bey,(Ataurk)

Capt. Manastirli Nuri Conker (One of the best friends of Ataurk, Statesman),

Dr. Refik Saydam (One of the officers who set foot at Samsun with Mustafa Kemal Pasha on May 19th 1919, Primeminister of Ismet Inonu),

Int. Capt.Çerkes Resit (Cerkes Ethem's older Brother),

Lt.Yakup Cemil ( hanged in1916 for high treason),

Dr. Bahattin Sakir,

Mithat Sükrü Bleda,

Ohrili Eyüb Sabri,

Fuat Balkan,

Lt. Hilmi Musallimi (Commander of Kurdish soldiers during Canal Exebition in 1915
Privat secratery of Said Halim Pasa the Grandvezier of Ottoman Empire),

Ismail Canbulat (A Libanese who was hanged my the Republican court accusing him to take part in a coup to kill Mustafa Kemal in1926

inf. Officer Rasuhi (Later aid de camps of Mustafa Kemal),

Filibeli Hilmi Bey (Secratary of Ittihat ve Terakki Party. Hanged by Republican Court accusing him to take part in a coup to kill Mustafa Kemal in 1926,

Serif Burgiba (Father of Habib Burgiba. Habib Burgiba is the Tunesian Leader who established Free Tunesia. They were Turkish origin. He took the Turkish star and Crescent as the Tunesian National flag by getting a special permission from Turkish parliament.),

îbn-ür Resid (Honourable son of Arabia who stayed loyal to his Turkish Brothers)

1-The names in the list are given by P.H.Stoddard. He noticed the names from Esref Kusçubasi during an interwiev.
2- The explanations are given by me..

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Thanks Tosun!

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