Gallipoli after 1916

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Gallipoli after 1916

Post by Peter H » 29 May 2007 14:47

Did the Turks fear another attack on Gallipoli after the events of 1915?

Churchill relates in The World Crisis 1911-1918 that Royal Navy plans were drawn up in 1917 for a repeat of a landing there but never implemented.They formed the basis for the postwar British landing there in 1919.

Interesting figures on the Turkish divisions still maintained on the Peninsula 1916-1918:

August 1916
5th Army-1st Corps,14th,16th Divisions

December 1916
5th Army-14th Corps,57th,59th Divisions

August 1917
5th Army
14th Corps-57th Division
19th Corps-59th Division
21st Corps-49th Division

June 1918
5th Army
14th Corps-57th Division
21st Corps-49th Division

November 1918
5th Army
1st Corps-55th Division
14th Corps-49th,60th,61st Divisions

These figures suggest a prudent watch was maintained and that the Dardanelles still figured as a key defensive sector in guarding the capital.

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